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15th March 2016 // 0 Comments

Easter Rabbit and Daffodil Cake via the Tala blog!

Rabbit and daffodil cake by Juniper Cakery

We’re ready for Easter this year with one super cute little cake tutorial that we whipped up exclusively for the lovely folks at Tala! Lovely fresh colours, an adorable bunny rabbit and some pretty florals help make this petite design the perfect Spring cake for Easter lunch (or even an Easter birthday). If you’re ready to start re-creating our bunny and daffodil cake then head over to the Tala blog for our step-by-step guide!

As an established British company since 1899 Tala create fabulous vintage-inspired beware from flour sifters to cookie baking kits. We use their modelling tools and rolling pins regularly when we work so making this pretty little cake was super easy. Their stylish white modelling tools are also absolutely perfect for us photograph in our tutorial and recipe posts… you can probably spot them dotted around our blog!

Rabbit and daffodil party cake by Juniper Cakery

Bunny Rabbit and daffodil cake by Juniper Cakery

Easter bunny rabbit and daffodil cake!

Inspired by a lovely large bundles of pastels that adorn the shop fronts of florists during the run up to Easter our tutorial via the Tala blog will show you how to create quick soft golden and white daffodil blooms, a cheeky little bunny rabbit (that peers over the florals) and the floral stem effect that wraps around the sides of the cake. Broken down into more digestible steps this tutorial should be great for anyone with a bit of cake crafting experience!

Our top tip alert for anyone about to start a cake decorating project is to prepare yourself and also give yourself some good time! Cake decorating is never as straight forward or easy as it may seem unless you know what you’re doing so plan everything and don’t rush.

Daffodil and rabbit Easter cake tutorial by Juniper Cakery

One of the best things about a little cake like this is that it’s super easy to adapt for different occasions. Swap the daffodils for deep red roses for Valentine’s Day or daisies and peonies for a Mother’s Day treat. You can even use a darker green fondant for the ‘stems’ and top with sugar poinsettias for a festive winter design.

Easter Daffodil and rabbit cake by Juniper Cakery

9th February 2016 // 1 Comments

Tutorial: Puppy Love Cupcake Tutorial for Tala!

Valentine's Day cupcake tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Valentine’s day is peeking around the corner so of course everything pink, red and sugary cute will start appearing almost everywhere you go soon. If you’re planning on making your sweetheart something thoughtful and homemade this year we may just have the thing for you! Seriously, who could say no to a hopelessly romantic little puppy this Valentine’s Day? Especially one perched on top of a cupcake holding a sweet heart shaped ‘balloon’. We definitely couldn’t! If you’re a dab hand in the kitchen when it comes to making sweets you should head on over to Tala’s blog for our ridiculously adorable Valentine’s day cupcake tutorial! It’s easy enough for a complete novice to follow, but if you’re more advanced then it’ll still be perfect for you to whip up too.

Puppy cupcake tutorial for Valentine's Day by Juniper Cakery

You don’t even need to stick to cupcakes to impress your sweetheart. This love puppy would be perfect on top of bakery style cakes, tiered cakes or even giant fondant fancies (such a great idea). For larger cakes, however, remember to make your pup a little bigger in size in order to get proportions perfect. You really wouldn’t want your little puppy looking lost on top of a huge 12 inch gateaux!

Valentine’s Day cupcake tutorial!

One of the best things about this cute little puppy is that it’s pretty easy to personalise. You can use Tala’s letterpress kit to indent a romantic message into the iced cupcake surface or add your loved one’s initials onto the balloon. Why not even change the colors, create a small bundle of balloons or add a tiny floral bouquet using small flower plunger cutters? However you chose to customise your little love pup we’re sure it’ll be adorable!

Valentine's Day Puppy Love cupcake tutorial by Juniper Cakery


8th December 2015 // 0 Comments

Highland Christmas Cake for Tala!

Highland Christmas Cake for Tala by Juniper Cakery

Everyone wants to impress during the festive season, but with sooo many Christmas projects piling up on those to-do lists it helps to keep it simple! We got into the seasonal swing with this chic Highland Christmas Cake tutorial created exclusively for Tala! If you want a fabulously stylish centrepiece for your Christmas table then head on over to the Tala blog to find out how we created this Scottish inspired beauty.

Golden stag painted highland Christmas cake by Juniper Cakery

If you read our blog enough you’ll probably be pretty familiar with our love (or obsession) for gold. Christmas designs are just another excuse for us to gild edible decorations, paint golden details or add a little lustre to tiers. For this cake we wanted to feature the popular motif of the season… a stag silhouette. It’s everywhere from seasonal cushions to candle snuffs (we LOVE how these are popping up everywhere in the shops) so it seemed only right we feature this idea on a winter cake.

Festive highland Christmas cake by Juniper Cakery

To keep this cake both eye-catching and simple utilising actual Christmas decorations in the form of wired tartan ribbon and glistening baubles seemed a good idea to us. For anyone who doesn’t feel too confident making sugar flowers and foliage this ‘spray’ is quick, stress-free and impressive. You can get a little creative too and use quirky shaped ornaments, baubles painted with happy Christmas messages or even candy canes!

22nd October 2015 // 0 Comments

Tutorial: Candy For Brains Pumpkin Cake for Tala!

Get your knives (err… palette knifes that is) at the ready because we’ve teamed up with the fang-tastic folks at Tala to bring you this spookily fun cake tutorial for Halloween! This ‘Candy For Brains’ Jack O’Lantern cake is bound to impress everyone at your party and it’s pretty east to make. The genius part is that by substituting half of the decorating for actual candy you’ll have more time for perfecting those gruesome Halloween costumes!

Pumpkin Candy Cake Tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Tala is a company we love and we use quite an array of their tools in our bakery (their modelling tools for sugar and icing work are pretty much essentials for us). To make this cake you can head on over to the tutorial featured on their blog which also lists all the handy materials and equipment you’ll need.

Candy For Brains Jack O'Lantern Cake Tutorial for Tala by Juniper Cakery

Visit the Tala blog for this fun tutorial here. You can easily make your Jack O’Lantern super scary or garishly goofy by changing facial features, using different candy or by even adding in edible blood or slime! We love the idea of a sugar blood dripping pumpkin with black liquorice or jelly spiders and an artfully crafted sugar knife plunged into its side.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious create a larger pumpkin for a bottom tier and stack (much like a tiered wedding cake) a smaller pumpkin on top featuring candy oozing out from between them. Why not even give the bottom pumpkin a disgruntled look with a cheeky look for the top tier!

Candy For Brains Pumpkin Cake by Juniper Cakery

To decorate our ‘Candy For Brains; cake we used coloured chocolate beans, jelly beans, cola bottles, gummy bears, marshmallow twists and fabulously retro swirled lollipops. You can use any sweets you like from creepy jelly worms and snakes to candy spiders or chocolate toads! Obviously, lots of companies and stores start creating some insanely fun themed goodies for Halloween like coffin shaped chocolate bars or pumpkin marshmallows so it’s easy to get creative!


13th March 2013 // 0 Comments

Review: Tala Cake Marker

Macaron Tower Cake Made Using Tala Cake Marker

Review: Tala Cake Marker

In this review we share how we used the Cake Marker by Tala as a guide in creating a  macaron tower. The Cake Marker is designed to help you find the centre of a cake, create custom patterns and add decoration accurately. To test this versatile tool we put pen to paper and designed an elegant cake with a simple repetitive pattern. The swirls and swags mimic those seen on the marker itself and helped add those all important finishing touches to our multi-flavoured macaron tower.

The tower itself, from base to top, is a vanilla cake filled with blackberry jam, covered in lemon buttercream and fondant icing and adorned with lemon sherbet, pistachio and turkish delight macarons (some of which are painted with 24 carat edible gold leaf).

Macaron Tower Cake Made Using Tala Cake Marker

Placing the tower in a central position is essential for creating an aesthetically pleasing cake. The spacing from the edge of the cake to the base tier of the lemon macarons is relatively small but if it is even slightly off centre the entire cake could look uneven. We used Tala’s Cake Marker to ensure our tower was central by opening the marker fully and laying it flat upon the cake. The pivet is fitted with a hole so it can be held in place by a pin or used to pin point the centre. Once the centre is found a circle can be drawn using an edible ink pen with a fine tip, or a pin, by placing it through the appropriate hole for the required size. Using the circle as a guideline full control over the tower’s placement is achievable.

Macaron Tower Cake Made Using Tala Cake Marker

The cake marker’s usability really becomes evident when it is time to take the design drawn on paper and place it on an actual cake. The spacing between the swags, like the placement of the cone, is integral to the over all design. We found that Tala’s cake marker gave us the freedom to mark dots where each individual swag would begin and end. Simply place the marker horizontally onto the side of a cake and mark each dot with an edible ink pen accounting for the distance you need between both. Had we not used this method we may have encountered trouble matching up the last few swags.

A great point to make about Tala’s cake marker is that it will lend itself to creating extravagant and simple designs alike. We chose a design inspired by the cake marker itself by taking the ‘C’ shaped swirl and repeating it around the base of our cake. Not only was this a great way to add simple detail it was also incredibly easy to achieve. Using the ‘C’ we marked the shape with a pin and simply followed the pattern using a 2.5 writer tip; we even painted the same design on selected macarons with 24 carat edible gold leaf.

Macaron Tower Cake Made Using Tala Cake Marker

Tala’s cake marker maneuvers well when in use enabling the design to flow seamlessly. Also, it is light and flexible enough to be laid upon icing without causing any damage at all.  The cake marker itself is made from plastic making it easy to clean and upkeep. At the same time it is durable enough not to break, chip or crack with pressure leaving your cakes free of dents and scratches.

With the above in mind we have scored the above Tala tools on design, quality and function…




Tala Cake Marker