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Red and Gold Peony and Wisteria Wedding Cake!

Red, gold and white Indian wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Here’s a gorgeously dramatic wedding cake we created recently. It had more than enough 24 gold painted elements on it to make us happy (seriously, painting things gold is addictive)! With a glamorous red, white and glistening gold colour palette this towering beauty was adorned with some striking sugar flowers, golden lace work and a hint of edible sequins.

Peony and wisteria wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Adding a little bit of extra drama and height is a gorgeously luxurious ring of bold red sugar roses. We built the cake on a shallow separator iced in deep red fondant and then surrounded it with 20 of our large red roses created entirely by hand. Approximately 400 rose petals were cut, thinned, veined, wired and ruffled in total. Phew. It makes us tired just thinking about it.

White, Red and Gold Peony and Wisteria Wedding Cake by Juniper Cakery

There was a bit of a wisteria theme that ended up running through the design. Wisteria is utterly perfect for sugar flower arrangements as they spread out to fill in any unsightly gaps as well as cascade elegantly downwards. Arranging sugar flowers can be pretty tricky business as they’re definitely not soft and durable like real florals or even silk blooms. Sugar flowers set hard and they’re also ridiculously delicate so it’s not unusual for us to constantly hold our breath when working with them. Seriously, when it comes to adding the florals we’re usually hovering around the cake talking in whispers and gently holding boxes of sugar flowers.

Beautiful Peony and Wisteria Wedding Cake by Juniper Cakery

The top tier featured our popular 24k gold edible sequins which are each hand painted. On top of the pretty sequins we individually inserted and arranged lots of sugar flowers from our signature open peony with golden centres, small gilded blossoms, golden leaves and draped white wisteria blooms!

Gold Lace Peony and Wisteria Wedding Cake by Juniper Cakery

The middle of the cake was wrapped with golden lace in an also wisteria-like design that also featured jewel-like motifs. The edible gold lace didn’t exactly match our 24k gold and instead was a little too brassy so we ended up painting over it with our normal edible gold mix. It was a brilliant material to work with, but we would suggest making sure that you can make any metallics you’re working with match. Gold can vary quite a bit from copper tones, yellow-like sheens to more green tinted golds so always check and plan on how you’re going to make elements similar if not exact. Imagine how annoying it’s going to be to finish a design only to find that you just can’t stop staring at those clashing colours! Not good.

Red Peony and Wisteria Wedding Cake by Juniper Cakery

This was one definite show-stopper of a cake. With a rose crowned separator at the base and a floral arrangement with 5 inch wide sugar peonies we loved how this design reached a little higher than most 4 tiers!

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