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10th February 2018 // 0 Comments

Behind the Scenes: Our Desk and Office Space

Juniper Cakery office space

Our office space is a little bit of a sanctum for us both. Admin can be such a gruelling job at end of the day. There was a point when we decided we needed a desk area we loved rather than a permenantly blank space to file stuff in. Generally, we follow the “tidy room, tidy mind” rule. Though our mantra is more “stylish desk, stylish mind”. Basically, it’s important to be in surroundings you feel happy and inspired in. When it comes to working it’ll make it much more enjoyable! Anyway, we share snaps of our office from time to time on our Instagram stories. We always end up with lots of emails or comments asking where certain things are from. With this in mind we thought we’d put together this post. Also… people like a good snoop so this should satisfy the desk voyeurs in the world!

Behind the scenes… our office space and desk!

Juniper Cakery office space and desk

Back in the day our office space was olive green with a black chalkboard wall. Yes, green and black. Ick. What WERE we thinking! In 2015 we realised that we hadn’t really put much thought into our office looking like somewhere we’d love to be. We thought “well, it’s just an office bit.” No one really wants to be in an office, right? We came to the conclusion that maybe if we had a beautiful and comfortable place to write, edit, print etc then we wouldn’t dread it so much.

First came the new lick of paint. We opted for Ivory Spray (silk emulsion) by Johnstone’s, which is a pale greyish cream. We didn’t want to go super white at the time because we were looking at various white desks, chairs etc. Also, base neutral shades gave us more options when it came to our final colour palette.

We are self-confessed Ikea fans. Seriously, good basics that you can tweak and hack if you need/want to. What’s not to love? We’ve never had any issues with flat pack furniture. In fact, we look forward to little assembly projects like putting up a bookcase! So, when it came to our desk we began scouring the Ikea website. Choosing our desk was pretty quick and easy. We wanted something simple and white with drawers. Hello, Alex desk!

Pink faux mongolian fur cushion cover

Armless ghost chair

MacBook Air 13″

MacBook Air 13″ marble case

A4 modern gold frame

Pink and white office space of Juniper Cakery

Marquee letter

This (above) is Krystle’s side of our desk / office space.It’s organised and sleek with a touch of wanderlust. On each desk half we have a white marquee initial which you can find here. We have a lot of monogram items… mugs, framed printed, cushions etc! Still super tempted to get Bombay Duck’s monogram candles! A lot of our desk items have ended up being Christmas gifts to each other like Krystle’s huge diamond paperweight, rose gold stapler, and Ranaarp (yes, Ikea again) lamp!

Juniper Cakery desk

Cut office desk equipment

Then there’s the notebooks, agendas, pencil & gadget cases… We are notepad and stationary freaks! Most of our notebooks are, unfortunately, things we’ve randomly picked up. Whatever store we’re in we like to head over to the stationary department for a quick scour of the shelves! Anything white, pink, grey, gold, rose gold or marbled WILL end up in our shopping basket.

This cute ‘Be Brilliant’ rose gold pouch by Katie Loxton is Krystle’s stylish pencil case. It’s pretty versatile. You could use it as a clutch, small make-up or toiletry bag, gadget case etc. Felicity’s is a gold and cream polkadot pencil pouch by Kate Spade. This doesn’t seem to be available any more, BUT this gold stripe version is very similar!

Gold A6 lightbox

Ted Baker ‘sayings’ pen set

Blush pink notebook

Glossier Balm dot Com

Glitter notebooks

Chic office pens

Diamond pens

iPencil (suitable for iPad pros)

Slim rose gold pens

Grey bow pen by Lanvin

Similar silver and gold Parker pen

“The World is Your Oyster” pencils

Office space and desk in pink, white and gold

Pink and gold office area of Juniper Cakery

The white peonies on our desk are fake (sssshhhh). We did used to always have fresh florals on our office, but that was super hard to keep up with. Plus, hay fever isn’t at all glam when you’re trying to run a business with stinging eyes. Peonies are also our favourite flower, but they’re only in season here for one month around June. As quick as they appear in the floral shops they disappear even faster!

Similar monogram floral A4 print

‘Jewel’ shaped white Canon printer

Cute Ted Baker paper clips

How cute are these paper clips? They’re rose gold and blush pink bow-shaped clips by Ted Baker. You can even find the full set here, which includes mini bulldog clips and pretty rose gold thumbtacks with little bows on each one. We’re also loving these fun desk accessories…

Rose gold unicorn paperclips

Love letter paperclips

Blush pink jewel inspired Ted Baker hole punch

Ted Baker rose gold bow pen

Rose gold stapler

How about a beautiful rose gold and transparent acrylic stapler? Krystle got this as a stocking filler at Christmas and it is absolutely stunning! Call us biased, but photos don’t do it any justice!

Matching rose gold and clear acrylic pencil tray

Rose gold and clear acrylic tape dispenser

Cute matching rose gold and clear acrylic pen pot

Cute little office desk at Juniper Cakery

One of the first things we ever had grace our office space desk was this quirky yet stylish lamp. Yes, it’s a pineapple lamp. It was originally purchased via Amazon a few years ago. They don’t have the exact same one any more, but with the current pineapple trend it’s not hard to find a similar design!

Pink and gold desk globe

Finally, onto this beauty of a desk globe. It’s gorgeous right? We get a lot of messages, comments and emails once our desk gets shared on Instagram asking where this is from. This was a recent Christmas present from Anthropologie! Unfortunately, the pick version seems to be sold out now, but they do have a chic black and gold globe instead.

So now it’s time for us to wrap up this behind the scenes style post! Our space evolves a little every so often… plus a lot depends on how busy we get! It’s going to be crazy looking back one day. Eventually, we’d love a longer desk space or separate desks each with iMacs, a neon sign, velvet & gold desk chairs etc…

Check out our Pinterest board, Dream Offices, for more inspiration!

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