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24th November 2014 // 1 Comments

Vintage Tea and Macarons Cake with Cheeky Rabbit!

Amidst the flurry of sparkling Christmas treats, designs and decor we created this adorable tea and macarons cake featured a tea drenched fondant rabbit peering out over an edible teacup and saucer! This pastel hued cake is the perfect addition to a fun afternoon tea themed party with it’s bright fondant macarons, shimmering fondant pearl necklaces and gold painted tea paraphernalia. Whilst we adore winter festivities and themed this vintage inspired design was a delightful break!

Cute afternoon tea cake with fondant rabbit by Juniper Cakery

Adorable Vintage Tea and Macarons birthday cake with fondant rabbit by Juniper Cakery

Vintage themed tea and macarons cake with fondant rabbit by Juniper Cakery

An initial vintage look was applied to the design with clusters of swiss royal icing dots around the sides. This was inspired by the vintage and antique lace trims sewn onto handkerchiefs, doilies and tablecloths. This element was kept fairly simple as intricate hand-piped lace would have perhaps overpowered the design and looked a little too busy.

Tea and macarons themed cake with gum paste rabbit in teacup by Juniper Cakery

The vintage inspiration was further strengthened by the addition of shimmering fondant pearl necklaces draping down one side, a luxurious quilted cake board studded with edible sugar pearls and a simple trim of ivory grosgrain ribbon around the base of the cake itself. 

Cute tea drenched fondant rabbit topped cake by Juniper Cakery

Edible teacups are one of our favourite things to create. They can be fairly time consuming due to waiting for the paste to set fully before getting to royal ice all of the pieces together. Once we put together the cup and saucer we hand painted some detail along the sides with edible gold paint.

Macaron and rabbit themed cake by Juniper Cakery

To give the cake a slight whimsical touch we added the fondant macarons onto the cake in little ‘toppled’ formations using cocktail sticks to help hold each fondant on at different angles created a sort of balanced look! 

Afternoon tea rabbit themed cake by Juniper Cakery

This fun and adorably vintage styled cake design would be ideal for a spring or summer birthday party, but it can easily be adapted to fit the current seasonal frostiness; add small piped snowflakes onto the sides, embos the board with snowflake plunger cutters, change the colour palette to glimmering cold hues and perhaps add a melting snowman into the freshly brewed cup of tea. We love the idea of swapping the cup of tea for a warming deep cup of hot chocolate featuring fondant marshmallows and changing the macarons for candy canes!

24th July 2012 // 0 Comments

Cute DIY Cupcake Stand

DIY cupcake stand

If you’re planning a cute afternoon tea then you’re going to need a cake or cupcake stand. Here’s a super fun tutorial on how to make your own DIY cupcake stand. It’s perfect for small sweet treats, sandwiches and even generous slices of cake too!

First of all you will need…

Three plates of ascending sizes (one large plate, one medium side or cake plate, and one tea saucer)
A pencil
Three tier DIY cupcake stand fittings (You can find these for around £5-8 on Amazon for a pack of five)
Ceramic drill bits (Again, you can find these on Amazon for about £3-9… you’ll need around an 8mm bit)
A good hand-drill
A tape measure or ruler
Some thick books

DSC_0008 (13)

DIY Cupcake Stand

Step one: Make sure your hand-drill is fit with the appropriate drill bit. Measure the part of the cake stand fitting (it looks like a screw) which should slot into the finished holes to determine which drill bit will be the right size.

DSC_0012 (12)

Step two: Mark the middle of your plate with a pencil. To find the middle you could simply flip the plate over and feel for a small bump in the centre (usually where the stamp or logo is) then flip the plate back over and draw a dot. Alternatively you could measure the plate to determine where the centre is.

DSC_0037 (3)

Step three: Set some thick books down on a flat surface with a two inch gap between them for you to drill into. Place your plate on top of the books and make sure that the space you are drilling sits over the gap between the books. Now start drilling some holes into all the plates.

DSC_0022 (11)

Step four: When the holes are drilled you can start fixing the cake stand fittings into place. Now you should have a lovely homemade three tier cake stand to enjoy an elegant afternoon tea whenever you like!

DIY Cupcake Stand Tutorial