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29th August 2014 // 0 Comments

Naked Cake with Rosemary & Candied Lemon Slices!

Every year we’re asked to create a birthday cake that utilises less fondant and sugar for the same diabetic client. This year, eager to try out the latest of cake trends, we whipped up this gloriously colourful naked birthday cake with them in mind! It’s a vanilla, lemon and white chocolate naked cake adorned with a flurry of roses, fruits and herbs!

Naked birthday cake by Juniper Cakery

Pretty naked cake by Juniper Cakery

Decorating a freshly baked cake with bright roses, berries and sprigs of rosemary instantly added a touch of rustic glamour to the vanilla layers sandwiched with our whipped lemon oil and white chocolate buttercream! For a late summer birthday we opted for the most vibrant roses we could source so that this cake would feature some lovely pops of colour throughout.

Buttercream naked cake by Juniper Cakery

We used sprigs of freshly cut rosemary, blueberries, cherries, candied lemon slices, and bright roses to adorn this vanilla pod infused cake. The rosemary makes a rather fabulous (and edible) way of adding a feather-like aspect to the design. For future naked cakes we simply love the idea of covering the odd blueberry with decadent gold leaf, adding aromatic cinnamon sticks, using exotic star fruit slices and large sage leaves to add a quirky slant on the usual decoration of fruits and flowers!

The cake was placed on a quilted and sugar pearl studded board that was then trimmed with a luxurious liquid gold ribbon finished with a bow! We loved the idea of pairing the bright coloured roses with a little bit of gold and some Chanel influenced quilting for glamorous touch.

Gorgeous rose decorated naked cake by Juniper Cakery

Some other fabulous ideas for more unusual naked cakes include red velvet layers, vanilla cakes filled with sprinkle infused buttercream, or a dark chocolate cake paired with a salted caramel and Nutella buttercream; perfect for the discerning and adventurous epicurean!

Rosemary and lemon naked cake by Juniper Cakery

18th July 2014 // 3 Comments

Pink Raspberry Cupcakes Recipe!

Fruity raspberry cupcakes are always popular especially when the cold winter months become warmer and brighter. They’re the perfect addition to any fun picnic, garden tea party or after work treat! We love adding little twists to this recipe by adding in mango, passion fruit, peach; baking champagne or lemon into the cake or by the playful addition of popping candy or sherbet into the silky smooth buttercream (always great for those who enjoy a tangy taste). Why not follow our pink raspberry cupcakes recipe below for your next event!

Pink raspberry cupcakes by Juniper Cakery

Raspberry jam filled cupcake by Juniper Cakery

These simple cupcakes are wonderfully perfect for summer get-togethers, fun parties or as a sweet thank you gift for someone special. Personalise each one with thoughtful messages or hand-made fondant toppers for an extra customised feel.

Personally, we love piping our raspberry cupcakes in a simple yet generous swirl of frosting or in a pretty buttercream rose finished with a fondant rose leaf. Other rather fabulous ways to decorate these little gems is to adorn the tops with fresh sugar-coated raspberries, raspberry coulis, sprinkles, white chocolate curls, sugar pearls, sugar flowers or gorgeous edible petals!

Raspberry cupcakes in a row by Juniper Cakery

Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe (Makes approx. 12 cupcakes)

  • 226g self raising flour
  • 226 butter
  • 226g caster sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or bean paste

Step 1: Pre-heat your oven to Gas Mark 3 / 160C / 325F and line a cupcake pan with cupcake cases.

Step 2: Cream your butter and sugar first and when ready add your eggs and vanilla.

Step 3: Once combined add the flour, mix well and pour your batter into your cases.

Step 4: Bake for around 20-30 minutes or until a cake tester comes out clean when tested.

Gorgeous pink raspberry cupcake by Juniper Cakery

Pink Raspberry Buttercream

  • 500g softened butter
  • 400g-500g icing sugar
  • raspberry extract
  • Pink gel food colour

Step 1: Cream your softened butter in a stand up mixer.

Step 2: Sift your icing sugar and this add to your butter. Cream together.

Step 3: Add in your raspberry extract to flavour your frosting. We add in around 2 teaspoons, but you should add in whatever amount tastes best for you!

Note: You can add in lots of crushed or blitzed raspberries if you wish, however, this will add lots of extra moisture into your buttercream making it sloppy in texture. Our tip for adding in raspberries would be to add equal measures of raspberries and caster sugar to a pan and reduce down into a sticky syrup before adding to your buttercream.

Pink raspberry cupcake by Juniper Cakery

Raspberry Preserve Recipe

  • 1oog fresh raspberries
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice

Step 1: To a saucepan on high heat add all of your ingredients.

Step 2: Bring to the boil and then turn the heat down to medium heat.

Step 3: Leave to simmer until thick and jam-like in consistency.

Step 4: Pour into clean jars and leave to cool.

Must try this raspberry cupcake by Juniper Cakery

To assemble your cupcakes core using a good cupcake corer and spoon your cooled down raspberry preserve into the cored centre of the cupcake. Add your fruity pink buttercream to a piping bag fitted with any piping tip you desire (we used a large plain round nozzle) and pipe generous swirls on top of your cakes!

Raspberry Cupcake by Juniper Cakery

Why not add some extra indulgence just for the grown-ups to your batch of pink raspberry cupcakes with a splash of King’s Ginger, Taittinger champagne or Raspberry Chambord in your preserve and buttercream for a fabulously boozy treat! We love the idea of a sherbet lemon cupcake that’s been infused with some zesty King’s ginger liqueur, filled with Charmbord and fresh raspberry confiture and swirled with fruity raspberry buttercream!

Top 101 Summer Recipes by Amara Living

Wow! This recipe was selected as one of Amara Living’s Top 101 Summer Recipes! Check out their blog post here for 100 other fabulously mouth-watering recipes!

9th April 2014 // 0 Comments

Kangaroo Sprinkle Party Cake!

Yesterday our friend Tammie flew over from Australia to visit everyone and, of course, we saw it as a great ‘hoppertunity’ to create this adorable kangaroo party cake! We entertained ideas from Moomins to luggage cakes before settling on having the cake topper be a hoppy little ‘roo. 

fondant kangaroo by Juniper Cakery

The cake itself is a lovely pink lemonade flavour; perfect for spring! Inside are layers of natural lemon extract infused cake filled with a generous amount of home made raspberry jam. We then smothered the cake in raspberry buttercream and added fun rainbow sprinkles!

Rainbow sprinkles on a pink cake by Juniper Cakery

Rainbow sprinkles on a pink buttercream cake by Juniper Cakery

Pink rainbow party cake with kangaroo figure by Juniper Cakery

This cake was also a belated birthday offering for Tammie so we whipped it up with a little birthday party theme too. We popped a colourful little party hat atop of our fondant ‘roo as well as a brightly coloured blossom nestled in her pouch.

Kangaroo cake by Juniper Cakery

3rd March 2014 // 0 Comments

Roses, Cosmetics and Jewels Birthday Cake!

Here’s a lovely and bright cosmetics bag cake with a vintage twist that we created for a friend’s daughter! We were asked to design and make a polka dot make-up bag cake fit for an 18th birthday with a slight vintage feel, a tassel and a fresh colour palette. We were, otherwise, given creative license so with the previous requests we settled upon a cream, turquoise, gold and coral pink colour scheme paired with hand made roses, pearl jewellery, a quilted and sugar pearl studded board and vintage inspired cosmetic pieces. 

Cosmetics and Jewels Cake by Juniper Cakery

Cosmetics and Jewels Cake by Juniper Cakery

Above is a close-up of some of the details of the cake including the gold fondant tassel, pearl necklace (complete with an ornate clasp), nail polish bottle, pearl ring, brooch, small parfum bottle and a lipstick inspired by the Estée Lauder Signature lip-colour in ‘Portofino Coral’.

Cosmetics and Jewels Cake by Juniper Cakery

The cake itself is a lovely soft and moist chocolate fudge cake with silky smooth chocolate fudge buttercream frosting. It’s then smothered with a milk chocolate ganache before being iced with fondant and decorated.

Cosmetics and Jewels Cake by Juniper Cakery

We loved creating the vintage inspired jewels, make-up items and sugar roses as well as hand-painting aspects of the cake in gold! They all help to lend a more grown-up and elegant feel to the cake whilst combined with a bright and fun colour palette.

Cosmetics and Jewels Cake by Juniper Cakery

Cosmetics and Jewels Cake by Juniper Cakery

Above is a photograph of the side of the cake capturing the gold fondant tassel and pearl necklace. We added stitching detail, a lovely pearlescent sheen to the fondant pearls, and a  glowing hand-painted gold shimmer, 

Cosmetics and Jewels Cake by Juniper Cakery

Cosmetics and Jewels Cake by Juniper Cakery

This cake was such fun to create! We loved adding the sweet yet fun little touches of jewellery, old fashioned style cosmetics, a personalised name plaque, etc. 

11th February 2014 // 4 Comments

Valentine Tutorial: Pink Champagne Cupcakes!

With Valentine’s Day literally just days away here’s a lovely cupcake recipe and tutorial for you to re-create at home for that special someone. We had such fun whipping these up in the Juniper Cakery kitchen and studio as you can imagine; cue lots of champagne, gold hand painting, miniature champagne bottles from fondant and decadent swirls of lovely vanilla buttercream! These adorable little pink champagne bottles nestled into silky vanilla buttercream atop soft rosy champagne infused cupcakes are bound to be a show-stopping hit with loved ones; they definitely were with ours! If you’re feeling extra adventurous why not paint, indent or pipe the recipient’s initials onto each bottle label for a sweet and impressive personal touch.

Pink Champagne Cupcakes by Juniper Cakery

Pink Champagne Cupcakes by Juniper Cakery

[yumprint-recipe id=’4′]As an alternative to using real champagne, as this can get costly, in your cupcakes why not try utilising 6-12 drops of champagne essence.

Pink Champagne Cupcakes by Juniper Cakery

Pink Champagne Cupcakes by Juniper Cakery

[yumprint-recipe id=’5′] Pink Champagne Cupcakes by Juniper Cakery

Miniature Fondant Pink Champagne Bottles

You’ll need…

Pink or a dark green fondant / sugarpaste if creating normal champagne bottles
White or ivory fondant / sugarpaste
Raspberry pink fondant / sugarpaste
Edible glue
Gold lustre dust or edible metallic paint
Small plunger cutters (optional)
Blade tool
Candy melts
3mm thin ivory ribbon
Disposable piping bag
Fondant rolling pin
Icing / confectioner’s sugar

Pink Champagne Cupcakes by Juniper Cakery

Step one: Take some fondant the colour you wish your bottle to be and roll into a ball then a tapered oblong and shape carefully into a bottle whilst it is stood up on a flat surface.

Step two: With a approximately 2-3 drops of vodka added to some gold lustre dust  OR some gold metallic edible paint hand paint the neck of the bottle. This may need a few coats if your bottle if a dark coloured fondant.

Step three: Take some 3mm ivory ribbon and cut to a length that fits around the bottle’s neck and crosses at the front well. Attach with a few tiny dots of melted candy melt (melt these quickly by filling a disposable back with the melts and microwaving until ready before snipping off the end of the piping bag). Hold gently until set.Step four: Roll out some white or ivory fondant / sugarpaste to 2mm thick onto an icing sugar dusted surface

Step four: With the blade tool cut out a rectangular shape an appropriate size for the front of your champagne bottle. Attach using a little edible glue. Imprint or add any detail to the label now.

Step five: Take a small amount of red or pink fondant and roll into a ball then into an oblong shape.

Step six: Shape into a dumb bell or bone-like shape by rolling the middle of the red fondant oblong with a finger.

Step nine: Take the dumb bell / bone shaped red fondant and carefully pinch in half into a heart shape. Smooth the centre over a little.

Step seven: With a little melted candy melt attach the heart where the ribbon crosses and meets at the front of the champagne bottle.

Step eight: Repeat all above steps until you have the desired amount of champagne bottles.

Now all that is left to do is to pipe your cupcakes generously with vanilla buttercream, add any decor you wish (edible glitter, sprinkles, sugar pearls etc) and nestle your tiny champagne bottles atop at a jaunty angle!

Pink Champagne Cupcakes by Juniper Cakery

After all your hard work you should now be left with an array of delicious and adorable cupcakes waiting to steal the heart of all who cast their eyes upon them. If you’re making these for yourself, however, we really wouldn’t blame you at all!