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The Happy Egg Co. Cake – After Dinner Mint

The festive season is just around the corner and of course we are incredibly excited! We love everything about this time of year; woolly jumpers, blustery weather, houses adorned with tinkling lights and the abundance of fantastic flavours on offer! With all this in mind an obvious flavour choice for our next cake with The Happy Egg Co. jumped out at us; after dinner mint! The luxurious combination of dark chocolate and smooth mint cream is a seasonal classic around the Christmas dinner table, and one to share with family and friends while watching winter TV specials! We loved the idea of a decadent cake incorporating the fresh sweet taste of peppermint and the bitter creaminess of dark chocolate. Why not finish a festive dinner with an after dinner mint cake instead? We certainly will; we’re salivating at the thought!



Another thing we adore about combining peppermint with dark cocoa is the vibrancy of natural greens contrasted perfectly next to warm browns and crisp grey whites. They do say that you eat with your eyes first so festive greens and natural browns will help tempt everyone!



You don’t even have to wait until after your evening meal to enjoy such a cake flavour. It’s winter in less than a month so why not indulge and warm up your tummy with a generous slice and a piping hot mug of peppermint hot cocoa! Excited? Watch this space for our truly tempting and taste bud tingling recipe!

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