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12th September 2014 // 2 Comments

Cherry Blossom & Golden Frame Wedding Cake!

At the moment we’re super busy working on a collection of designs to show at the Kingston-upon-Hull Guildhall Wedding Show, which is incredibly exciting albeit tiring! As we finish off our five designs we thought that we’d share some final photographs of a finished cake; our four tiered Rococo-inspired cherry blossom wedding cake…

Pretty cherry blossom wedding cake by Juniper CakeryThis is easily one of our favourite designs in the collection. It is a lovely clean design with detail featuring only on the front of the cake. We created a hand quilted frame inlay of white fondant brushed with glimmering lustre dust before applying pieces of ochre coloured fondant mouldings around the edge and finally hand painting this feature with edible gold paint.

Pink cherry blossom with gold frame wedding cake by Juniper CakeryThe cake displays such a rich design from just the frame-work alone that we decided to keep the florals to a minimum. Originally, we had sketched this design with roses, hydrangeas, apple blossoms and cherry blossoms; however, we finally chose to stick to simple frosted fantasy berries, sugar leaves, and hand-made ruffled pink cherry blossoms!

Sugar cherry blossoms by Juniper Cakery

Golden frame and cherry blossom wedding cake by Juniper CakeryThe little pops of bright pink from the sugar cherry blossoms add another dimension to the cake and help liven and brighten up the white and ivory tiers. Utilising a more simple floral style helps keeps the main focus of the cake on the ornate gold frame as well as keeping the ye moving up and down the design!

Sweet cherry blossom wedding cake with gold painted frame by Juniper CakeryOur entire collection encompasses inspiration from textural fashion (sequins, ruffles, quilting) and antique French elements found in lavish interiors (such as mouldings, scroll-work, and hand painted gold and silver touches). We’re, our course, excited to reveal the remaining cakes from the collection so keep checking back for more news and photographs!

1st September 2014 // 0 Comments

Rose, Cherry Blossom & Hydrangea Topsy Turvy Cake!

Topsy turvy cakes are always fun cakes and we love the ‘Alice in Wonderland’-esque structure and shape of them especially for birthday and wedding designs. Here’s a lovely floral adorned topsy turvy cake that we finished recently! We love the mix of ombré roses, blush pink cherry blossoms and porcelain white hydrangeas with the quirky shape and varied stripe detail.

Pretty pink topsy turvy cake by Juniper Cakery

For this design we were asked to re-create the infamous pink cake that Cheryl Cole received for her 31st birthday. The only image  found of this particular cake is a small camera phone image from Cheryl Cole’s twitter account so a few details were essentially open for interpretation.

We quilted a pink fondant cake drum to add a lovely chic look and trimmed the board with cream grosgrain ribbon before stacking the cake together to decorate. All of the flowers are edible and hand-made by us before they were dusted with colour and a lovely hint of sparkle! We especially love the white on white of the hydrangea blossoms on the top tier.

Topsy turvy cake by Juniper CakeryLovely topsy turvy birthday cake by Juniper Cakery

It’s a lovely bright red velvet cake inside sandwiched with a vanilla bean and white chocolate buttercream; we always love baking red velvet! It’s such a fabulous and vibrant cake and always a thrill to whip up due to the glamorous deep red colour. We used white chocolate in our buttercream to help keep such an angled cake stable when being stacked and carved.

Pink rose and cherry blossom with hydrangeas on a topsy turvy cake by Juniper Cakery

To make the ombré roses we made modelling paste/gum paste buds and left them to set overnight before adding petals in blush pink and white. We added the brighter pink colour with blossom dust and then added a glimmering sheen with edible lustre dust; our favourite is Sugarflair’s Snowflake which has lots of fabulous sparkle to it!

Floral topsy turvy cake by Juniper Cakery

For a fun birthday not only is a bold and lively cake the perfect centrepiece to the party, but a ‘wonky’ topsy turvy cake helps add a nice touch of whimsy. We loved creating this cake from the clean white hydrangeas to the angled cake tiers!