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Cat in a Party Hat Birthday Cake!

Kitty cat birthday cake by Juniper Cakery

Yay! Here is one insanely cute birthday cake we created recently. Oh yes, a cake that is a cat in a party hat (because obviously no party would be complete with out one these days right?). Seriously, it’d be hard to ignore this little thing at the dessert table. Surrounded by edible confetti and streamers this cake / cat is ready to celebrate!

Cat in a party hat birthday cake by Juniper Cakery

Cat in a party hat birthday cake!

As soon as New Year celebrations ended we started planning this little cutie especially for Krystle’s dad’s birthday. He sure is a sucker for cats and anything cat related (to be honest any animal will do, but cats seem to turn him to mush the most) so it was a no brainer, but then we were given the theme… ‘cats in party hats’. Well, that was it really. Our imaginations ran riot… confetti, streamers, gold (there should always be gold), a cat shaped cake, the obligatory party hat, bright colours etc! After a few ideas and sketches this adorable little feline was born!

Kitty birthday cake by Juniper Cakery

Now look at that face! How can anyone resist right? From the very beginning we decided that we wanted a cartoon-like, ‘tubby’ cat so we created its general shape out of a large domed cake (we used this cake pan / tin by Fat Daddio’s) with an extra 8″ round layer at the base for some added height. When it comes to creating fondant or sugar paste animal characters we have a set style we like to stick to so… heart shaped noses, sweet rosy cheeks and glistening eyes.   It was filled with fruity Fortnum’s raspberry preserve and Madagascan vanilla buttercream, crumb coated with a vanilla and white chocolate truffle ganache and then iced with Satin Ice fondant (you can get a hold of some here).

Kitty cake by Juniper Cakery

Creating it was pretty fun. Firstly, we added the cute little white paws to the front of the cat, added on the pre-made party hat and sprinkles we made earlier, then concentrated on creating its face. The white fondant / sugar paste muzzle was attached next. We hand moulded a tiny pink heart shaped nose, added the whisker-like detail and gently brushed on some rosy cheeks. The ‘splodges’ or markings are simply caramel coloured fondant we painted with edible gold. Finally, the eyes and ears were made and attached in place. Those fun pink curled up streamers are totally edible too… as well as the fondant party hat and shimmering confetti strewn across the cake.

We did toy with the idea of adding a little collar and golden bell around it’s neck. However, because of the paws and details added to the board it may have looked a little too busy in the end. Adding a tag with a name or age would be a pretty cool addition though!

Cute cat birthday cake by juniper Cakery

This cat themed cake was so cute that it actually didn’t get sliced up and eaten until over 24 hours later. No one wanted to cut it! It did get photographed a heck of a lot though!

Fun cat birthday cake by juniper Cakery

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