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Our Reindeer Cake Pops Tutorial via Craftsy!

How to make reindeer cake pops for Christmas

Christmas isn’t complete without a novelty bake… or several (to create AND eat)! That’s why we absolutely love these festive little cuties with their sweet red button noses. Don’t get us started on those fuzzy pipe cleaner antlers… We created these reindeer cake pops as a tutorial exclusively for Craftsy.com so head over to their blog for our step-by-step guide. You can also easily customise this tutorial. Swap colours around to match your own decorations, add cute name tags to the sticks? Or why not half dip in sprinkles for a different look.

Reindeer cake pops perfect for Christmas!

Easy tutorial for reindeer cake pops

If you’ve made cake pops before making these should be a breeze! If you’re new to making cake pops they really shouldn’t be that hard so long as you follow the instructions and have fun! Making the actual pop is the hardest part. If you want to put together a decorating table as a fun Christmas activity why not pre-make them for everyone to decorate? Of course, if you need to have one as a snack or two (those blood sugars can get awfully low when busy) we won’t tell!

These would look utterly perfect on your festive table with even more sweet treats and candy.

Tutorial for Christmas reindeer cake pops by Juniper Cakery

If you’re stuck for more season dessert ideas to make then you should really read the Craftsy blog! It’s crammed full of festive ideas, jolly tutorials and winter-warming recipes!

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