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Hoppy Easter Cake Decorating: How To Make a Simple Yet Sweet Bunny Rabbit!

Yes, it’s that time again and with spring paving the way for all the wonderful pastel Easter festivities it’s time for us to unveil the very first of our Easter cake decorating tutorials; how to make a simple yet sweet bunny rabbit! This adorable edible bunny would be the perfect finish to any delicious cake or cupcake so read on for our step-by-step guide!

How to create a cute and easy fondant bunny…

How to make a cute and simple fondant bunny by Juniper Cakery

Step-by-step tutorial for a fondant rabbit by Juniper Cakery

Materials needed:

How to assemble and make an edible bunny cupcake topper by Juniper Cakery

Step 1:
Take a small ball of fondant around the size of a standard marble and roll into a ball before tapering slightly into a rounded teardrop shape.

Step by step tutorial for a fondant bunny by Juniper Cakery

Step 2:
Paint a broken spaghetti stick around 1cm longer than the body you created in step 1 with edible glue. Insert into the centre of the fondant bunny’s body. Above is a photo of the fondant or gum paste ball before and then with the spaghetti stick inserted.

Make a sweet gum paste rabbit with this tutorial from Juniper Cakery

Step 3:
Roll a larger ball of fondant approximately the size of a golf ball. 

Learn how to make a gum paste bunny rabbit with this tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Step 4:
Add edible glue to the exposed half of the spaghetti stick and attach the larger ball of fondant on top. This will be the head of your rabbit.

Create a cute sugarpaste bunny for Easter bakes with this tutorial from Juniper Cakery

Step 5:
Create two tiny balls of fondant and attach midway up the head to create the muzzle. 

Easy tutorial for  bunny rabbit cupcake topper from Juniper Cakery

Edible gum paste rabbit tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Step 6:
Using a small ball tool indent two eye sockets and attach your black fondant balls into these with a dab of edible glue.

How to make a lovely Easter bunny rabbit

Step 7:
Add a tiny pink button nose with a small triangular shaped piece of pink fondant and some edible glue.

For Easter try this sweet tutorial for an edible bunny from Juniper Cakery

Step 8: 
Add detail to the muzzle with a scriber tool or even the pointed end of a cocktail stick!
Fondant or gum paste rabbit tutorial from Juniper Cakery

Step 9:
To add ears roll out two equal sized balls of fondant around the size of a small to medium bean before rolling lengthways to form long rounded teardrop shapes. 

How to make a bunny for cakes and cupcakes by Juniper Cakery

Step 10:
Insert two lengths of spaghetti sticks where you’d like the ears to sit. Make sure that each is the same length as the fondant ears. Paint these with a little edible glue.

Fondant bunny rabbit tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Step 11:
Carefully push each fondant ear onto the spaghetti and flatten slightly.

Adorable edible rabbit tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Step 12:
To create a cute bunny-like stance attach two small balls of fondant underneath it’s head. These will be adorable little paws perched just under the bunny’s face!

Made super cute bunny rabbits for Easter cakes with this tutorial from Juniper Cakery

Step 13:
Add some flushed cheeks to your bunny with some edible petal dust.

Adorable fondant bunny cupcake by Juniper Cakery

Create a cute gum paste edible Easter bunny with this tutorial from Juniper Cakery

If you’ve followed our tutorial step by step then you should now be faced with one wonderfully sweet little bunny ready to nestle into a freshly buttercream cupcake or attach on top of an iced cake; ready just in time for a fun Easter party!


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  • Reply butterflyflutterby 26th March 2015 at 8:37 am

    love this your girls manage to make all your work so stunning exquisite and effortless. i shall be making these for easter and my grandkids

    • Reply Juniper Cakery 17th April 2015 at 10:27 am

      Thank you! If you did make some we’d love to see them

  • Reply Regina 28th March 2015 at 7:45 pm

    Simple gorgeous!

    • Reply Juniper Cakery 17th April 2015 at 10:26 am

      Thank you, Regina, did you make a bunny of your own using our tutorial? We’d love to see it if so.

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  • Reply Jennifer 1st April 2017 at 1:49 am

    Love this tutorial!! My daughter and I made these last year for an Easter Edibles entry on BYC. They came out wonderful!

    • Reply Juniper Cakery 21st April 2017 at 7:55 am

      Hi Jennifer!
      Thanks for your comment. Yay! We’re happy you enjoyed them!

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