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Halloween Tutorial: Easy Peasy Monster Cookies!

Easy monster cookies tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Whilst it’s always fun to have a bigger and more time consuming project on the go for the holiday season sometimes a quick tutorial is all you need for some instantly fun sweets! This is where our easy peasy monster cookies tutorial comes in. Seriously, all you need are circle cookies and some royal icing. In fact you can make this even more ridiculously simple and decorate with fondant and pre-made candy eyes by Wilton instead. Check out our step-by-step guide below for some sugar cookies that are scarily simple to make!

How to make easy monster cookies

Easy peasy monster cookies tutorial!

Royal icing consistencies explained…

15 second royal icing – This kind of icing has a good fluidity to it, but it’s still nice and stable. It’s perfect for piping outlines AND flooding which cuts down on icing time, materials and mess. All you need to do is to test your royal icing and adjust it. When you drag a butter knife through a bowl of royal icing it should take just 15 seconds for the icing to pool back together. If it’s taking too long add a few drops of water at a time, mix in and test. To quick? Add a teaspoon of sifted icing sugar, mix and test.

Piping consistency royal icing – Piping consistency is a little stiffer than 15 second. We aim for a consistency close to that of toothpaste. It’s also a great consistency for any 3d type detail work… just like the whites of the eyes on these cool cookies! This kind of icing shouldn’t pool or spread. It should hold it’s shape well. If it’s too stiff add a couple drops of water, mix together and test it. Too sloppy… then add a teaspoon of sifted icing sugar, mix and test.

Materials and tools needed…

How to make easy Halloween sugar cookies

01: Fit a disposable bag with some bright coloured royal icing and pipe an outline around the perimeter of your circle cookie. Remember to work one cookie at a time.

How to make easy sugar cookies for Halloween

02: As soon as you’ve piped the outline with the same bag, tip and icing flood in the centre of your cookie.

03: Now use a cocktail stick in circular motions to ease any royal icing out to the outline. You’ll also need to get a good even level of royal icing so moving it around with your cocktail stick will help this happen.


You can also get pesky air-bubbles appearing as your work. To get rid of these just use your cocktail stick to burst them. They can be obvious bubbles on top of your icing or they can appear as small dark circular shadows in or underneath the icing.

How to make monster cookies for Halloween

04: Leave your iced sugar cookies to set for a little bit If you pipe your eyeballs onto the still wet icing you will get a bit of a molten looking mess. By piping onto icing that has already set a bit you’ll get a great 3D effect!

05: Take your stiffer white royal icing and pipe small-medium sized rounds all over the surface of your iced cookie. You can add as many eyes as you like too.


If your white stiff icing forms a bit of a peak at the tips you can flatten or smooth these over with a lightly dampened paint brush. Always use paint brushes, however, that are only ever used on food items.

06: Finally add black sugar pearls to the whites of your monster cookies whilst the white royal icing is still wet to finish each eyeball!

Easy monster cookie tutorial


You can pipe little black dots of stiff royal icing instead, but utilising things such as sprinkles of edible pearls are a great and quick way to add detail. We use them all the time. If you want to add cute rosy cheeks (wow that’d make one terrifying monster right?) to your cookies you can even add 2 large pink confetti sprinkles.

Monster cookies tutorial for Halloween

Simple monster cookies tutorial for Halloween parties

One of the things we love about these cookies is that they are amazing to customise! Add rainbow confetti sprinkles to make monstrous dots on it’s skin, pipe a curved line of upside down royal icing teardrops for a gruesome grin, or attach jelly candy fangs on top for a devilish smile!

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