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19th November 2016 // 0 Comments

Top 10 Christmas Baking Essentials for the Party Season!

Our top 10 Christmas baking essential

Get ready for the festivities and bake-up some tempting treats with our top 10 Christmas baking ideas and essentials for the party season! It’s easy to get snowed under (pun intended) in the run up to December 25th. There’s so much to prepare, make, decorate and then organise. Whipping up a frenzy of gorgeous treats is a must, but there’s always fantastic ways to impress guests with a few great tools or decoration ideas. The trick is to keep it simple yet stylish! Check out our round-up of baking essentials that should be on everyone’s Christmas shopping list!

Our top 10 Christmas baking ideas & tools for the party season!

01: Festive cupcake & cake picks!

Firstly, one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a cake or cupcake fit a theme is to break out the decorative picks! Such a cool Christmas baking idea. These fabulous gold star picks are perfect for Christmas parties. Plus, they’re even great for glam New Year’s Eve get-togethers. All you need to do after baking up your cake or cupcakes is smother on some tasty buttercream and add the picks!

Gold star cupcake picks by Ginger Ray

02: Gorgeous cake stand!

A beautiful cake stand is perfect for any festive sweet (or sweets) from a home baked cake to fresh cream filled scones! We absolutely love this crisp white stand that features a pretty lace detail around the edge. Pile on the sweets and add sparklers and a Christmas cake pick on top for a quick yet impressive centrepiece.

White lace cake stand by Pavoni

03: Spatula!

Having a selection of themed or colour coded spatulas is something insanely nerdy that we love. On top of that did you know that you can get more spoon-like spatulas? They’re ideal for adding ingredients bit by bit, scooping buttercream or macaron mixture or even scraping down mixing bowls.

Pink spoon spatula by Lakeland

04: Edible confetti and sprinkles!

Add a bit of instant sparkle and festiveness to cakes, cookies and cupcakes with something simple like edible confetti or sprinkles. Seriously, the hard work is already done. All you need to do is sprinkle and you’re all done! These edible confetti stars are perfect for homemade bakes AND they’re a little quirkier than the usual sugar sprinkles. So why not use liberally.

Edible white star confetti by Edible by Design

05: Bundt pans!

We love bundt pans! They come in such amazing shapes and designs. They’re also perfect for any home baker who isn’t too confident with decorating cakes. Just bake, leave to cool and remove! Dust with icing sugar or whip up a delicious glaze for a lovely Christmas-y look and feel. Voila!

Mini bundt cake pan by Nordic Ware

Cute Christmas baking ideas and tools!

06: Snowflakes galore!

Top cakes, cookies and cupcakes with beautifully detailed fondant / sugar paste snowflakes! This mould can create some amazingly intricate designs. Just dust with icing sugar or cornstarch, press your fondant / sugar paste into the design you like, carefully cut away any excess, freeze (this makes it easier to release shapes from moulds), and then gently push the snowflake out. Give simple white royal iced circle cookies a bit of wow-factor by attaching edible snowflakes on top and painting with a white pearl edible paint!

Snowflake mould by Katy Sue Designs

07: Fun baking cups and cases!

We like these more unusual shape baking cases because the random dot pattern can also be interpreted as winter snowfall. Bake vanilla cakes in these, core and fill with marshmallow cream and swirl with white buttercream before adding snowflake sprinkles on top. You can even finish with icing sugar dusted white chocolate truffles as cute (and delicious) snowballs!

Pink and white dot baking cups by Culpitt

08: Kitchen scales!

Definitely a kitchen essential! Don’t get caught out this festive season without this must-have tool. These white scales have that cute vintage / retro look to them, however, they’re ridiculously easy to use, clean and store away. We actually have these scales in different colours too!

White kitchen scales

09: On-trend measuring spoons!

How gorgeous and stylish are these measuring spoons?! OK we probably never thought that we’d say that about a set of (usually) humble measuring spoons, but create them in fashionable copper and then you’ve got us. They’re a much needed item in the kitchen. Perfect for both sweet and also savoury recipes, measuring extracts out and even to help you not go too overboard on the ground ginger as well.

Copper measuring spoons by KitchenCraft

10: Candy cane time!

Finally, what is Christmas baking without a few candy canes dotted around here and there… or everywhere? So why not press traditional or fun coloured candy canes onto the sides of drip cakes, nestle onto cupcakes or crush and bake into sugar cookies for some instant festive sweets!

Pink candy cane









22nd December 2015 // 0 Comments

Pink and Gold Macaron Studded Naked Birthday Cake!

Pink and gold naked birthday cake by Juniper Cakery

Owning a bakery and cake design business means that when it’s your birthday you can obviously have any cake you can dream of. So when Felicity’s (one half of Juniper Cakery) 32nd birthday began approaching so did the cake ideas, colour palettes, sketches, various pins, flavour lists etc etc. In the end three things kept appearing in all the different designs… naked birthday cake, macarons and the colours pink & gold. Obviously that led to the glistening beauty featured in this post – a towering buttercream skimmed carrot cake and cappuccino cake adorned with pink Eliza roses, golden silk eucalyptus leaves, 24k gold dusted peanut butter macarons and dainty pink lemonade macarons studded with tiny edible pearls.

Pink and gold naked cake by Juniper Cakery

Pink and gold themed naked birthday cake!

The macaron shells were prepped a few days before Felicity’s birthday (today) in a pink, pale pink and caramel color palette. Originally there were going to be darker pink raspberry macarons speckled with rainbow confetti sprinkles, but we decided to simplify the cake to help make it a little more on-trend and chic! Flavour-wise the 24k gold dusted (yes… 24k) macarons are ‘Nutter Butter’ filled with a Madagascan vanilla and whipped peanut butter buttercream whilst the pale pinks are our ‘Pink Lemonade’ macarons filled with a pink raspberry and lemon sherbet buttercream.

Pretty pink and gold naked cake by Juniper Cakery

Pink and gold macarons by Juniper Cakery

Aren’t these tall gold candles stylish! They’re from Party Kitsch. We’d spotted them some time ago on Pinterest (as usual – the mecca of inspiration and chic-ness) and made sure to have them ready to finish off the cake because of the various planned gold accents (leaves and macarons). Gold has been quite the ‘it’ colour for a while, but it’s Felicity favourite colour… in fact she has dreams of painting various random things gold.

Stunning gold and pink themed naked cake by Juniper Cakery

To decorate the cake we kept going back to the arrangement we used for our famous Black/Pink Forest Gateau Naked Cake which featured a crown of roses and macarons on top of the deep first tier and another crown encircling the top tier! It’s a simple yet elegant arrangement especially for a naked birthday cake. First the organic pink roses were added to the cake with small gaps left between each flower. These gaps were then filled up with glistening gold and pink macarons before the golden silk eucalyptus leaves were added for a little dimension and sparkle.

Pink and gold themed birthday

Sneaky picture of the presents! The cake was finished and photographed the day before Felicity’s birthday so of course it sure was hard for her to shoot everything without being tempted to peek inside those gift bags. In case you didn’t notice the cake, the macarons and all of the gift packaging matches our company branding – white, pink and gold sequins/dots galore! Extra gold elements were added with some sprigs of metallic silk eucalyptus leaves dotted between roses and macarons. Obviously, you can’t have too much gold.

Gold and pink birthday

Pink and gold naked cake covered with roses and macarons by Juniper Cakery

Pink and gold macaron naked cake by Juniper Cakery

We mentioned earlier the flavours of the tiers, but here’s a more in-depth mouth-watering description… the bottom tier is our soft and light carrot cake made using Chanteney carrots, fresh spices and Lady de Coverly sultanas soaked in King’s Ginger liqueur. The top tier is our cappuccino cake with Fortnum & Mason‘s Queen’s Blend Coffee infused into the batter. Both tiers have been filled and smoothed over with Madagascan vanilla and Callebaut white couverture chocolate buttercream.

Birthday naked cake with pink and gold macarons by Juniper Cakery

Pretty pink roses on a pink and gold naked cake by Juniper Cakery

10th March 2015 // 11 Comments

Peony Ruffle Wedding Cake with Gold Sequins!

We get excited about all of the cakes we get asked to create, but every so often there’s a cake that comes along that we just can’t get enough off. This wonderfully decadent peony ruffle wedding cake is one of those cakes. It incorporates nature (and lots of lovely green sugar leaves), glistening gold painted edible sequins, textured ruffles and a bit of a carefree feel too!

Gold sequin and pink ruffle peony wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

For this cake the couple weren’t too sure of what they wanted. They knew they’d like a bright and glamorous look with gold sequins to match their venue’s golden table runners and had spotted the trend of gold painted sequin cakes bursting out of the pages of Pinterest. In terms of wedding theme they had opted for a minimal white and gold look with pale floral centerpieces filled with water and gold confetti to tie everything together.

At the consultation we took note of their colour palette and made a few quick sketches and suggestions before a few final details were settled upon fairly quickly. They decided upon a four tiered circle cake with gold sequins and a pale blush pink and white sugar floral bouquet on top. With these ideas in mind we sketched more ideas afterwards and sent them to the couple who quickly picked out the peony ruffled cake with toppled gold sequins and simple yet large open peony arrangement!

Pretty peony wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

To make the wired open peonies we began with gum paste pistils with a full arrangement of dusted medium sized stamens before creating a total of 60 ruffled sugar petals (20 petals per flower) that would surround the centres. For peony leaves we like to create several long slender pieces that get grouped into threes and taped together before they then are attached to the base of the flower so that the natural greens poke out from underneath each bloom.

Peony Ruffle Wedding Cake florals by Juniper Cakery

Our design for the floral cake topper focused on a lovely crescent formation. It helps that there is two of us as this part involves a lot of holding bundles of sugar flowers in position and standing back a good few metres to judge if it’ll work or not. One of our favourite things to do when arranging sugar flowers on a cake is to extend the bouquet out a little further using leaves, blossoms or berries. This helps create a sense of drama and also makes the end design look a little gravity defying!

Luxurious pink and gold peony wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Simple white frosted berries with moss green and terracotta dusted sugar blackberry leaves were added to incorporate a little interest as well as to extend the arrangement and fill in some gaps.

Creating and utilising gum paste or modelling paste berries is one of our most favourite design elements to include on our cakes. We absolutely love nature; so much so that we named our bakery after our favourite berry. Krystle, in fact, was considering studying Forestry at university before heading off into the wilderness of Canada to live in a log cabin surrounded by herbs, mushrooms and moose.

Gilded sequin wedding cake with sugar peonies by Juniper Cakery

Lovely sweet peony wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

To balance out the bottom half of the cake with the voluminous florals we created a wonderfully carefree toppled gold sequin effect that revealed a traditional white wedding cake tier before the tier below bursts into pretty blush pink fondant ruffles! Adding edible frills to a cake not only incorporates wonderful texture, but helps make the design look fuller and grander. It’s perfect for small and large cakes too.

Pretty peony wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

What a delight this wedding cake was for us to design and create! We do admit that we wish it was still in our studio so we could still admire it.