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‘Tutorial Tuesday:’ How to make a basic sugarpaste penguin

How to make a sugarpaste penguin

How to make a sugarpaste penguin

This week’s festive tutorial shows you how to create your own little sugarpaste penguin which you can personalise for holiday cakes and cupcakes. This tutorial is quick, simple and will add a fun element to your Christmas treats!

What you will need:

Black sugarpaste icing by Renshaw
Orange sugarpaste icing (we used Golden Yellow colour paste by Wilton to colour white modelling paste)
White modelling paste
Edible glue by Squires Kitchen
Fondant rolling pin by PME
Wilton 1A piping tip
Black colouring by Wilton
Blade tool by PME

How to make a sugarpaste penguin

Step one: Take some ready to roll black icing by Renshaw (the amount depends upon what size penguin you require) and mold it into an ‘egg’ as seen above.

How to make a sugarpaste penguin

Step two: Roll out a small amount of your white sugarpaste icing and using the 1A tip by Wilton cut out two small, round eyes for your penguin. One by one place the eyes on to your penguin’s face using the paintbrush and edible glue by Squires Kitchen.

How to make a sugarpaste penguin

Step three: Take your paintbrush and dip the end into your pot of black colouring by Wilton and carefully touch each of your penguin’s eyes to create pupils. Sit your penguin aside and allow it to dry as you create the beak and feet.

Step four: Using the orange sugarpaste roll out three small balls. Take one of the balls and mold it so it becomes flat in shape with a slightly tapered end. Now you have a beak for your penguin! Simply repeat this twice more, however, this time ensuring you get a slightly rounder shape; now your penguin has feet! Using the edible glue secure the penguin’s beak and feet in place.

How to make a sugarpaste penguin

Step five: Using the fondant rolling pin by PME roll out a small amount of the white sugarpaste icing. With the blade tool by PME simply cut an oval out of the rolled icing. Paint your penguin’s stomach with the edible glue by Squires Kitchen and gently smooth the white icing in place. Now you have your own basic sugarpaste penguin!

To personalise and add extra character to your little penguin why not experiement with coloured sugarpaste to create bobble hats, scarves, and ear muffs! You can even play with this basic tutorial and make open beaks or expressions to make your penguins even more fun!

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  • Reply coral collett 27th November 2015 at 11:24 am

    This is just what im looking for, the penguins are so cute and im going to make some and decorate my daughters cake with them.

    Thanks A Bunch

    • Reply Juniper Cakery 15th December 2015 at 12:48 pm

      Hi there Coral,

      Thanks! We’re happy you like them. Penguins are wonderfully cute cake characters at this time of year. We hope you have fun with them!

      Many thanks!

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