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22nd January 2020 // 0 Comments

We hit 100k Followers on Instagram!

100k on Instagram

We hit 100k followers on Instagram! Yay! Thank you to everyone who follows, likes, shares and comments on our Instagram! We just can’t believe it! It’s been a pretty long road getting to the 100k milestone really (the constantly shifting algorithms over the past 2 years certainly haven’t helped). Two years ago we got to 10k and thought that was amazing so just think how we feel now. Yay! We hit the big 100k back in late November, but Christmas and New Year was such a whirlwind that we’ve only just had the chance to blog about it. Typical.

Juniper Cakery 100k on Instagram

Instagram has become a job in itself which we’ve both needed to pay attention to. The way the world works now it’s impossible to ignore especially when you run a business. It takes up a large proportion of our personal time. When we finish the physical work… the baking, decorating, small order pick-ups, photographing, wedding deliveries, etc… then we have to find time for Insta. So when everyone is on Netflix & chill mode we’re editing, cropping, pre-scheduling and then there’s the world of Instagram Stories (eek). It is, however, definitely a labour of love for us and it’s always exciting to see all that work finished and posted!

Yay 100k on Instagram

We hit 100k followers on Instagram!

We reached 100k on Instagram

It’s pretty crazy to think we have over 100k followers. When we began our business we’ll admit that we avoided social media in the early days. This was back in 2012 when those little Twitter or Facebook icons were a growing appearance on websites and packaging. These days it’s the first place people click to. Instagram itself acts as a constantly moving and evolving portfolio which is not only handy, but fun. Plus we sure do love the sleek square grid format! With that in mind we thought we’d share a few screencaps from our Instagram profile to celebrate! From cute cookies to colourful cakes there’s always room for an extra sweet treat.

We hit 100k on Instagram

28th August 2017 // 0 Comments

Adorable Pink Unicorn Christening Cake!

Pink unicorn Christening cake by Juniper Cakery

Anyone who knows us will be pretty aware of our love for unicorns. This cutie with her blush and bubblegum pink mane, golden hooves and sweet little smile was definitely no exception. Perched on top of a fun two tier Christening cake surrounded with golden confetti, polka dots and bunting she was ready for Grace’s Christening!

Cute pink unicorn Christening cake by Juniper Cakery

Cute unicorn Christening cake!

The top blush pink tier was trimmed with edible fondant bunting in white with hand-painted polka dots, bubblegum pink and golden fondant finished with a tiny bow. Each bunting ‘flag’ is rolled out thin, measured and cut individually and then left to set with a slight curve at the tip. This is so they can look like they have a little movement and lightness to them. Once attached we then added the painted elements!

The unicorn Christening cake itself was our popular Classic Strawberry flavour (aka Victoria Sponge). It is fluffy vanilla cake filled with our fruity strawberry preserve and creamy Madagascan vanilla bean buttercream. Definitely a crowd pleaser! We love that the flavour matches the outside too

Adorable unicorn Christening cake by Juniper Cakery

Cute unicorn Christening cake by Juniper Cakery

Golden confetti and polka dots just scream fun. Maybe we’re biased (just look at our logo…), but we absolutely love them. For this cute cake the golden elements help transform it into something sweet AND on-trend. Obviously, we love to add gold features onto a cake. The plain white bottom tier needed a little something so a flurry of gold painted polka dots were added. Then a variety of gold fondant confetti pieces were added on top of each tier, around the blush pink board and on top of the alphabet blocks spelling out Grace’s name!

Adorable pink and gold unicorn Christening cake by Juniper Cakery

Just another up-close shot of that pretty in pink unicorn! She’s too cute! We like to make every fondant character a little different so that everyone has a something completely unique. For this one we added a golden painted muzzle instead of the usual pastel type. We also used two different tones of pink (a blush and a bubblegum), grouped them and then twisted her hair into shape.

Adorable pink, white and gold unicorn Christening cake by Juniper Cakery

We hope Grace and her family had an amazing day at her Christening!

31st December 2015 // 0 Comments


Floral crown cake by Juniper Cakery

2015 is nearly over folks and it’s been one crazy and amazing year for us! We found our designs featured on even more stunning glossy magazines and ‘book’azines, booked in some pretty exciting wedding cakes for 2016 (VERY limited dates available now), made some very important (yes top secret) business decisions, and designed some damn gorgeous wedding cakes too.

Floral crown cake with sugar gardenias by Juniper Cakery

We have a few favourite cakes of the year and to start the list above is a super pretty cake we created based on the simple idea of pearls and a floral crown! Every single flower, berry and leaf was hand made and fully adorned the base of the crisp white cake. To add a little texture and interest we hand piped lots of scattered royal icing swiss dots from the top downwards before painting each individually with edible lustre.

Afternoon Tea Bunny Cake on Cake Decoration Heaven Cover by Juniper Cakery

We kick started the year as cover stars on the 2015 Spring issue of Cake Decoration Heaven magazine with our super cute afternoon tea bunny cake design! It was such an honour to have our little birthday cake grace the cover of such a fabulous magazine. We have to admit that we hovered around the magazine aisle in awe armed with our cameras and iPads snapping away. Other amazing publications our work was featured in for 2015 include… Brides, Wedding Cakes Magazine, other creative issues of Cake Decoration Heaven magazine and World’s Best Wedding Cakes by Amy Doak!

Damask tulip and peony cake by Juniper Cakery

Another really exciting thing we did this year was to shut down the cake decorating supply side of our business, put our website on indefinite hiatus and concentrate on making our marketing and branding utterly perfect for us and what we want to achieve. We hired a few graphic design/branding companies, but in the end we created everything ourselves (yes, we’re those people). Felicity was left hunched over her MacBook for a cringeworthy number of hours a day for a few weeks trying to remember all those CAD and Photoshop lessons from fashion school. It was trying, but it sure was worth it in the end. Our new sparkling logo, watermarks, blog re-design, social media graphics are fabulous and we love them. Our design direction needed to be bright, light-hearted, fun, approachable and of course glamorous!

2015 was also all about finding and establishing a better rhythm in terms of work. We designed our own worksheets such as consultation forms, order invoices and blog work planners! It really helped for us to scrap our old way of keeping information and pay closer attention to how we actually work. It was also pretty cool to have our work sheets and forms match our company branding. We had to stop at gold foiling everything though or else we’d never get any actual work done!

This year, photography-wise, we utilised natural light a lot more as our photography room/studio moved over to a western facing room with super large windows. We’d relied on bright professional photography lights to get shots in overcast weather or on night times in the past, but by simply moving rooms we get to shoot things au natural!

Peony Ruffle Wedding Cake by Juniper Cakery

Pink Black Forest Gateau Naked Cake by Juniper Cakery

The above two cakes (Peony Ruffle Wedding Cakes and Black Forest Gateau Naked Cake) were by far our most popular designs in 2015. We lost track at some point in October by just how many enquires and press requests we had for them. December, in fact, saw our Black Forest Gateau Naked Wedding Cake in two HUGE magazines at the exact same time (Brides by Condé Nast) and Wedding Cakes (by Squires Kitchen – which also featured the Peony Ruffle Cake).

Autumn naked wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

World's Best Wedding Cakes - Juniper Cakery

One of the proudest moments of our year was having 6 of our designs featured in Amy Doak’s World’s Best Wedding Cakes bookazine! It’s positively crammed full of incredible cake artists whose designs we love so it was amazing for our wedding cakes to be nestled amongst the work of some huge names in the industry. We were also lucky enough to have a tutorial for our signature sugar peony featured as well as a beautiful write up with one of our past couples. We created a wonderfully pretty and vintage inspired cake for Ann-Marie and Adrian’s wedding with handmade hydrangeas, roses, blue tit birds and broderie anglaise lace trims a couple of years ago. It was amazing to read all about their big day and about how much they love/loved their cake. It’s still one of our favourites!

Stunning gold and pink themed naked cake by Juniper Cakery

One half of Juniper Cakery (Felicity) celebrated her 32nd birthday this year with a pink and gold naked cake that perfectly matched our brand spanking new logo and branding look. Adorned with pink Eliza roses, golden silk eucalyptus leaves and dotted with dainty pink and gold macarons this beauty would have been perfect if we were having a re-launch party!

Lovely macaron tower wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Of course we just had to feature the very last wedding cake of 2015 that we made – a winter influenced macaron tower cake. Not just because it was the last cake of the year for us, but because we absolutely love it. It encompassed winter perfectly for us. Not only was its colour palette soft, frosty and beautifully vintage but every element of the design filled us with excitement. Glistening silver sequins, festive macaron flavours (Pistachio and Cherry and After Dinner Mint), quirky and stunning flowers  – all wonderfully winter-esque.

We’re sure we’ll have missed a thing or two in this end of year post, but 2015 was fast paced for us and now we’re super excited for 2016. We’ve already lots of amazing couples and designs booked in, a few magazine features in the pipeline and we’re like a two woman army in terms of organisation already! So now it’s time to bid farewell to the past year, drink a bit of champagne and power through 2016 like never before. We hope everyone enjoys a fabulous New Year and 2016!


24th November 2015 // 0 Comments

Our Cute Snowman Cookies Tutorial via Craftsy!

Make these adorable snowman cookies for Christmas

Cute themed treats are always a certified winner at every Christmas dessert table. Kids scurry them away to nibble on with marshmallow studded hot cocoas and milk whilst adults will happily sink a sweet tooth into a sprinklecoveredcartoonsnowman type cookie (or several… we’re grown ups and we’re not scared of dentists… much). At this time of the year you’ll want to whip up all kinds of show-stealing desserts, but lack of time, energy and practice can suck you dry. These adorable snowman cookies are pretty pain free you’ll be happy to hear. Not a dollop of royal icing in sight! Head on over to the lovely Craftsy blog for our FREE and easy tutorial on how to make this little cuties!

Frosty the Snowman Cookie tutorial from Juniper Cakery

Royal icing is one of those things that unless you’re a glutton for punishment like us you’ll hate it or feel sweaty and nervous at the very thought of it. That’s OK… a lot of people feel the same way. We’re just weird. Seriously, we get super excited at the prospect of working with it. Even whipping it up in a mixer gives us a strange thrill. Anyway… these cookies are royal icing free. They’re decorated with good ol’ fondant / sugar paste, some blossom dust, black sugar pearls and a smidgen of black edible paint. That’s it. No frightening, fiddly and frustrating royal icing within a 50 mile radius.

Make these adorable snowman cookies for Christmas

The other fantastic thing about these sweet little bites is that they’re easy to customise. Change the colour of its winter hat, add a snowflake pattern on top, change the bobble, add a name, use black sprinkles or edible pearls for the mouth or nose, use light pink heart sprinkles to stylise the rosy cheeks… you don’t have to stick to the design in the tutorial if you don’t want to. Why not go a little glam with burgundy hats jewelled with gold edible sequins and a fabulous gold pom pom. Or don’t have a hat… keep the face fully white with a circle of fondant and then add cool earmuffs with pom pom type balls on each side and a twisted ‘rope’ of fondant spanning from one to the other across the head. Festive and fabulous!

How to make super cute snowman cookies for Christmas parties

19th November 2015 // 0 Comments

Recipe: Chewy Gingerbread Cookies!

Recipe for soft and chewy gingerbread cookies - perfect for Christmas

One of THE best things about Christmas being just around the corner (Less than 6 weeks away… eek) is the smell of gingerbread filling every room. It’s so comforting and warming when the weather gets frosty. Sometimes, however, gingerbread cookies can be a little time consuming when it comes to getting those shapes cut just right or the royal icing work perfect. Take the stress out of festive cookie baking with our simple chewy gingerbread cookie recipe! There’s no need to decorate them and their perfect for guests where prefer a softer crunch. We LOVE them. Whilst creating this recipe and post we admit we ate our fair share… especially with ice cold milk and frothy coffee!

Soft and Chewy Gingerbread Cookies!

Christmas chewy gingerbread cookie recipe

Ingredients needed to make chewy gingerbread cookies

  • 340g plain flour
  • 225g soft brown sugar or brown caster sugar
  • 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
  • 115g of butter
  • 3 tablespoons of gold syrup
  • 1 lightly beaten egg
  • 1 teaspoon allspice
  • 1 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon nutmeg

Pre-heat you oven to 180 degrees C, 350 degrees F or Gas Mark 4.
Mix all dry ingredients together in a large clean bowl. You can put them straight into a stand up mixer bowl if you like, but they’re not too much mixing with this dough so can easily work it by hand and save the extra effort of washing paddle/mixer attachments etc.
Melt down your butter along with the tablespoons of gold syrup. You can also use runny honey or even maple syrup instead which will yield slightly different flavours (be still tasty ones).

Amazing soft gingerbread cooke recipe
When your butter has melted and mixed in with the syrup add this to the dry ingredient mix with the egg and mix.

Spiced and soft gingerbread cookie recipe
You cookie mix should look like the above. When it does tip it out onto a clean and dry surface to lightly work together. If you’re mix is a little dry and doesn’t bind just add a little extra gold syrup and work the dough.

Chewy and soft gingerbread cookies by Juniper Cakery

Recipe for yummy soft gingerbread cookies by Juniper Cakery
Separate your dough into balls. For small to medium cookies aim for them to be the size of a ping pong ball. For larger cookies roll out balls a little larger than a golf ball. Arrange these on a greaseproof lined baking tray approx. 2 inches apart from each other.

Addictive soft gingerbread cookie recipe
Flatten each ball slightly. The flat base of a clean glass or tumbler works really well for this, but it’s ok to press on the cookie with just your fingers. You can even use a rolling pin if you like!

Recipe for soft gingerbread cookies by Juniper Cakey
Place on the top shelf of your oven for 12 minutes. Make sure to turn the tray at the 6 minute mark so that the sides can bake evenly! If you’d like a little more crunchy then leave them in for an extra 2 minutes.
When done remove and leave them to cool down before eating all of them uhh… giving them to friends and family!

How to bake chewy gingerbread cookies by Juniper Cakery

If you want to make these tasty treats extra festive then try dipping them in white chocolate and adding cute snowflake sprinkles on top? They’re perfect on their own, but they definitely wouldn’t be crazy topped with fun sprinkles and chocolate drizzles!

Lovely recipe for soft and chewy gingerbread cookies

Deliciously soft gingerbread cookie recipe for Christmas