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18th September 2012 // 2 Comments

National Cupcake Week tutorial: How to pipe cupcakes!


To celebrate our launch and National Cupcake Week we decided to feature decorating tutorials from Monday to Friday instead of our usual weekly ‘Tutorial Tuesday’. What better way to begin  than with how to pipe cupcakes! We have used dummy cakes in this tutorial to demonstrate which we recommend for practice purposes.

What you need:
A batch of cooled down dummies (or dummy cakes)
A Spatula
Our ‘Cupcake Kit’ OR…
– The following tips bt Ateco 848808868 and 855
Disposable piping bags
Sprinkles or cake glitter


Step one: To pipe a cupcake choose your desired tip (we have featured examples of four classic cupcake swirls below using the Ateco 848, 808, 868 and 855). A technique we continue to find useful is to pipe your cupcake in two seperate steps. The first step of this technique is to swirl a bottom layer directly onto your cupcake to form a base stopping when you have a ‘peak’ in the middle (as shown above).


Step two: Using the ‘peak’ you created as a guideline begin to pipe the second layer of your frosting. Reducing the size create a similar swirl atop of the one you did in the first step (as seen in the pictures above). Not only does this add hight, now you have a beautifully decorated cupcake!

Please note: If placing your cupcakes in a box the added hight may need to be considered.


We have compiled a ‘Cupcake Kit’ for anyone interested in cupcake decorating. Featured in our kit is 60 random design cupcake cases, a pot of Rainbow Dust cake glitter chosen at random, the four Ateco tips demonstrated above and a pack of 10 12″ Ateco disposable decorating bags all for only £17.50! This kit is perfect for both beginners and professionals alike and, of course, for those who would like to celebrate National Cupcake Week.


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11th September 2012 // 0 Comments

‘Tutorial Tuesday’: How to make marshmallow cream or ‘Fluff’!


What you need:

3 egg whites at room temperature
256g icing sugar
256g light corn syrup (easily found on Amazon or online American food stores)
1/2 tea spoon of salt 
Natural vanilla essence 


Step one: Weigh the icing sugar and corn syrup in preperation and leave them to one side. Seperate three egg whites into a bowl.


Step two: Place the egg whites, corn syrup and salt into your mixer and leave on high speed for 5 minutes. This will be done when it turns white in colour.

Step three: Now add the icing sugar little by little as you continue to mix your ingredients on a low speed. Once the icing sugar has been intregrated it is time to pour in your chosen flavouring (this can be adjusted acording to taste). Once your 'Fluff' has gained volume it is done.


Now you are ready to adorn your cakes with your homemade marshmallow cream or 'Fluff'!