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6th March 2015 // 0 Comments

Vintage Prom Dress Bridal Shower Cookies!

Here are some vintage prom dress bridal shower cookies we created recently. We were asked to create some spring and early 1960s-inspired sugar cookies perfect for a vintage prom themed bridal shower and these lovely treats were the result. 

Bridal Shower Cookies by Juniper Cakery

The client wanted bright pastels and some fashion details included on each cookie along with three different designs to represent the two bridesmaids and the one bride. One of the first decisions was to make each cookie a different colour instead of creating the same base colour but with different detailing. Looking at the customer’s inspiration board on Pinterest we selected a fresh scheme of pale pinks, white, lilac and a faded Tiffany blue – perfect for spring and the early 1960s!

Vintage prom dress bridal shower cookies by Juniper Cakery

Quick sketches were made of each dress with ideas and notes on textures, colours, materials and design elements. For the bridal dress we added simple royal icing swiss dots, a pearl border to trim the bust and a lovely pink grosgrain ribbon bow. Each of the bridesmaids dresses featuring a pale base colour in flooded royal icing. We added tiny blossoms to the pink that were delicately thinned given a little dimension before being finished with a small sugar pearl inside each. The pale Tiffany blue cookie had simple brush embroidery style teardrops trimming the bust and hem of the dress before being finished with a grosgrain lilac ribbon bow!

2nd March 2015 // 2 Comments

Vintage Teapot Cookies with Polka Dots and Gold Accents!

Vintage is always a wonderfully popular theme for weddings, parties and afternoon tea get-togethers. We created these gorgeously sweet and fun vintage teapot cookies inspired by retro designs for an afternoon tea wedding reception recently. They were such a pleasure for us to make and just because we’re generous you can even head over to the blog for our full tutorial on how to re-create these pretty treats yourself!

Vintage teapot cookies

Vintage teapot cookies by Juniper Cakery

These sugar cookies were a lovely and fragrant Sicilian lemon oil infused batch which, of course, made the kitchen small incredible! We added a hint of natural lemon extract to the royal icing also just to accentuate the citrus scent and flavour.

Sweet vintage teapot cookies by Juniper Cakery

For these lovely cookies we were asked to create wedding favours that reflected the couple’s fun afternoon tea themed reception which included toasted scones, light colours, polka dots, pots of tea, fresh flowers, finger sandwiches and vintage teapot centre pieces.

We were a little inspired by our favourite Wedgwood teapot that features in the photographs alongside our cookies. It was perfect – a clean and simple yet retro-style design, gold accents and spring-like colours.

Vintage teapot wedding cookies by Juniper Cakery

25th February 2015 // 0 Comments

Vintage Record Player Cake!

We absolutely love creating fun cakes with a great theme like this fabulous vintage record player cake that we made to order recently. We were asked to make an Arctic Monkeys themed cake and we pitched the idea of a playful (no pun intended) vintage record player design!

Retro record player birthday cake by Juniper Cakery

The cake itself was our popular Cookies ‘n’ Cream flavour – soft chocolate cake sandwiched with Madagascan vanilla and Oreo crumble infused buttercream, crumb coated in silky Madagascan vanilla buttercream and iced with coloured marshmallow fondant!

Retro vinyl record player cake by Juniper Cakery

To decorate we iced the cake before panelling it with bright blue marshmallow fondant pieces. Then all edible decorations were added such as the hand-painted retro style ‘Arctic’ logo badge, golden volume knobs, speaker section, fake vinyl record and wood effect needle.

The edible record was created using hand tinted fondant etched with random concentric circles before a white circular layer of fondant was placed on top as the record label or sticker. This was then hand painted with a requested band and song!

Blue vintage record player cake by Juniper Cakery

The custom hand-painted vintage inspired badge on the front of the cake was a fun idea. We picked out several retro fonts and typography samples before settling upon one with a slight upward movement. It was then hand painted onto a fondant piece using edible gold paint.

Vintage Record Player Cake by Juniper Cakery

This vintage record player cake was great fun to create. Adding a few extra touches such as the reto logo and the dark wood effect needle helped make this cake have an extra vintage look and feel to it!

24th November 2014 // 1 Comments

Vintage Tea and Macarons Cake with Cheeky Rabbit!

Amidst the flurry of sparkling Christmas treats, designs and decor we created this adorable tea and macarons cake featured a tea drenched fondant rabbit peering out over an edible teacup and saucer! This pastel hued cake is the perfect addition to a fun afternoon tea themed party with it’s bright fondant macarons, shimmering fondant pearl necklaces and gold painted tea paraphernalia. Whilst we adore winter festivities and themed this vintage inspired design was a delightful break!

Cute afternoon tea cake with fondant rabbit by Juniper Cakery

Adorable Vintage Tea and Macarons birthday cake with fondant rabbit by Juniper Cakery

Vintage themed tea and macarons cake with fondant rabbit by Juniper Cakery

An initial vintage look was applied to the design with clusters of swiss royal icing dots around the sides. This was inspired by the vintage and antique lace trims sewn onto handkerchiefs, doilies and tablecloths. This element was kept fairly simple as intricate hand-piped lace would have perhaps overpowered the design and looked a little too busy.

Tea and macarons themed cake with gum paste rabbit in teacup by Juniper Cakery

The vintage inspiration was further strengthened by the addition of shimmering fondant pearl necklaces draping down one side, a luxurious quilted cake board studded with edible sugar pearls and a simple trim of ivory grosgrain ribbon around the base of the cake itself. 

Cute tea drenched fondant rabbit topped cake by Juniper Cakery

Edible teacups are one of our favourite things to create. They can be fairly time consuming due to waiting for the paste to set fully before getting to royal ice all of the pieces together. Once we put together the cup and saucer we hand painted some detail along the sides with edible gold paint.

Macaron and rabbit themed cake by Juniper Cakery

To give the cake a slight whimsical touch we added the fondant macarons onto the cake in little ‘toppled’ formations using cocktail sticks to help hold each fondant on at different angles created a sort of balanced look! 

Afternoon tea rabbit themed cake by Juniper Cakery

This fun and adorably vintage styled cake design would be ideal for a spring or summer birthday party, but it can easily be adapted to fit the current seasonal frostiness; add small piped snowflakes onto the sides, embos the board with snowflake plunger cutters, change the colour palette to glimmering cold hues and perhaps add a melting snowman into the freshly brewed cup of tea. We love the idea of swapping the cup of tea for a warming deep cup of hot chocolate featuring fondant marshmallows and changing the macarons for candy canes!

20th August 2014 // 0 Comments

Silver Vintage Lace Wedding Cake!

We know it’s not even autumn yet (due September 22nd no less), but we couldn’t help but begin to feel ever so festive and ready for winter when working on this silver vintage lace inspired wedding cake! It certainly was a delight for us to design this cake from the strands upon strands of pearlescent fondant pearls to the hand-piped royal icing lace design.

Vintage style lace wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

When creating this tiered cake we took inspiration from vintage lace, Wedgwood silverware, soft fabric corsages and strings of pearls. The main focus needed to be on the centre of the cake so we began sketching out three tiered designs that played with different cake depths and proportions before settling on a cake that utilised a deep middle tier.

Vintage Lace Wedding Cake by Juniper Cakery

To further draw attention to the centre of the cake, but not overload the overall design with too much fussy detail we looked at small repeat patterns in vintage lace and quickly sketched out a rough version of what we’d need to re-create using small blossom cutters and royal icing. Utilising tiny flower cutters is a great way to mark and plan out a lace design on a cake. 

Pretty lace wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

To finish we decided to add a little softness to the top with a ruffled fantasy flower created using thinned flower paste circles gently ‘balled’ and teased in delicate white frills. Due to the tiny blossom lace design that features as the main design aspect of this cake we kept the flower topper simple and unassuming.

Antique inspired lace wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

As the months have gradually gotten colder this cake has only added to our excitement for winter; one of our favourite seasons. We love how the shimmering pearls mimic expertly rolled snowballs and that from a distance the royal icing piped lace could be frosty snowflakes!