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3rd December 2013 // 0 Comments

The Happy Egg Co. Cake – After Dinner Mint

The festive season is just around the corner and of course we are incredibly excited! We love everything about this time of year; woolly jumpers, blustery weather, houses adorned with tinkling lights and the abundance of fantastic flavours on offer! With all this in mind an obvious flavour choice for our next cake with The Happy Egg Co. jumped out at us; after dinner mint! The luxurious combination of dark chocolate and smooth mint cream is a seasonal classic around the Christmas dinner table, and one to share with family and friends while watching winter TV specials! We loved the idea of a decadent cake incorporating the fresh sweet taste of peppermint and the bitter creaminess of dark chocolate. Why not finish a festive dinner with an after dinner mint cake instead? We certainly will; we’re salivating at the thought!



Another thing we adore about combining peppermint with dark cocoa is the vibrancy of natural greens contrasted perfectly next to warm browns and crisp grey whites. They do say that you eat with your eyes first so festive greens and natural browns will help tempt everyone!



You don’t even have to wait until after your evening meal to enjoy such a cake flavour. It’s winter in less than a month so why not indulge and warm up your tummy with a generous slice and a piping hot mug of peppermint hot cocoa! Excited? Watch this space for our truly tempting and taste bud tingling recipe!

26th September 2012 // 0 Comments

The bicycle cake!


Here’s a really playful bicycle themed cake we created! It’s a classic Victoria Sponge cake with the large boulder as a second tier. The cake is covered with custom coloured icing and decorated with various edible sugarpaste modellings. We had lots of fun making this cake!

25th September 2012 // 3 Comments

‘Tutorial Tuesday’: How to make a sugarpaste witches’ hat and broom for Halloween!


With autumn underway and Halloween just around the corner we’re celebrating the upcoming festivities by bringing you autumn and Halloween themed tutorials from now ultil the end of October!


What you will need:

Edible glue
Hologram Graphite cake glitter by Rainbow Dust
Lush Lime cake glitter by Rainbow Dust
White Lustre Dust by Sugarflair
Custom coloured fondant
Blade and Shell tool by Tala
Paint brushes
Non-stick rolling pin by Tala
Circular cookie cutter by Tala


Step one: Roll out the black coloured fondant and cut a circle out using the cookie cutter. This will form the base of the witches’ hat


Step two: Using the left over black icing form a ball ensuring it begins to taper at one end. This should look like an oversized ‘raindrop’.


Step three: Once rolled out use the blade tool to create a  ghoulishly green band.


Step four: Paint the base of the hat and the larger end of the ‘raindrop’ with edible glue and esemble them as shown above.


Step five: Using a small amount of the grey coloured fondant form the shape of a buckle. To give the buckle a metallic sheen brush with a little lustre dust. Before attaching use the tip of the blade tool to create ‘buckle holes’.


Step six: Using the Lush Lime and Hologram Graphite Rainbow Dust add a finishing sparkle to the witches’ hat. Gently paint with edible glue before applying the glitter if it does not stick.


Step seven: To make the witches’ broom roll the dark brown fondant until it resembles a broom handle. Roll the light brown icing and use the blade tool cut out a ‘fan’ shape’. Continue to use the blade tool to create a bristle effect.


Step eight: Glue both pieces together and add extra detail by applying small amounts of grey fondant to secure the broom end to the broom handle.


Now you have two spooktacular sugarpaste creations to decorate your Halloween themed cupcakes!

20th September 2012 // 0 Comments

National Cupcake Week tutorial: How to make cupcake toppers!


What you need:

Cocktail sticks/tooth picks
Card (two contrasting patterns/colours)
A button
Hole punch 


Step one: Cut the card into two circles ensuring one is larger than the other. Using the glue stick the smaller circle in the centre of the larger circle. 

Step two: Pierce two holes in the middle of the small circle once it is securly glued to the larger of the two using the hole punch. Once the hole is made use a needle or a cocktail stick to push the ribbon through both circles, from the back. Once both ends of the ribbon have been pushed through the holes made with the hole punch thread the ribbon through the button, one hole at a time. 

Note: If this becomes tricky try cutting your ribbon so it tapers at each end thus making it easier to thread.


Step three: Once the ribbon is in place secure it by tying a bow in the centre of the button and cupcake topper.

Step four: Now flip your cupcake topper over. On the back will be a 'loop' where the ribbon was pushed through. Carefully slot one end of the cocktail stick through that loop and apply a small amount of tape over it to secure it futher.


Now you have a very simple but elegant cupcake topper to adorn your baked goods!