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Tutorial: Sequin Christmas Stocking Cookies!

Sequin Christmas stocking cookies tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Here’s a cute tutorial on decorating Christmas cookies with royal icing! There are these Christmas stockings that seem to exist in our heads and we’ve searched for them for two years now to no avail. It’s one of those moments where you think you’ve spotted them somewhere, but then you’re not sure if you completely made them up. These dream stockings would be utterly perfect for our office. We’d stuff them full of pink, white and gold (our brand colours of course) treats and wrapped gifts. Then nestle them on our shared desk like pair of Christmas obsessed workaholics. On top of this magical stocking is then a cuff of soft white fake fur. Simple really. Anyway, we settled for the next best thing this year. Our dream Christmas stockings… as cookies. Plus we even put together a cool tutorial on how to create them!

Christmas stocking cookie tutorial for the festive season

Decorating cookies with royal icing!

Materials and tools needed…

Christmas stocking cookie tutorial

01: One of the first steps is to dust off any excess flour from your cookies. This is usually left behind from rolling out your cookie dough on a floured surface just before you cut, chill and bake them. Any left over flour on the surface of your cookies makes them harder to ice. If left when you go to pipe your royal icing it won’t stick or ‘anchor to the cookie’.

Festive Christmas stocking cookie tutorial

02: Now with your 15 second royal icing (we used a mustard / ochre tinted icing so that is would be a lot easier for everyone to actually see this process in the photographs) pipe an outline around the main body of your stocking cookie. Don’t include the cuff area at the top.


Always work one cookie at a time. If you outline all your cookies at once and then go to flood them you’ll be left with a visible outline that because it crusted over and began to dry won’t merge in with the flooded icing.

How to decorate Festive Christmas stocking cookies

Christmas stocking cookies tutorial!

03: Now with the same 15 second consistency royal icing flood inside the outline. All you need to do is pipe your royal icing within the piped outline from step 02. To even and move around your icing use a cocktail stick in small circular motions.

04: Use your cocktail stick to pop any pesky little air bubbles that appear in your icing. These can also look like small dark ‘shadowy’ dots if they’re underneath the surface. Just use the pointed end of your cocktail stick to pop those too.

Sequin Christmas stocking cookie tutorial

05: Now take your confetti sprinkles and layer on top of your royal iced stocking. You can even use star shaped sprinkles too if you have them. We work with two sizes (6mm and 4mm) of white sugar confetti sprinkles for our sequins. White is harder to find, but rainbow should work just as fine. Once added put your cookies aside to set.

How to create Christmas stocking cookies

Festive stocking cookie tutorial

06: Once they’ve set you can paint the decorated part of your cookie gold. It’s important to wait until your royal icing is fully dry as you’ll end up with a bit of a mess if you try to paint onto wet royal icing.

Golden sequin Christmas stocking cookie tutorial

Gold Christmas stocking cookie tutorial

07: With your stiffer consistency royal icing pipe some messy blobs on the cuff section of your stoking cookie.

Step by step tutorial for sequin Christmas cookies tutorial

08: Add a furry texture to this section of royal icing using a cocktail stick to drag parts of the stiffer royal icing outwards. Once done leave to set. This could take anywhere from around 1-10 hours depending on the humidity of where you live. Sugar is hygroscopic which means it soaks in moisture from the atmosphere around it making it soften. The dryer the environment the better!

Stylish Christmas stocking sugar cookie tutorial

Yay! You should now have some gorgeously stylish Christmas cookies once you’ve decorated your way through an entire batch! Give your Christmas stocking cookies a little twist by using cute star sprinkles instead, try snowflakes and paint them silver or add royal icing holly berries and leaves to adorn the tops of them.

Gold sequin Christmas stocking cookies tutorial by Juniper Cakery




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