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15th January 2019 // 1 Comments

Recipe: Cherry and and Rose Bellini Eclairs for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day recipe by Juniper Cakery

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we can’t wait too! Full of sweet little treats, lots of pink and more heart shaped sprinkles than anyone could count it’s such a cute holiday! This year we are kicking off the love-filled season with these Cherry and Rose Bellini Eclairs. Pretty choux pastry desserts filled with rose extract infused cherry preserve and whipped prosecco swiss meringue buttercream… then topped with cherry flavoured fondant, fresh cherries, sprinkles and elegant roses!

Valentine's Day eclairs by Juniper Cakery

Cherry bellini eclairs by Juniper Cakery

Ingredients and tools needed… (makes approx. 10 eclairs)

For the eclairs

  • 165g plain flour
  • 300ml water (room temperature)
  • 100g diced butter
  • 4 beaten eggs

To fill, bake and decorate

Cherry and rose bellini eclair recipe from Juniper Cakery

Cherry and Rose Bellini Eclairs recipe!

How to make eclairs by Juniper Cakery

Eclair recipe via Juniper Cakery

Step 01:

Firstly. pre-heat your oven to 200C/180C fan/400F/Gas mark 6. After that add your butter to a saucepan with the water on medium to high heat on your stove top. When the two ingredients melt together bring them to the boil! Don’t worry… this shouldn’t take too long. For us it takes around 5-7 minutes.

How to bake eclairs

Step 02:

Next remove the pan from the heat and also add in your flour. Quickly start to stir. The mix will thicken at this stage (try not to stir too much as this will over mix the dough).

Recipe for Valentine's Day eclairs by Juniper Cakery

Step 03:

Once your flour has been incorporated it’s time to add in your beaten eggs a little at a time (make sure to add the egg on top of the dough and not right onto the pan’s surface… the heat will instead start cooking up scrambled eggs). We’d recommend pouring in whatever you estimate to be an egg’s worth then stir vigorously (this part takes some arm muscle). Repeat this until all your eggs have been added.

Tip: This part is, however, a lot easier with someone to kindly help you. Whilst you mix everything together have your helper add in the egg.

Eclair recipe by Juniper Cakery

Step 04:

When your choux dough is ready it should be thick and look a little glossy! Next you’ll need to scoop it into a disposable piping bag. You can use a large round piping tip or go rogue and just snip the bag when you’re ready to pipe!

Learn how to make eclairs with Juniper Cakery

Step 05:

Spritz your silpat lined cookie tray with water. You don’t need a lot so make sure you don’t drench it!

Step 06:

Now you can pipe out your eclairs. Snip your disposable piping and pipe thick lines of your dough along your tray. You’ll need the scissors to cut the dough off. It’s got a lot of elasticity in it’s texture so it won’t snap or break off easy. Place in your oven and bake for 30 mins. When the 30 mins are up turn the tray around and bake for a further 10 minutes. When baked leave to cool before filling and decorating.

Cherry and rose bellini eclair recipe via Juniper Cakery

To fill

Step 08:

Take your cherry preserve and then add a few drop of rose water to it. Most importantly, make sure you taste test so can get the exact flavour you like. You may need a few drops more depending how strong you’d like the rose flavour to be. Make sure the mix doesn’t end up runny though. Add your rose water infused cherry jam to a piping bag fitted with a bismarck tip. At two points along the flat base of your eclair pipe a little of the preserve in. Don’t pipe too much!

Step 07:

If you’ve already whipped up our prosecco swiss meringue buttercream (or SMBC) then bag it up in a disposable piping bag with your bismarck tip at the end. Now pipe the SMBC into your eclair at 3 alternating spaces between where you piped in your preserve. You can, however, use whipped cream to fill.

Pretty eclairs for Valentine's Day by Juniper Cakery

To decorate

Step 08:

To decorate we added some cherry extract to pink fondant and mixed it in, however, you can leave this plain if you like. We love the added cherry flavour though! When ready roll out your fondant and cut oblong shapes using for fondant eclair cutter.


Step 09:

Add a little light corn syrup onto your filled eclairs and gently lay your pink cherry fondant on top!


Step 10:

Finally, you can add your roses, cherries and sprinkles! Why not use melted chocolate to attach (use a cocktail stick to apply the chocolate) each piece on top of your fondant covered eclair. We opted for light pink roses in the middle surrounded with fresh morello cherries and sweet white heart sprinkles!

Now enjoy! Aren’t these fun and boozy inspired eclairs perfect for a Valentine’s Day dinner? Whip these up for your crush, your best friends or just for yourself (seriously, we won’t judge). They’ll be such a treat paired with some rose gold prosecco (our favourite is by Bottega)!

Pink cherry and rose eclair recipe by Juniper Cakery

14th August 2013 // 3 Comments

Tutorial Tuesday: How to Make Quick and Simple Fondant Roses!

Sometimes you don’t need multi-petaled flowerpaste roses, delicate ruffled peonies or realistic hydrangeas to top floral themed cupcakes and cakes with. If you’re aiming for simple designs and convenience then these super quick and easy fondant roses will be perfect for creating flower adorned treats! They’re also small and sweet (no pun intended) enough to top cookies, mini cakes, whoopie pies and macarons with!

How to make quick and simple fondant roses

How to make quick and simple fondant roses

How to make quick and simple fondant roses

What you will need…

Green sugarpaste / fondant (we used Juniper Green by Wilton to colour white/ivory sugarpaste)
Whatever colour you wish for the roses
Fondant rolling pin
Blade modelling tool
Veiner modelling tool
Icing sugar
A clear filing pocket

How to make quick and simple fondant rosesStep one: Cut open your filing pocket so that you can flip it open and shut easily. Using these pockets is a great tip we’ve picked up for flower making. They enable you to create thinner and smoother petal edges. Your petals are also least likely to stick to the clear material!

Step two: Roll and shape a little sugarpaste / fondant into a ‘slug’ shape. Place this inside your clear filing pocket.

How to make quick and simple fondant roses

Step three: With your sugarpaste / fondant inside your pocket use a fondant rolling pin to roll it out to around 2mm.

How to make quick and simple fondant roses

Step four: With your sugarpaste / fondant still inside the pocket press and rub along the long edges to get lovely smooth and thin edges.

How to make quick and simple fondant roses

Step five: Take your piece out from the pocket and lay on an icing sugar dusted surface. Gently begin to roll your sugarpaste / fondant. Pick which end you prefer as your better petal edge and pinch the end you don’t want to show. Your rose should taper slightly to the end.

How to make quick and simple fondant roses

How to make quick and simple fondant roses

Step six: To make your leaf shape a small amount into a rough diamond shape.

Step seven: Place this inside your clear filing pocket.

How to make quick and simple fondant roses

Step eight: Use your finger or thumb to press out and smooth down the edges of your leaf.

How to make quick and simple fondant roses

Step nine: Remove your leaf and set on a lightly icing sugar dusted surface. Shape the tip of your leaf by pinching the end with your fingers.

How to make quick and simple fondant roses

Step ten: Lightly scour a vein to your leaf with a veining tool.

How to make quick and simple fondant roses

Step eleven: Leave your leaf to dry on a curved surface for a more flowing look.

Now you should have a lovely simple rose and leaf to adorn your baked treats with!

How to make quick and simple fondant roses

17th April 2013 // 0 Comments

Old Hollywood Inspired Cupcakes

Old Hollywood glamour cupcakes

Recently Cake Central set a cupcake challenge via their website to create a collection of cupcakes inspired by a select theme and colour palette; ‘Old Hollywood Glamour’ in particular. The palette consisted of beautiful soft creams, golds and champagnes, rose pinks and a rich plum hue which we loved the idea of working with. Alongside this colour scheme was the imagery of old Hollywood elegance; glimmering Elizabeth Taylor-like jewels, shimmering fabrics, florals and textile pleats and ruffles.

Old Hollywood glamour cupcakes

As we set to work creating our small 1930s Hollywood inspired cupcakes we thought this would be a great chance for us to show how we work on our more bespoke designs. The first thing we do is brew a lovely hot cup of tea and sit down to discuss any imagery, inspiration boards, colour ideas or even swatches we’ve been given. In this case, Cake Central created a lovely Pinterest board full of the key images to follow (see below) with a brief that called for ‘subtle glamour’. From this board/brief we settled upon taking elements of texture, look and design rather than interpreting the inspirational images literally. The elements we chose to work with incorporated not just the colours or champagne, vanilla cream, rose and plum, but the flavours also; glimmering golds and subtle pearlescent sheens, textile pleats and ruffles, rose elements and the grandeur of edible gold!

Old Hollywood glamour cupcakes

After establishing out key design and colour elements we quickly sketch out a number of ideas with notes and thoughts about what may or may not work. On paper a design is easy to imagine and create, but these need work and need to be reconsidered with your cake decorator ‘hat’ on as some ideas would not prove practical in buttercream, fondant, jam or cake layers! At this stage we eliminate and swap ideas over, however, these aren’t set in stone. Sometimes you need to think on your feet when it comes to the actual cake decorating stage.

Old Hollywood glamour cupcakes

Old Hollywood glamour cupcakes

One of the next stages is to develop our rough sketches into more inspired designs by sketching the final ideas out and adding colour using watercolours. This helps us see a more end result so we’re less dazzled and more prepared when it comes to decorating. It also helps us see how our colours are going to work together.

Old Hollywood glamour cupcakes

Old Hollywood glamour cupcakes

Once we’ve got all out preparation ideas, sketches and paintings done we gather together our materials and tools, bake our cakes (or in this case, cupcakes), whip up (literally) our buttercream, do a final test of flavours and we are ready to decorate! Any fondant, flowerpaste or buttercreams need to be coloured first and kept close to the final colour palette. Then we begin on the more time consuming tasks such as creating our flowerpaste ombré rose which needs to be worked fabric thin and is incredibly delicate and can take up to an hour to create!

Old Hollywood glamour cupcakes

When it comes to cupcakes once all are piped things begin to come together a lot more. It’s an exciting thing to see all of your hard work of prep begin to form into your end design. The wonderful thing about baking and decorating is that you see everything develop in stages from just a collection of ingredients. It’s the perfect career or hobby for anyone who is patient, loves piecing things together, and is both creative and practical.

Old Hollywood glamour cupcakes

Old Hollywood glamour cupcakes



5th March 2013 // 5 Comments

‘Tutorial Tuesday’: How to pipe a buttercream rose using a flower nail!

Tutorial Tuesday: How to pipe a buttercream rose using a flower nail

Tutorial Tuesday: How to pipe a buttercream rose using a flower nail!

In this week’s tutorial we show you to pipe a buttercream rose using a flower nail! These buttercream roses are perfect on top of delicious cupcakes. They are also great decorations to place around the top of a home made cake.

Why not play with colour and add interesting looks to your roses. Fill your piping bag with two buttercream colours on each side for two tone roses. Paint a stripe of food colour along the inside of your bag in-line with the thin part of your petal tip to add colour to you flower’s edge. Use one piping bag per cupcake and layer tablespoons of different coloured buttercream inside the bag to make rainbow roses. Those are just a few ideas to add colour to your piped flowers.

This piping style can take a while to get right, but once you have the hang of this method it is really fun! We do, however, have a simpler buttercream rose tutorial for those who would like to create a quick, easy and lovely rose. Both types of piping will create eye catching roses that are perfect for both cupcakes and cakes!

Tutorial Tuesday: How to pipe a buttercream rose using a flower nail

What you need:

3 inch flower nail
Piping bag
Coloured buttercream
Petal tip no. 125 or 126
Small square of parchment paper

Tutorial Tuesday: How to pipe a buttercream rose using a flower nail

Step one: You need to stick the small square of parchment paper to your flower nail by piping a tiny bit of buttercream atop the nail and setting the paper on top. By adding the parchment paper to pipe your rose onto you are making transferring the rose to a flat surface to set easier.

Tutorial Tuesday: How to pipe a buttercream rose using a flower nail

Step two: Pipe a centre to your rose. This should be a small cone like shape of buttercream. With practice try to pipe your rose bud centre with a ‘fold’ shape to it. The ‘fold’ makes a more natural rose bud shape to the centre of your flower.

Tutorial Tuesday: How to pipe a buttercream rose using a flower nail

Step three: To pipe your rose petals angle your tip slightly towards you. Also, keep the thick end of the petal tip on the bottom so the thin part forms the top (visible edge) of your petals. Pipe your petals in scallops around the centre. With each new rose pipe your petal or scallop from the last petal’s centre.

Tutorial Tuesday: How to pipe a buttercream rose using a flower nail

Step four: Pipe your rose’s petals to your desired size. Piping this type of rose takes a fair bit of patience and practice so keep trying and don’t be disheartened!

Tutorial Tuesday: How to pipe a buttercream rose using a flower nail

Step five: When you reach the final layer of petals angle the top (thin end) of your petal piping tip a little more towards you so that your final petals curve outwards. This makes your rose finish much neater and with a more natural finish.

Tutorial Tuesday: How to pipe a buttercream rose using a flower nail

Once your rose has set you can carefully move it from the parchment paper onto a cupcake (pipe a small bit of buttercream on top of your cake for it to stick) using a pair of small scissors.

Also, you can pipe this type of buttercream flower straight onto the top of your cupcake. Be aware that this can be tricky. TIP: If you do want to pipe straight onto your cupcake try using a turntable to turn your cupcake and sit with your cupcake at eye level for more control.

If you have followed this tutorial you will be left with a beautiful buttercream rose! If you need to decorate a batch of cupcakes or a cake why not make your roses in advance, leave them to set (you can even keep them in the freezer then thaw them at room temperature), and they’re ready to decorate you baked treats with.

If you give this tutorial a try we’d love to see your finished cakes and cupcakes!