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28th August 2013 // 5 Comments

Tutorial Tuesday: How to Make an Edible Fondant Coffee Cup!

Since we created our Caramel Mochaccino cupcake complete with a tiny edible coffee cup perched on top we’ve been inundated with messages and emails asking how me made this. So here is our tutorial on how to re-create your own fondant cup of coffee. It’s obviously perfect to top cupcakes with, but also would add to an afternoon tea or dinner ‘scene’ on a cake. Another great thing is that it is super quick and easy to make!


What you will need…

Ball tool
Piping tip
Paint brush
Green gel food colour
Brown gel food colour


Step one: Roll out your sugarpaste / fondant on a floured surface and using the large end of a piping tube to cut out a circle. This will be your ‘saucer’.


Step two: Using your ball tool indent the centre of your saucer slightly.


Step three: To make your actual coffee cup create a marshmallow shape around 1.5cm heigh. Make sure that the small ends are fairly flat. Set aside.


Step four: To make the handle for your cup roll out a little bit of sugarpaste / fondant into a thin sausage shape.


Step five: Now shape this into a nice sized curve. Set aside.


Step six: Indent your coffee up at the top with your ball tool.


Step seven: Dab some water onto the centre of your saucer and place your cup on top to fix it into place. Paint a little water down one side of your cup and carefully attach your handle.


Step eight: Add some extra detail by painting a ‘logo’ onto the front of the coffee cup with a paintbrush and some food gel colour paste.


Step nine: ‘Pour’ in some coffee by painting the inside of your cup with brown food gel paste!

Caramel Mochaccino

You should now be left a really fun and playful little coffee cup to nestle atop of coffee flavoured cupcakes! For teacups and tea themed cupcakes make your cups a little more slim and add some traditional pattern like ‘swags’ or polka dots. Also, try painting the edges with edible gold paint and use a weaker brown colour to paint in the actual beverage.

Caramel Mochaccino

Caramel Mochaccino

26th August 2013 // 0 Comments

CAKE101: Make Your Own Cupcake Wrappers

Sometimes you may need to custom decorate your cupcakes with something extra. Creating cupcake wrappers for themed celebrations is quick and fun! All you need are some cupcakes, doilies, scissors and double sided tape!

CAKE101 Make Your Own Cupcake Wrapper

“You can create your own lovely cupcake wrappers out of doilies. Simply create a template around your cupcake and cut to size. To fasten use some double sided tape or ribbon tied around your cupcake.”

12th August 2013 // 0 Comments

CAKE101: Piping Cupcakes

Piping cupcakes takes a little time and practice to get just right. We get a lot of people commenting on our cupcakes and how we get the perfect swirl. There is no definite answer we can give except that you need to master speed, pressure and curve. If you pipe too fast you get a sloppy mess and if you pipe too slow and you get wonky frosting. If your pressure is off you’re left with uneven, scraggly swirls.

CAKE101 Piping Cupcakes

“To pipe beautiful cupcakes you need to get three things perfect… speed, pressure and curve! To help get a good curve pipe a small ‘blob’ in the centre of each cupcake and pipe around and on top.”

30th July 2013 // 2 Comments

Tutorial Tuesday: How to Make a Sugar Anemone Flower!

This week’s cake and cupcake decorating tutorial shows you how to create a beautiful and softly ruffled Anemone! We’ve been seeing Anemone flowers pretty much everywhere over the past couple of months. They’ve been found nestled into bouquets, fabric prints, photography and wedding decor They’re striking and unique on top of cakes and make cupcakes look instantly grown up and sophisticated too!

Tutorial Tuesday: How to make a sugar anemone flower for cakes

Tutorial Tuesday: How to make a sugar anemone flower for cakes

You will need…

Black sugarpaste
Pink sugarpaste (or any colour you like)
Tylo Powder (mix a little in your sugarpaste to help harden)
Quilting modelling tool
Ball modelling tool
Fondant rolling pin
Rose petal cutters
Flower Foam Pad
Black stamens or light colour stamens painted with black food dye
Edible glue
Paint brush
Flower forming cup
Icing sugar

Tutorial Tuesday: How to make a sugar anemone flower for cakes

Step one: Create a ball about the size of a 10 pence coin (or 25 cents in the U.S) with your black sugarpaste. Flatten this slightly and smooth the surface.

Step two: Take your quilting tool and indent lots of ‘dots’ into the surface.

Step three: Cut down your stamens and insert these around the outer edge of the centre of your flower.

Tutorial Tuesday: How to make a sugar anemone flower for cakes

Step four: Cover your flower forming cup with foil and dust lightly with icing sugar so your petals won’t stick to the foil.

Step five: Add Tylo powder to the sugarpaste you’re using for the petals.

Step six: To make your petals roll out your sugarpaste thin and cut with your largest rose petals cutters.

Step seven: Now you need to ruffle the edges of your petals. To do this you need to lightly ‘massage’ the edges of your petals with your ball tool atop of a flower foam pad. Tweak the edge ever so slightly with your fingers.

Tutorial Tuesday: How to make a sugar anemone flower for cakes

Step eight: We created 10 individual petals to create this Anemone. Nestle the first five petals into your forming cup and slightly atop each other with edible glue fixing them together. Lay the next layer of 5 petals where the petals of the first layer overlap.

Tutorial Tuesday: How to make a sugar anemone flower for cakes

Step nine: Add some edible glue to the centre of your petals and attach the stamen studded centre you made earlier.

You should now be left with a gorgeous and elegantly ruffled Anemone flower; perfect for cakes and cupcakes!

Tutorial Tuesday: How to make a sugar anemone flower for cakes

17th June 2013 // 2 Comments

CAKE101: A quick and easy way to decorate cakes & cupcakes!

Sometimes you don’t have to spend hours upon hours hunched over a desk or work top to make a cakes or cupcakes look striking. For cakes with a beautiful colour baked into them (like Red Velvet) the work is already half done! This weeks CAKE101 cake decorating / baking tip is all about adding simple decoration to you already beautiful baked treats!

CAKE101: A quick and easy way to decorate cakes and cupcakes!

“A quick and easy way to decorate cakes and cupcakes is to sprinkle cake crumbs on top! Crumble some of the spare bits of cake (after levelling or coring) and add atop your frosted cakes! This works great with coloured cake.”