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Top 10 Christmas Baking Essentials for the Party Season!

Our top 10 Christmas baking essential

Get ready for the festivities and bake-up some tempting treats with our top 10 Christmas baking essentials and ideas for the party season! It’s easy to get snowed under (pun intended) in the run up to December 25th. There’s sooo much to prepare, make, decorate and organise. Whipping up a frenzy of gorgeous treats is a must, but there’s always fantastic ways to impress guests with a few great tools or decoration ideas. The trick is to keep it simple yet stylish! Check out our round-up of baking essentials that should be on everyone’s Christmas shopping list!

Our top 10 Christmas baking essentials for the party season!

01: Festive cupcake & cake picks!

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make a cake or cupcake fit a theme is to break out the decorative picks! These fabulous gold star picks are perfect for Christmas parties. Plus, they’re even great for glam New Year’s Eve get-togethers. All you need to do after baking up your cake or cupcakes is smother on some tasty buttercream and add the picks!

Gold star cupcake picks by Ginger Ray

02: Gorgeous cake stand!

A beautiful cake stand is perfect for any festive sweet (or sweets) from a home baked cake to fresh cream filled scones! We absolutely love this crisp white stand that features a pretty lace detail around the edge. Pile on the sweets and add sparklers and a Christmas cake pick on top for a quick yet impressive centrepiece.

White lace cake stand by Pavoni

03: Spatula!

Having a selection of themed or colour coded spatulas is something insanely nerdy that we love. On top of that did you know that you can get more spoon-like spatulas? They’re ideal for adding ingredients bit by bit, scooping buttercream or macaron mixture or even scraping down mixing bowls.

Pink spoon spatula by Lakeland

04: Edible confetti and sprinkles!

Add a bit of instant sparkle and festiveness to cakes, cookies and cupcakes with something simple like edible confetti or sprinkles. Seriously, the hard work is already done. All you need to do is sprinkle and you’re all done! These edible confetti stars are perfect for homemade bakes AND they’re a little quirkier than the usual sugar sprinkles.

Edible white star confetti by Edible by Design

05: Bundt pans!

We love bundt pans! They come in such amazing shapes and designs. They’re also perfect for any home baker who isn’t too confident with decorating cakes. Just bake, leave to cool and remove! Dust with icing sugar or whip up a delicious glaze for a lovely Christmas-y look and feel. Voila!

Mini bundt cake pan by Nordic Ware

06: Snowflakes galore!

Top cakes, cookies and cupcakes with beautifully detailed fondant / sugar paste snowflakes! This mould can create some amazingly intricate designs. Just dust with icing sugar or cornstarch, press your fondant / sugar paste into the design you like, carefully cut away any excess, freeze (this makes it easier to release shapes from moulds), and gently push the snowflake out. Give simple white royal iced circle cookies a bit of wow-factor by attaching edible snowflakes on top and painting with a white pearl edible paint!

Snowflake mould by Katy Sue Designs

07: Fun baking cups and cases!

We like these more unusual shape baking cases because the random dot pattern can also be interpreted as winter snowfall. Bake vanilla cakes in these, core and fill with marshmallow cream and swirl with white buttercream before adding snowflake sprinkles on top. You can even finish with icing sugar dusted white chocolate truffles as cute (and delicious) snowballs!

Pink and white dot baking cups by Culpitt

08: Kitchen scales!

Definitely a kitchen essential! Don’t get caught out this festive season without this must-have tool. These white scales have that cute vintage / retro look to them, but they’re ridiculously easy to use, clean and store away. We actually have these scales in different colours too!

White kitchen scales

09: On-trend measuring spoons!

How gorgeous and stylish are these measuring spoons?! OK we probably never thought that we’d say that about a set of (usually) humble measuring spoons, but create them in fashionable copper and you’ve got us. They’re a much needed item in the kitchen. Perfect for both sweet and savoury recipes, measuring extracts out and even to help you not go too overboard on the ground ginger too.

Copper measuring spoons by KitchenCraft

10: Candy cane time!

What is Christmas baking without a few candy canes dotted around here and there… or everywhere? Press traditional or fun coloured candy canes onto the sides of drip cakes, nestle onto cupcakes or crush and bake into sugar cookies for some instant festive sweets!

Pink candy cane

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