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10 Rainbow Unicorn Baking Tools and Supplies We LOVE!

Unicorns are SO popular right now and it sure is hard to resist them. Anything from rainbow unicorn cakes to unicorn handbags are literally everywhere. To celebrate (seriously, you can’t help but celebrate when there’s a unicorn or several around) we thought we’d put together a list of 10 rainbow unicorn baking tools and supplies we utterly love!

10 Rainbow Unicorn Baking Tools we LOVE

10 Rainbow unicorn baking tools and supplies

01: Bright cupcake cases!

Coloured or patterned cupcake cases are pretty much the easiest and quickest way to make your treats fit a party theme. Bake lots of cupcakes in a selection of bright rainbow cases, swirl with buttercream and add fun sprinkles. Easy! We love these vibrant cases / lines made by Wilton.

Rainbow cupcake cases / liners by Wilton

02: Insanely fun unicorn candle holder!

AGJRTFHDFG!! How magically cute is this? A rainbow unicorn candle holder… that also doubles up as a cupcake or cake topper! What’s not to love right? Not only is it bright and cute, but we sure do love things that do two jobs at once. You can save time and spend a little longer adding rainbow themed items to your wishlist…

Unicorn candle holder

03: Unicorn cookies anyone?

It’s pretty obvious how much we love making cookies right? Well, if we didn’t we definitely would now! How amazing is this cookie cutter? You can ice using rolled out fondant / sugar paste or go super pro and royal icing your cookies before adding detail!

Unicorn cookie cutter

04: Rainbow food colouring!

To get the super bright colours we use a bunch of different brands, but Rainbow Dust’s ProGel collection is the one we use the most. You get super bright colours perfect for tinting everything from cake batter to macarons. You can even mix them into a paint to add detail to cakes with.

Set of food colour gels by Rainbow Dust

05: If in doubt use a stencil!

The best thing about this cupcake stencil (OK, apart from the fact that it’s of a unicorn) is that you can also use it as a coffee stencil. Impress friends with unicorn cappuccinos or hot chocolates at yours and add a dusting of cocoa over this stencil! Another cool idea is whipping up rainbow opera-style cakes using bright pink raspberry powder to stencil unicorns on to your finished work.

Unicorn cupcake stencil by AirArt

06: Sprinkles!

OK, sprinkles are incredibly fun, quick and easy to use. These jumbo sized nonpareil rainbow sprinkles by Wilton are so bright… plus they’re flavoured (Tutti Fruity we think). All you need to do is open the bottle and sprinkle on top of cakes, cookies and cupcakes.

Jumbo rainbow sprinkles by Wilton

07: Go bright pink!

Candy mets are an essential for cake pops and even things like brightly coloured drips and drizzles. These vibrant pink candy melts are perfect for adding some fun detail to any unicorn themed sweet. Try drizzled on top of rainbow marbled macarons or adding pretty pink unicorn manes onto cake pops!

Bright pink candy melts by Wilton

08: Cute little cupcake kit!

Just add your batter, bake, swirl with tasty buttercream and add one of the playful unicorn cake picks. Voila! Unicorn cupcakes in almost no time! Meri Meri always create cute cupcake kits, but this ‘I Believe in Unicorns’ is simply magical!

Unicorn cupcake kit by Meri Meri

09: Light up the room!

Planning a unicorn themed birthday? Well, obviously no birthday party is complete without candles! These are long and thin which makes them a bit more modern and stylish, plus they’re rainbow. A unicorn wouldn’t opt for anything plain so why should you?

Long rainbow party candles by Wilton

10: Unicorn mould!

Silicone moulds are a really great tool and they’re good for adding detailed looks to cakes and cupcakes. This unicorn mould would create fabulous fondant / sugar paste designs for rainbow party cupcakes!

Silicone unicorn mould

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