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4th May 2020 // 0 Comments

Baby Yoda Cupcake Tutorial with Tala!

Cute Baby Yoda cupcake tutorial by Juniper Cakery
It’s officially Star Wars day and we’ve teamed up with Tala to bring you this cute Baby Yoda cupcake tutorial! If you have a Star Wars marathon planned, or simply love Yoda (who doesn’t!) get your rolling pins ready and use our step by step guide below to whip them up. May the 4th be with you!


Cute Baby Yoda cupcake tutorial from Juniper Cakery

Adorable Baby Yoda cupcake by Juniper Cakery

How to make a Baby Yoda cupcake with Tala products

What you’ll need:

Tala modelling tools
Cupcake (using your standard recipe)
Angled palette knife
Tala rolling pin
Light green fondant / sugar paste
Black fondant / sugar paste
White fondant / sugar paste
Edible glue or water
Tylo powder
Cocktail sticks
Small piping tip
Tala 88mm circular cutter
Sharp knife / pizza cutter
Pink petal dust (optional)

Cupcake tutorial with Juniper Cakery

Baby Yoda cupcake tutorial!

Step 1. Smother the top of your cupcake with a small amount of buttercream. If you’d like to core and fill your cupcake first now is the time. Don’t add too much to the top though as it will squish out of the edges when you apply the fondant later! Set aside.


Star Wars cupcake tutorial with Juniper Cakery
Step 2. Use your rolling pin to roll out the light green fondant (approx. 3-4mm thick) and cut a circle with the 88mm cutter.


How to make a Yoda cupcake with Juniper Cakery
Step 3. Place the green fondant / sugar paste circle on top of the cupcake you smothered with buttercream earlier. Use the palm of your hands and thumb to smooth down and around the edges. Once the entire cupcake is covered, you’re done!


How to make a cute Yoda cupcake with Juniper Cakery
Step 4. Add tylo powder to the remaining green fondant / sugar paste (approx. 1 teaspoon per 250g of fondant, adjust as required). Mix well.

Step 5. Roll the green fondant / sugar paste out using your rolling pin. Either with a sharp knife or a pizza cutter begin cutting two Baby Yoda ears. These should be a similar shape to a leaf and 4-5cm in length.


How to make a Baby Yoda cupcake with Juniper Cakery
Step 6. Take your modelling tool (see image for which one) and indent lines into Yoda’s ears.


Fun Baby Yoda cupcake by Juniper Cakery
Step 7. Carefully insert a cocktail stick in each of Yoda’s ears for structure and leave to set for 5-10 minutes. Make sure some of the cocktail stick is still visible as you’ll use these to attach them later.

Step 8. Using the ball tool from your modelling tool set indent a small hole at either side of Yoda’s head. Insert the end of the cocktail stick that’s still poking out of the ear into the hole and use a little water or edible glue to stick. Repeat with the other side.


Cupcake tutorial with Juniper Cakery
Step 9. Lightly indent eye sockets into Yoda’s face using the larger end of your ball tool and set aside. Now, using the black fondant shape two eyes by tapering a ball off at one end. Attach with a little edible glue or water.


Yoda cupcake how to by Juniper Cakery
Step 10. To add a realistic shine paint the black part of the eyes with edible glue after attaching. Now attach a small, white ball of fondant to each eye for ‘pupils’.


Cute Yoda cupcake how to by Juniper Cakery
Step 11. Now it’s time to attach that cute button nose! Roll a tiny amount of the left over green fondant and fix in place with a dab of edible glue or water.

Step 12. You can indent your Baby Yoda’s mouth using the edge of a plain round piping tip by lightly pushing it into the fondant / sugar paste.


Fun Yoda cupcake how to by Juniper Cakery
Step 13. It wouldn’t be Yoda without wrinkles (even as a baby). Add some using a modelling tool, see image for which one we used, with a little light pressure to make sure your fondant doesn’t crack.

Step 14. This one is optional! Add a little blush to your Baby Yoda with a small amount of pink petal dust and a fluffy, food safe brush!


Easy Star Wars cupcake tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Sweet Baby Yoda cupcake tutorial by Juniper Cakery
Now you have your very own super cute (and tasty) Baby Yoda cupcakes. Enjoy!


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8th April 2020 // 0 Comments

Dino Egg Cupcake Tutorial with Chewits!

Dino egg Easter tutorial with Chewits

This Easter forget bunnies and chicks and go for a fun dino egg cupcake! Totally inspired by Chewie the Chewitsaurus and all things Chewits we’ve created this cute and easy to follow cupcake tutorial. Why not whip some up at home as a great activity with the kids… or make some yourself as a weekend treat.

Dino egg Easter tutorial with Chewits and Juniper Cakery

You’ll need…
Freshly baked cupcakes swirled with buttercream
Corn flakes
1 small bar of milk chocolate approx. 50g
White sugarpaste (also known as fondant)
Pastel colour sugar paste (Chewie’s favourite colours are green, pink, blue, yellow and purple)
Icing sugar
Microwave safe jug or bowl
Food safe gloves
Palette knife or spatula
Small round circle piping pipe or a brand new paper straw
Rolling pin
Parchment paper

How to make a dinosaur egg cupcake with Juniper Cakery and Chewits

Dino egg cupcake tutorial with Chewits!

Step 1:
Get your cupcake or cupcakes ready! Pipe each with a tasty swirl of buttercream and you’re ready to go. Don’t worry about making each super perfect as this tutorial is all about those fun dinosaur decorations.

Dinosaur egg and nest cupcake tutorial with Juniper Cakery and Chewits

Step 2:
Remember those cool chocolate nests you might have made growing up? They are so quick to make AND you’re bound to have the ingredients in your cupboard already. Add broken pieces of chocolate to a microwave safe jug or bowl. Pop in the microwave and heat for around 50 seconds. Make sure to check on them at every 10 – 20 second interval. Stir with your palette knife or spatula to help any lumps melt away.

Chewits dino egg cupcake tutorial with Juniper Cakery and Chewits

Step 3:
Now pour some corn flakes in a bit at a time. Mix gently. You should add enough corn flakes to your melted chocolate so that every flake is coated. Keep adding corn flakes so that you’re not left with lots of melted chocolate. Your mixture should also be more of a sticky cornflake mix than runny.

How to make a dino egg cupcake

Step 4:
Add tablespoon dollops of your cornflake and chocolate mix on to some parchment paper. Using your spoon try and make a little well in the middle of each nest. Remember that these need to fit on top of your cupcake so try to keep them approx. 5cm in size. Leave to set. You’ll know they’re ready when the chocolate looks matte and not shiny.

Make a dino egg cupcake this Easter with Chewits and Juniper Cakery

Step 5:
Take your nests and gently nestle them in place on top of your cupcake(s).

Dinosaur egg cupcake tutorial

Step 6:
Now take your white sugar paste and roll into a smooth ball around the size of a golf ball using gloved hands

Tip: If you’re using food safe gloves make sure they’re a good fit and not too big as this can leave creases in the sugar paste.

Dinosaur egg and nest cupcake tutorial

Step 7:
While rolling taper one end of the ball slightly and you’ll start to notice it taking on an egg shape. You taper it by pinching one end slightly or by concentrating a back and forth rolling motion on one end to the sugar paste ball.

Dinosaur egg and nest cupcake tutorial with Chewits and Juniper Cakery

Step 8:
Gently press your sugar paste egg onto the tops of your nest. You can use any left over melted chocolate to stick these in place. Generally, fondant is a bit sticky or soft once it’s been worked with so it should stay in place!

Pastel Easter egg tutorial with Chewits and Juniper Cakery

Step 9:
Roll out small amounts of your pastel coloured sugar paste on a very lightly icing sugared surface. You can now cut out your egg’s colourful spots using either a small round piping tip if you have one or a brand new paper straw. Just remember to dip your piping tip or straw in a little icing sugar. This will help the sugar paste / fondant to not stick. You can also cut out different sized dots if you want to.

Step 10:
Carefully attach to your egg. Again, sugar paste is usually a little sticky once it has been worked with so they should automatically adhere. If not then try a little extra pressure when placing them on.

Chewits cupcake tutorial with Juniper Cakery

Now you should have some super cool dino-egg cupcakes ready to enjoy this Easter. This tutorial is also egg-cellent for Chewie themed birthday parties, why not add two little green legs as though a dinosaur is hatching!?

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7th February 2019 // 0 Comments

Tutorial: How To Pipe Easy Rose Buttercream Cupcakes!

Tutorial for rose cupcakes by Juniper Cakery

With Valentine’s Day around the corner you’re going to want to get making some pretty romantic treats. Rose swirled cupcakes and even meringues are popular options so we thought we’d share how we pipe our’s! If you’re a shot by shot learner then we’ve included a few frames from our videos in this post. However, if you love watching video tutorials then we’ve created this how-to for YouTube and even IGTV on Instagram! Check out our buttercream rose cupcakes tutorial below!


Buttercream rose cupcakes tutorial!

Tools and materials needed…

  • Cupcakes (flat or slightly domed ones work best)
  • Silky buttercream
  • Disposable piping bags
  • Ateco 855 tip or any closed star tip with 5 star points (the Ateco 845 is also good)

How to pipe a Valentine Rose cupcake by Juniper Cakery

Step 01:

Once you’ve filled up a piping bag fitted with an Ateco 855 tip it’s time to start! Begin in the very centre of your cupcake (this applies both if you’ve cored and filled your cupcake or not). Pipe a ‘blob’ and then keeping the pressure and speed even continue around the ‘blob’ covering the cupcake surface.

Note: You don’t need to swirl or work your way around the cupcake multiple times… in fact this would end up making your rose look less like a rose!

How to pipe a Rose cupcake by Juniper Cakery

Tip: It may take a few tries (especially of you’re a beginner) to get the speed and pressure just right. Pipe too slow and you’ll end up with a shaky and over ruffled rose. Pipe to fast and your rose will look stretched and not as full.

Rose cupcake tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Step 02:

You can finish the end of your swirl with a lovely fondant leaf, however, it’s totally up to you! You can add sprinkles to cover up the end, use candy, chocolate truffles, or fondant bees and butterflies! If you like you can even leave the end of your piping just as it is.

How to pipe Valentine Rose cupcakes by Juniper Cakery

Yay! Happy piping! Swirling cupcakes can be pretty addictive. You can also use this tutorial to pipe mini meringue rosettes just like our pavlova recipe here. Go for smaller closed star tips to pipe florals on cookies or macarons with a stiff consistency too!

Learn how to pipe cute buttercream roses by Juniper Cakery


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