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10th October 2016 // 0 Comments

Rococo Inspired Dogwood Blossom Wedding Cake

Rococo inspired wedding cake with gilded dogwood flowers by Juniper Cakery

Here’s an absolutely gorgeous wedding design we created recently – a dogwood blossom wedding cake! Every single one of our cakes are hard for us to see leave us, but this one quickly became a favourite! We LOVED the elegant white tiers paired with gold Rococo touches and stunning floral choices. Beautiful large white roses, stylised 24k gold acanthus leaves, deep forest green rose leaves and gilded dogwood blossoms adorn the tiers.

Rococo wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Rococo Inspired Gilded Dogwood Blossom Wedding Cake

This dogwood blossom wedding cake was inspired a little by an ornate rose and stephanotis flower adorned design we created earlier on in the year. Tiers were re-arranged, the faux cake stand effect was omitted and the florals and colours were swapped over. We also concentrated more on decorative mouldings that were more leaf-influenced like the curved acanthus leaves and stylised ferns that trim the tiers.

Rococo inspired wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

A shallow fake tier was added between the base and middle to give the cake design a little drama and height. This was iced in a deep forest green, adorned with 24k gold acanthus mouldings and then surrounded with lots of gilded sugar dogwood blossoms, gold berries and deep green fondant leaves. The acanthus leaf mouldings were added to the separator for a touch of extra gold and texture underneath the gorgeous florals.

Pretty Rococo inspired wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Gold Rococo inspired wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

More height was added to the cake with some large voluminous white sugar roses that cascaded a little from the top of the smallest tier. Arranged around these blooms were 24k gold acanthus leaves, dark green rose leaves, golden berries and pretty gilded dogwood blossoms! We used wired acanthus leaves in the top arrangement of sugar flowers to help tie in the golden trims of the rest of the design, but they’re so elegant and slender that they’re perfect for adding a little extra height too.

Beautiful Rococo inspired wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

All the elements together worked beautifully and this was definitely a cake we’d have loved to keep for ourselves! It had to fulfil it’s wedding cake destiny, however, and be the centre of attention!


26th September 2016 // 0 Comments

Stylish Marbled Wedding Cake with Gold and Navy Peonies!

Marble Wedding Cake with Gold Leaf and Navy Peonies by Juniper Cakery

We absolutely love love LOVE the marble trend that has been doing the rounds for a short while now. We had been wanting to create a marbled wedding cake and, of course, if we had the free time we could have created some stunning marble designs, but our schedule said no. So when Jessica got in contact and picked a stylish and on-trend marble two tier with bold florals and golden elements we were obviously excited. This cake was definitely a design we were looking forward to and we still love it now!

Pretty Marbled Gold and Navy Peony Wedding Cake

Stylish marbled wedding cake with gold and navy peonies!

Gold is a definite favourite of ours and for this cake it worked as a gorgeous metallic accent that showed off both the soft marble effect and the striking sugar flowers. Once we iced the marbled tiers we took a few photos to sketch and plan where the 24k gold leaf would feature. It needed to balance out the direction of the blue peonies that cascaded down the side of the design so we added patches of bright gold that both followed the direction of the florals yet spread out a little in the opposite direction.

Beautiful Marbled Gold and Navy Peony Wedding Cake

Stylish Navy and 2k Gold Macaron Wedding Favours by Juniper Cakery

Milk Chocolate Jewel Wedding Favours Dusted with 24k Gold by Juniper Cakery

To compliment this marbled wedding cake we also created lots of gorgeously chic favours. These included navy macarons splattered and streaked with 24k gold edible paint (one flavour was our popular Strawberries & Champagne and the other was Vanilla & White Chocolate Truffle), gold dusted chocolate jewel truffles and golden cake pops finished with deep blue grosgrain bows. The truffles and macarons were all nestled in clouds of food safe tissue paper in clear boxes tied with navy ribbon.

Chic Marbled Gold and Navy Peony Wedding Cake

Show Stopping Marbled Gold and Navy Peony Wedding Cake

The florals on this cake were three of our signature open peonies created in a bespoke deep navy blue with 24 gold painted centres surrounded by fluffy white stamens. All our sugar open peonies feature completely wired petals which means that each petal can be gently bent outwards to create a large bloom. For this design each of the peonies had the exact same number of voluminous petals, but we manipulated each flower to create a slightly more defined shape. The peony in the centre had been arranged so that it sat larger with it’s petals stretching outward. The peonies underneath and on top are more cupped and tightly wound around the centres to create a slightly smaller looking bloom.

Gorgeous Marbled Gold and Navy Peony Wedding Cake

Modern Marbled Gold and Navy Peony Wedding Cake

This fabulous design was the perfect balance of texture, on-trend design and style. We loved creating every element of it. Those bold and striking peonies help give the design an amazing focal point, the gold adds instant luxury and the marble effect just screams modern elegance!


5th August 2016 // 0 Comments

Pearl Studded Peony and Rose Wedding Cake!

Floral and pearl wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Here’s a gorgeous wedding cake we created for the lovely Jen and Harry’s big day at Wrea Head Hall just outside of Scarborough! We pretty much have been counting down the days until we got to make this beauty that was inspired by this floral crown cake we made. It had so many things we absolutely love… lots of sugar flowers, subtle texture (those hand-piped pearls) and one amazing colour palette too (soft dusky pastels with shimmering silver and clean white)! Plus it really reminds us of the beautiful floral embellishments that run through the current Ralph & Russo collection.

Peony and rose wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Pearl Studded Peony and Rose Wedding Cake!

The base of the cake was surrounded with a crown of sugar flowers (all of which we create ourselves) including our signature open peonies, silver brunia berries, rounded eucalyptus leaves, large bloom white roses, cupped ranunculus flowers and silver dusted fern leaves! Adding florals around the base of a cake helps give an illusion of weightlessness which we love as cake (especially wedding tiers) is always heavy. Our studio space sure looked like a florist had gone crazy once every flower was done and ready to put in place.

For the inquisitive readers out there here’s a quick guide to how we ‘built’ the cake / floral crown. Building the floral ‘separator’ involved stacking the tiers on top of a sturdy polystyrene cake dummy that sits at around 2 inches high and up to 2 inches smaller in circumference than the bottom tier of cake. Once everything is secured in place with dowel rods etc it’s time for the magic to begin! For this design the larger flowers were nestled in at intervals in a repeat ‘pattern’ before lots of the lovely fillers (berries, buds, leaves, smaller blooms) are then added. It’s illegal and just plain unsafe to insert florist wires and florist tape into a cake (due to possible nickel content of the wire and also the latex in floristry tape that some people can find themselves allergic to) so everything needs to be pushed carefully into the cake dummy / separator using decorator’s pliers.

Sugar peony flowers by Juniper Cakery

Sugar peony and rose wedding cake design by Juniper Cakery

The pretty florals and foliage on this cake also isn’t just there to look nice! The large bloom white roses represent the bride’s Yorkshire roots whilst the delicate silver dusted fern leaves peeking from underneath (and behind) the florals is the national symbol of New Zealand where the groom hails from. We love when cakes involve personal touches such as these as every wedding cake should be utterly unique for and to every couple! Plus, being nerds, we always love to try out new floral arrangements and ideas.

We also started counting every single bud, berry, pistil, leaf and petal (both wired and non-wired) out of curiosity (and did we mention that we’re nerds right?). We, unfortunately, lost count at around the 550 mark, but we estimate the final count to be at around the 620 mark. There were lots of wired elements in the floral work of this cake too which is great when it comes to re-arranging elements. Sometimes you need certain petals to fan outwards or even cup the stamens or pistils more. Also, when it comes to wiring flowers you always end up with a sort of ‘fluffiness’ to the look of them.

Peony and rose wedding cake with pearls by Juniper Cakery

Underneath those crisp white fondant iced tiers are… a Madagascan Vanilla flavour filled with our whipped and super silky Madagascan vanilla bean infused buttercream, Sicilian Lemon with our lemon curd and Sicilian lemon oil flavoured buttercream, and our ever popular Raspberry Chambord flavour with fruity Chambord liqueur infused preserve and pink raspberry buttercream!

Pretty peony and rose wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Gorgeous pink peony and rose wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

The entire cake was then finished with lots and lots of hand-piped royal icing pearls that then scattered more sparsely towards the bottom of the cake. Once these were dry they were then painted individually with pearlescent edible paint that we mix up to add a little shimmer. We’re huge fans of texture being added to designs from piped pearls to fondant frills so this was a great way to make the white tiers stand out a little more.

We know we say this about every cake we finish, but this one was particularly hard to see go. Once we’d finished the entire design we admit that we had to keep peeking in at it sat there in it’s box ready to leave us. It was just too pretty! Off it went to the beautiful Wrea Head Hall for one rather glamorous wedding! Congratulations Jen and Harry!

14th July 2016 // 3 Comments

Modern Pearl Embellished Wedding Cake!

Modern pearl studded wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Recently we created this stunning four tiered wedding cake that was positively dripping with shimmering edible sugar pearls. Heavily embellishing the base of each tier and carefully ‘scattering’ towards the top; each pearl was added individually and consisted of a glimmering ivory and a subtle lilac shade. It’s the perfect cake for a more modern styled wedding!

Lilac and ivory pearl embellished wedding cake!

Pearl studded wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

We used two different sized pearls arranged in both dense clusters along the base and more sporadically spaced smaller pearls towards the top of each tier to create a more luxurious look. First we ‘mapped’ out the larger white sugar pearls along the bottom of each tier and slightly up halfway. Then the smaller white lustre pearls were attached in amidst the larger ones as well as being dotted up more towards the top of the tiers. We then filled in with both the lilac large and small pearls. Of course, things are never that straight forward so we added more pearls where they were needed. Don’t scrimp on the pearls if you’re attempting this design or it just won’t look as full and luxurious!

Pearl embellished wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

We love that this pearl embellished wedding cake can even be scaled down in size and colour for a pretty Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed party or engagement cake too. Swap the lilac for white or even cream and add a cute Tiffany’s bag or box on top for a little decor.

The simplicity of the sugar pearls studded along the cake also lends well to bold sugar flowers, gold leaf smothered tiers or stunning gravity-defying fondant bows! Why not even opt for white on white pearls paired with quirky bold florals and gold accents?

Modern pearl wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Underneath the sleek white fondant and shimmering pearls were our Belgian Chocolate cake (soft Belgian milk chocolate cake filled with silky Belgian couverture milk chocolate buttercream and smothered with Belgian dark chocolate buttercream), Madagascan vanilla (Light and fluffy Madagascan vanilla cake with Fortnum & Mason Madagascan Vanilla pod infused buttercream), and our popular Snickers flavour (Belgian chocolate cake filled with our own salted caramel sauce studded with pops of Fortnum & Mason Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, whipped peanut butter buttercream and Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate with peanut butter ganache smoothed around the outer edges).

Lilac and pearl wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Pearl wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

A simple edible pearl embellished wedding cake is a great idea if you’re not one for blossoms and blooms or if you haven’t finalised your flower arrangement with your florist. If you also haven’t decided on your wedding colour palette then a chic white on white pearl embellished cake is still going to steal the show at the reception! If you figure out your flowers and colour scheme later on then why not just dress the table around the cake with them? A pearl studded design is also perfect for fun personalised cake toppers too. We LOVE the gold on-trend cake picks and table numbers from BetterOffWed.

Ivory and lavender pearl embellished wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Looking at those pretty sugar pearls close-up it’s easy to see why adding texture onto a cake is a great way to add subtle drama as well as make tiers look impressive! The same idea applies to a plain white cake with crisp white fondant ruffles or even sweet brushed embroidery lace work piped around every tier.

8th July 2016 // 0 Comments

Marchesa-Inspired Lace and Gold Sequin Wedding Cake!

Marchesa inspired wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Here’s a sweet and petite cake we created for a shoot! The theme was ‘City Chic’ which incorporated lots of jewelled detailing, high-fashion textures and a romantic colour story! We absolutely loved the brief which called for golds and blush pinks, on-trend embellishment ideas and slight historic detailing.

Marchesa lace inspired wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Marchesa-Inspired Lace and Gold Sequin Wedding Cake!

We created a larger cake for the shoot as well as cupcakes, but alongside we designed this two tiered beauty. Inspired by the definite nod towards fashion in the brief and mood board we decided to include hand-piped brush embroidery to mimic the feel of Marchesa‘s stunning lace work. This was then accented with edible sugar pearl beading adding to the scallop ‘trim’ and lace-like leaves that appear in the intricate repeat pattern. We also added a little more depth to the piping with a hand-painted lustre to select sections.

Marchesa brush embroidery lace inspired wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Lace and gold sequin wedding cake with Wildeve David Austen rose by Juniper Cakery

Brush embroidery lace detail on wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Choosing which florals to adorn the top of the cake took a little testing, however, we knew we wanted to keep this design simple when it came to blooms. Some of our initial ideas included a cherry blossom branch, oversized coral pink sugar rose and even our signature open peony in marbled pinks. In the end we settled on a slightly stylised version of the David Austin Wildeve rose which has a romantic ruffled centre surrounded with thin and delicate soft pink petals. Instead of cupping the petals in as much we wanted the outer wired petals to spread outwards and be more open which helped make the bloom much larger!

We kept the arrangement simple, but a little more ‘us’ (we like florals, berries and natural elements) by adding in pale white and ice pink berries with soft green rose leaves. When it comes to sugar flowers and adding decorative elements to a cake it’s really important for us to get a good balance. It’s one of the most important things we keep in mind when designing cakes and arranging sugar flowers. You can have lots of interesting details going on, but some things need to be toned down a little in terms of size, colour or even placement. This little cake with it’s golden sequins and delicate lace work still needed the finishing height of a single flower, but it needed an bit of “oomph” too.

Pretty lace and gold sequin wedding cake by Juniper Cakery


For the bottom tier gold sequins seemed like the obvious choice! They add instant glamour, texture and fun to a cake. A lot of work had already been added to the top of the cake so it seemed like overloading the design with even more detail. Instead opting for a texture than an out and out print or pattern helped keep the cake balanced but luxurious!

Hand piped lace detail on wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Here’s a little close up of the piped lace work on the top tier. We began by measuring the circumference and mapping out each point of the scalloped edge before hand-piping it and using the brush embroidery method to add texture. After this the rest of the lace pattern was then planned, piped and then finished with edible sugar pearl beading and delicate fondant blossoms.

gold sequin and lace petite wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

It sure was sad to see this gorgeous cake leave us, but it will be gracing the pages of Ultimate Wedding Magazine soon! In the meantime you can have a peek at the feature via their blog.