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Our Jolly Santa Cupcake Tutorial via Craftsy.com!

Sweet Santa cupcake tutorial for Christmas

Of course it wouldn’t really be Christmas if that jolly guy in the red suit didn’t pop up somewhere… and here he is! We created one fun and festive Santa cupcake tutorial for the wonderful people over at Craftsy to share. We wanted this little Santa do a little more than sit on a nice cupcake. At the time we began sketching ideas we’d just finished hand piping lots of birthday cupcakes with little painted parcels finished with royal icing bows. After piping what felt like 1,000 little silver presents AND doing the same for our Christmas tree tutorial we thought they’d make a fun idea for this cupcake design too. So, being the crazy people we are (normal people would never want to look at a tiny piped bow ever again) we made our Santa Claus burst from a pile of Christmas gifts! So if you’d love to re-create this Santa cupcake tutorial then visit the Craftsy blog now!

Jolly Santa cupcake tutorial!

Festive Santa cupcake tutorial

We initially thought of toying with Santa’s famous red suit and re-creating him in gold, but obviously that idea was scrapped. Instead, we toned down the bright red of his famous Christmas uniform by adding in pink gift boxes. We also jotted down some notes on how to photograph him… lots of white, brightness, minimal styling and to try out different shades of A2 pink paper backgrounds.

How to make a Santa cupcake

If you look closely you can spot some rather glittery golden buttons down Santa’s coat. We had to work in some gold somewhere (other than a few of the presents and the cupcake cases). We re-created the cute buttons we made for our fondant gingerbread character tutorial a couple weeks back and attached them before painting them gold.

How to decorate a Santa cupcake

Sweet Santa cupcake tutorial by juniper Cakery

If you’re going to be re-creating our Santa cupcake tutorial for the holidays you can always leave out the cupcake, nestle your Santa Claus on top of an iced cake and surround him with presents and even a Christmas tree!

Festive and fun Santa Clause cupcake tutorial

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    I bought a similar cake for my daughter this Christmas and found it very impressive, but truly speaking that your art of cake decoration is simple awesome and outstanding, its not that easy to create such artistic cakes at home and one has to become expert in such cake decoration before starting such master piece.

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