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Friday Favourites: Pink Lemonade Macarons, Gold & More!

Friday Favourites from Juniper Cakery

We thought we’d bring a little extra fun and frivolity to our blog (seriously though, it’s full of cake and macarons so it really couldn’t get more fun right?) and start charting our top Friday favourites! These carefree blog posts will consist of all the best bits, current obsessions and sweet treats of our working week.

Easy vanilla marshmallow recipe by Juniper Cakery

01: Homemade marshmallows!

Someone on Instagram commented on this snap of ours saying that once you have a homemade marshmallow you’ll never go back. It’s so true! They are a trillion times softer, fluffier and tastier. Why did it take us so long to try these babies out? Oh yes… work. Why not give our recipe for homemade vanilla marshmallows a whirl?

Pink Lemonade macarons by Juniper Cakery

02: Our pink lemonade macarons

These macarons with a fizzy mix of lemonade and raspberry with a tint of pink are tantalising our taste buds right now. After all the turkey dinners and brandy cream from holiday meals a fresh and fruity tang sure is welcome! By the way those super cute retro style straws are here or here. They’re adorable and perfect in fizzy juices or ice cream sundaes.

Friday favourites - inspiring pencils

03: Inspiring quotes

Krystle scored these fabulous white and gold pencils in her Christmas stocking last month. They’re from DottieRocks. When the work day starts and we have to constantly sketch, take notes and scribble things in our agendas the sweet uplifting quote printed on the side helps keep us motivated. Remember, the world is your oyster!

Friday Favourites - Gold foil anything and everything!

04: Gold foil anything & everything

Be prepared to spot (pun intended) this gold foil dotted tissue paper in a few shoots. It’s perfect! Gold. Check. Dots. Check. Clean and white. Check. Felicity’s birthday gifts were all wrapped up in this delightfully chic paper from Marks & Spencer. Being the nerd that she is she obviously filed it away into our props cupboard for future snaps.

Friday Favourites - Stylish 2016 agendas

05: Stylish agendas

We were super work nerds this Christmas so of course we bought each other some damn stylish agendas to prepare for a jam-packed 2016. On the left above is a beautiful floral and gold foil design by the wonderful Rifle Paper Co. (purchased from North light Home Store) whilst on the left is a Kate Spade cream and gold polka dot agenda (we mentioned how much we loved gold foil right?).

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