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7th January 2021 // 0 Comments

Beginner Cupcake Baking Essentials!

Beginnger cupcake essentials by Juniper Cakery

In 2020 lots of people picked up some new hobbies. We’re predicting that 2021 is going to be just the same. So we thought it’d be handy to put together a post listing some of the tools we can’t bake without. They’re also perfect for beginners. When people get really into a hobby they generally end up buying eevvverything to do with it. Then 5 months down the line they realise how much stuff they never even used! Our list includes the basics that are super useful. No crazy gadgets or odd contraptions… we’ve tried them all.

Cupcake baking tools for beginners!

1 Cupcake baking pan in rose gold

A good cupcake baking pan is definitely a must-have. It pretty much goes without saying that it’s going to keep your cupcakes in shape and mess free! This 12 cavity pan is also in the chicest shade of rose gold. Perfect for the on-trend baker. They’re also easy to clean and store away ready for your next tasty batch!

2 Cupcake cases

This handy set of pink and burgundy cupcake cases are so great. A lot of liners end up see through or flimsy once baked with. These keep the shape of the cupcake incredibly well and they’re a little larger than most (who is going to complain about more cake right?). You can also nab them in a range of cool colours.

3 Ice cream scoop

You wouldn’t think that ice cream scoops would be an essential when it comes to whipping up perfect cupcakes. They’re perfect for filling up cases with batter minus the mess. You’ll also get a more even separation of batter between liners too. This set includes three different sizes… great for baking up mini cupcakes. We’ve linked the set that we use, but if you’re looking around make sure to opt for the one with a release! That’s going to help push the batter out into your cases.

Beginner cupcake baking essentials!

4 Kitchen timer

A kitchen or oven timer is one of those essential purchases that a lot of people forget about. So… it helps to pick out a fun novelty design like this pink strawberry. Using one is easy just twist to the minutes you need and set aside to wait for the alarm. For the baker in your life this is going to also make the cutest little gift in a hamper.

5 Cupcake piping tips

We get asked all the time what tips we use for our cupcakes. Ateco is our go-to cupcake nozzle brand. Their tips are larger than most so no straggly looking swirls on top of cupcakes. These three are possibly our most used. An 809 plain round is perfect for a simple modern look. The 869 or pastry tip adds a cool texture. For a bolder linear look try the Ateco 828!

6 Sprinkles

Sprinkles are always a super fun and quick way to add the final touch to your cupcakes. Simply swirl your finished cupcakes with buttercream and add on top. They’re also perfect on top of cakes or as a little added texture with a fun fondant topper.

20th October 2020 // 0 Comments

Our Favourite Spook-tacular Halloween Baking Tools!

Halloween baking tools

Halloween is right around the corner now. It’s easy to feel rushed when it comes to making treats for a fun season. With that in mind here’s our favourite Halloween baking tools for some quick spooky fun. Everything on our list is there to help make baking creepy treats a breeze. You don’t need to go big and stress yourself out. Think simple yet effective. So try fun sprinkles, cool colours and quick decorations to make your treats stand out!

Halloween baking tools!

1: Bat cupcake picks!

Aren’t these cute? Halloween doesn’t have to be scary just so long as it’s fang-tastic! These adorable bat cupcake picks would look perfect on cupcakes. You could even add them to piped swirls around the top of a cake too.


2: Mummy cupcake cases!

We love these! The packaging is super ghoul too (sorry, we love puns at this time of year). Bake your cupcakes in these then dollop your buttercream on top, after that add Wilton Candy Eye sprinkles then use white fondant strips to make mummy bandages to decorate.


3: Pumpkin candy / chocolate moulds!

You can make some amazing candies and chocolates using this fun mould. Mix crushed Oreo pieces, chopped nuts, butterscotch or confetti sprinkles into melted chocolate then pour in and chill to set.


4: Skulls & bones sprinkles!

These sprinkles are great added to cupcakes, cookies, cakes and more. We love the idea of added fondant tombstones to slabs of gooey brownies then adding a drizzle of chocolate with these bone sprinkles on top!

Halloween baking tools!


5: Black food colour gel!

It’s definitely the season for a touch of black in your bakes. This black food gel colour is one of the best we’ve used and doesn’t take a lot to get a great depth. Add a tiny amount to white sugar paste or fondant then roughly mix it in to create a pretty marbled look.


6: Headstone moulds!

How cool are these? You can press grey or even marbled fondant into each cavity and then leave to set (or chill) then remove for some amazing edible decorations! Create graveyard cupcakes or why not fill the mould with chocolates for Halloween sweets?


7: Cookie cutters!

Novelty cookie cutters are always an essential in the baking cupboard. This set contains a skull, pumpkin, bat, cat, witch hat, ghost, and candy corn. Perfect for some Halloween fun.


8: Bright cupcake cases!

Add a touch of colour to your Halloween treats. Using bright cupcake cases is a super easy way to do this. You can then swirl with your favourite buttercream, use a themed sprinkle mix and spend the rets of the night with a horror movie marathon.