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Hot Chocolate Bombes by Juniper Cakery

Let’s talk about these beauties! Hot Chocolate Bombes! These are everywhere right now so we thought that for the chilly season we’d create our own fun versions. We wanted these to be both glam yet festive. Crafted using the finest Belgian and Swiss chocolate they pack a little bit of luxury in every mug. Read on to find out about each different flavour! Or you could just head over to our online store and get yours now!

Hot Chocolate Bombes!

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Bombes by Juniper Cakery

Dark Chocolate Candy Cane!

First, here’s a look at our Dark Chocolate Candy Cane flavour. It is 70.5% dark Belgian chocolate spheres stuffed with crushed peppermint candy cane, gelatine free mini marshmallows and luxury hot cocoa mix! The bombe is drizzled with even more dark chocolate and finished with crushed candy cane pieces. It’s the perfect winter-y treat for the darker and colder nights. Why not snuggle up under a huge blanket with Christmas movies and one of these hot chocolate bombes!

Ruby hot chocolate bombe by Juniper Cakery

Ruby and Milk Chocolate!

We absolutely LOVE working with the new Ruby chocolate. It is the prettiest pink colour… and it’s naturally that colour too. It has a subtle berry taste to it which works so well with festive treats. We hadn’t spotted a Ruby pink chocolate bombe when researching and product testing. So here it is! Luxury milk hot chocolate mix and gelatine free mini marshmallows fill this bomb. To decorate those gorgeous pink spheres we added glittery lustre streaks, a drizzle of more Ruby chocolate and tiny snowflakes sprinkles.

Our set of Hot Chocolate Bombes is also perfect for gifting to multiple friends. Individually bagged and tied with our pink branded ribbon these bombes are ideal for Secret Santa gifts or as cute stocking fillers don’t you think?

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Bombe by Juniper Cakery

Salted Caramel!

We created this bombe flavour using the most indulgent caramel white chocolate. It’s also the perfect golden colour for the holiday season. Luxury milk chocolate mix with gelatine free marshmallows and tiny golden star sprinkles fill this bomb. We also decorated the caramel coloured spheres with a lustre splatter, caramel chocolate drizzle and more of those glittering edible stars.

Hot Cocoa Bombe by Juniper Cakery

White Chocolate Gingerbread!

Finally, our white chocolate gingerbread hot chocolate bombe is such a treat! Gelatine free mini marshmallows, gingerbread spice and luxury hot chocolate mix fill this holiday bombe. It’s perfect for for a weekend decorating the house. A pearl lustre, white Belgian chocolate drizzle and gingerbread sprinkles finish each bombe.

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