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6th February 2017 // 0 Comments

Cat in a Party Hat Birthday Cake!

Kitty cat birthday cake by Juniper Cakery

Yay! Here is one insanely cute birthday cake we created recently. Oh yes, a cake that is a cat in a party hat (because obviously no party would be complete with out one these days right?). Seriously, it’d be hard to ignore this little thing at the dessert table. Surrounded by edible confetti and streamers this cake / cat is ready to celebrate!

Cat in a party hat birthday cake by Juniper Cakery

Cat in a party hat birthday cake!

As soon as New Year celebrations ended we started planning this little cutie especially for Krystle’s dad’s birthday. He sure is a sucker for cats and anything cat related (to be honest any animal will do, but cats seem to turn him to mush the most) so it was a no brainer, but then we were given the theme… ‘cats in party hats’. Well, that was it really. Our imaginations ran riot… confetti, streamers, gold (there should always be gold), a cat shaped cake, the obligatory party hat, bright colours etc! After a few ideas and sketches this adorable little feline was born!

Kitty birthday cake by Juniper Cakery

Now look at that face! How can anyone resist right? From the very beginning we decided that we wanted a cartoon-like, ‘tubby’ cat so we created its general shape out of a large domed cake (we used this cake pan / tin by Fat Daddio’s) with an extra 8″ round layer at the base for some added height. When it comes to creating fondant or sugar paste animal characters we have a set style we like to stick to so… heart shaped noses, sweet rosy cheeks and glistening eyes.   It was filled with fruity Fortnum’s raspberry preserve and Madagascan vanilla buttercream, crumb coated with a vanilla and white chocolate truffle ganache and then iced with Satin Ice fondant (you can get a hold of some here).

Kitty cake by Juniper Cakery

Creating it was pretty fun. Firstly, we added the cute little white paws to the front of the cat, added on the pre-made party hat and sprinkles we made earlier, then concentrated on creating its face. The white fondant / sugar paste muzzle was attached next. We hand moulded a tiny pink heart shaped nose, added the whisker-like detail and gently brushed on some rosy cheeks. The ‘splodges’ or markings are simply caramel coloured fondant we painted with edible gold. Finally, the eyes and ears were made and attached in place. Those fun pink curled up streamers are totally edible too… as well as the fondant party hat and shimmering confetti strewn across the cake.

We did toy with the idea of adding a little collar and golden bell around it’s neck. However, because of the paws and details added to the board it may have looked a little too busy in the end. Adding a tag with a name or age would be a pretty cool addition though!

Cute cat birthday cake by juniper Cakery

This cat themed cake was so cute that it actually didn’t get sliced up and eaten until over 24 hours later. No one wanted to cut it! It did get photographed a heck of a lot though!

Fun cat birthday cake by juniper Cakery

24th February 2016 // 0 Comments

Our Mother’s Day Collection!

Mother's Day cupcakes and macarons in Hull and Yorkshire area

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (March 6th in the UK)! Between all our orders, editorial work, pick-ups and photoshoots we’ve been jotting down a few ideas for our eagerly awaited (we’ve lost track of how many emails and messages we’ve had asking if we’re doing anything for March 6th) Mother’s Day collection! We’ve kept everything simple yet sweet with a box of mixed cupcakes inspired by wildflower bouquets, cheesecake selection macarons and a tempting box of mixed treats! To order simply email/Facebook us or you can even fill in the handy contact form at the end of this post to get in touch. We’ll reply and organise payment, quantities, pick-up times etc.

Please keep in mind that we are busy and we’re often in the kitchen, finishing orders, out on delivery or in the middle of order pick-ups so emailing or FB messaging us is the best mode of contact right now.

Mother’s Day cupcakes in Hull and Yorkshire!

Mother's Day cupcake with sugar daisy

Box of mixed gourmet Mother’s Day cupcakes – £15

Our gourmet and bouquet inspired box of Mother’s Day cupcakes includes…

Sicilian Lemon Cupcakes

– Madagascan vanilla cake filled with tangy lemon curd, swirled with Sicilian lemon oil infused buttercream and finished with a hand-painted Mother’s Day message plaque and small edible fondant daisies

Strawberries & Champagne Cupcakes

– Madagascan vanilla cake filled with strawberry and Taittinger champagne preserve, swirled with pink strawberry buttercream piped in a pretty rose and finished with an edible fondant rose leaf

Chocolate & Raspberry Chambord Cupcakes

– Belgian chocolate cake filled with Fortnum & Mason raspberry preserve infused with Chambord liqueur, swirled with pink raspberry buttercream and finished with a raspberry and chocolate cake truffle

Perfect Mother's Day cupcakes in Hull and Yorkshire

Mother's Day cupcakes by Juniper Cakery

Mother’s Day macarons in Hull and Yorkshire!

Mother's Day macarons in Hull and Yorkshire

Box of 7 assorted cheesecake inspired macarons – £8

Box of 14 assorted cheesecake inspired macarons – £14

Macarons are quickly becoming THE must-have sweet and for Mother’s Day we’ve whipped up a small selection of tempting cheesecake inspired flavours from raspberry to classic vanilla! Here are our Mother’s Day macarons available in Hull and Yorkshire…

Please note that macarons are naturally gluten-free, however, the main ingredient is ground almonds which makes them unsuitable for those with nut allergies.

Raspberry Cheesecake Macarons

– soft pink macaron shells filled with Fortnum & Mason raspberry preserve and cheesecake flavoured buttercream, drizzled with Belgian white chocolate and finished with raspberry pieces

Lemon Cheesecake Macarons

– yellow macaron shells featuring a dollop of tangy lemon curd with cheesecake buttercream, drizzled with Belgian white chocolate and sprinkled with dainty mini sugar pearls

Vanilla Cheesecake Macarons

– ivory macaron shells filled with Madagascan vanilla bean and cheesecake infused buttercream, finished with miniature sugar pearls

Cheesecake selection of macarons in Hull and Yorkshire

Mother's Day macarons in Yorkshire

Mother’s Day Sweet Treats Selection!

Mother's Day macarons, truffles and chocolates in Hull and Yorkshire

Selection box of 10 sweet treats – £10

If a tasty selection is what you need for the perfect Mother’s Day gift (or if you just can’t decide) then maybe our box of sweet treats is the answer! Nestled into a stylish clear box are an assorted mix of our cheesecake flavour macarons along with 2 salted caramel filled chocolate jewels (in dark and white) and 3 of our raspberry and chocolate cake truffles!

Mother's Day macarons, cake truffles and chocolates in Yorkshire

15th December 2015 // 0 Comments

Our Christmas Gift Tag Cookies Tutorial via Craftsy!

How to make festive Christmas gift tags by Juniper Cakery

Christmas gift tag cookies tutorial!

Wrapping up gifts is one of most exciting and cosiest Christmas activities! We think that if you’re going to do it then do it properly; have stacks of home made cookies to eat, tasty chocolates to tempt those taste buds, spiced drinks and eggnog, plenty of gift wrapping accessories and of course a playlist of festive movies! Perfect! Why not add an extra magical to your present wrapping session with these pretty Christmas gift tag cookies? The lovely folks over at were nice enough to let us create a fun tutorial on how to make them so check out their fabulous blog for our step-by-step guide. You can bag them up and tie them into the bows of perfectly wrapped presents or have them all for yourself (or share them fellow gift wrapping buddies)!

Tutorial for Christmas present tag cookies by Juniper Cakery

Cookie decorating needn’t be scary or hard. These snow inspired Christmas gift tag cookies are simply decorated with snowflake sprinkles, tiny edible pearls and sweet sanding sugar. There’s so many fun sprinkles, candies and cake decorations you can use. We love the idea of piping out multi-coloured Christmas lights with royal icing and bright round pearls or mix crushed up candy canes with sanding sugar and edible glitter for a Candy Land inspired look!

Make these Christmas gift tag cookies for friends and family

If you’re confident with piping you can add holiday messages or recipient’s initials per cookie. Don’t worry if the thought of picking up a piping bag full of royal icing fills you with fear; try painting on names with food colour or having messages printed off via an edible printer!

You can even leave your cookies completely blank and add cute little edible cake decorations to them! We love the idea of plunger cut fondant holly leaves and berries nestled into the centre of each biscuit or even mini candy canes! Why not even add pretty fondant bows onto each of your own Christmas gift tags cookies!

Christmas gift tag cookies by Juniper Cakery (tutorial)

10th December 2015 // 0 Comments

Our Reindeer Cake Pops Tutorial via Craftsy!

How to make reindeer cake pops for Christmas

Christmas isn’t complete without a novelty bake… or several (to create AND eat)! That’s why we absolutely love these festive little cuties with their sweet red button noses. Don’t get us started on those fuzzy pipe cleaner antlers… We created these reindeer cake pops as a tutorial exclusively for so head over to their blog for our step-by-step guide.

Reindeer cake pops perfect for Christmas!

Easy tutorial for reindeer cake pops

If you’ve made cake pops before making these should be a breeze! If you’re new to making cake pops they really shouldn’t be that hard so long as you follow the instructions (we know it can be super easy to get excited) and have fun! Making the actual pop is the hardest part so if you want to put together a decorating table as a fun Christmas activity why not pre-make them for everyone to decorate? Of course, if you need to have one as a snack or two (those blood sugars can get awfully low when busy) we won’t tell!

Tutorial for Christmas reindeer cake pops by Juniper Cakery

If you’re stuck for more season dessert ideas to make then you should really read the Craftsy blog! It’s crammed full of festive ideas, jolly tutorials and winter-warming recipes!


8th December 2015 // 0 Comments

Highland Christmas Cake for Tala!

Highland Christmas Cake for Tala by Juniper Cakery

Everyone wants to impress during the festive season, but with sooo many Christmas projects piling up on those to-do lists it helps to keep it simple! We got into the seasonal swing with this chic Highland Christmas Cake tutorial created exclusively for Tala! If you want a fabulously stylish centrepiece for your Christmas table then head on over to the Tala blog to find out how we created this Scottish inspired beauty.

Golden stag painted highland Christmas cake by Juniper Cakery

If you read our blog enough you’ll probably be pretty familiar with our love (or obsession) for gold. Christmas designs are just another excuse for us to gild edible decorations, paint golden details or add a little lustre to tiers. For this cake we wanted to feature the popular motif of the season… a stag silhouette. It’s everywhere from seasonal cushions to candle snuffs (we LOVE how these are popping up everywhere in the shops) so it seemed only right we feature this idea on a winter cake.

Festive highland Christmas cake by Juniper Cakery

To keep this cake both eye-catching and simple utilising actual Christmas decorations in the form of wired tartan ribbon and glistening baubles seemed a good idea to us. For anyone who doesn’t feel too confident making sugar flowers and foliage this ‘spray’ is quick, stress-free and impressive. You can get a little creative too and use quirky shaped ornaments, baubles painted with happy Christmas messages or even candy canes!