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Christmas Baking Essentials

Christmas baking essentials by Juniper Cakery

Time for some Christmas baking tool recommendations. We always try make the products on these posts easy and accessible for everyone to use. This time we’ve really thought about making things pain free for all. Especially after the year this has been. Whipping up sweet treats should always be enjoyable. So with that in mind have a look at some of the essentials and ideas we’ve gathered!

Christmas baking essentials

Good quality mixing bowl

This is possibly not the most exciting item on the list, but it’s definitely a Christmas baking essential. We also picked a lovely light pink (we have the grey) version which will brighten up any kitchen. The bowls by Mason Cash are sturdy, huge and they always have amazing designs too.

Star cookie cutters

These star cookie cutters by Wilton are some our favourites. This set also comes with multiple sizes. Perfect for tiny stars to add to cupcakes or huge stars full of decoration! They’re also pretty useful when Christmas isn’t around. We use these cutters to cut fondant stars for unicorn cakes, princess cupcakes or graduation cookies.

Fun snowflake impression rolling pin

Decorating Christmas cookies is going to be insanely easy with this rolling pin. If you’re a beginner or you just don’t like royal icing there’s no need for plain biscuits! Roll out your cookies as normal then before cutting shapes give it a quick roll with this pin. A pretty snowflake pattern should be left in your dough. Perfect for instantly impressive treats.

Mini bundt baking pan

Bundt pans are perfect for anyone in a rush or not experienced with cake. They come in some incredible show-stopping styles! Just grease up the pan then pour your go-to batter in and bake. Wouldn’t these make the prettiest little favours at your festive dinner? You can also bag them up. Add a seasonal bow and nestle into stockings.

Festive silicone mould

We love this mould! It’s festive but it’s also modern in design. You can add melted chocolate into each and leave to set for cute chocolate treats. Bag them up as gifts or add them on top of fresh iced cupcakes. You can even experiment and make holiday gummy sweets with this mould too.

Candy canes

Candy canes are fabulously versatile! Though, It may seem like we added these on there as a mid-baking snack. You can add them on top of cupcakes. Lay onto peppermint brownies before baking. Crush them and add them to cookie dough. They’re also great for making quick hot chocolate dippers (dip the end in melted chocolate and push into a giant marshmallow… voila!).

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