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2nd March 2015 // 2 Comments

Vintage Teapot Cookies with Polka Dots and Gold Accents!

Vintage is always a wonderfully popular theme for weddings, parties and afternoon tea get-togethers. We created these gorgeously sweet and fun vintage teapot cookies inspired by retro designs for an afternoon tea wedding reception recently. They were such a pleasure for us to make and just because we’re generous you can even head over to the blog for our full tutorial on how to re-create these pretty treats yourself!

Vintage teapot cookies

Vintage teapot cookies by Juniper Cakery

These sugar cookies were a lovely and fragrant Sicilian lemon oil infused batch which, of course, made the kitchen small incredible! We added a hint of natural lemon extract to the royal icing also just to accentuate the citrus scent and flavour.

Sweet vintage teapot cookies by Juniper Cakery

For these lovely cookies we were asked to create wedding favours that reflected the couple’s fun afternoon tea themed reception which included toasted scones, light colours, polka dots, pots of tea, fresh flowers, finger sandwiches and vintage teapot centre pieces.

We were a little inspired by our favourite Wedgwood teapot that features in the photographs alongside our cookies. It was perfect – a clean and simple yet retro-style design, gold accents and spring-like colours.

Vintage teapot wedding cookies by Juniper Cakery

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12th December 2014 // 0 Comments

Need to Know How to Create a Fun Gingerbread House?

Gingerbread houses are always instant crowd pleasers at any Christmas party so why not head on over to the blog for our handy tutorial on how to create your own simple yet sweet gingerbread cookie house! It’s really not as scary as it seems. All you need is your own go-to gingerbread cookie recipe, some time, a little planning and lots of royal icing!

Gingerbread House by Juniper Cakery

We created our own first gingerbread house of the season with rustic forest green royal icing flooded onto each cookie panel and nestled the entire house into a sweet snowdrift of textured royal icing. Flooding is a great technique, if a little tricky for a beginner. It’s fantastic for adding a good amount of colour to your gingerbread house before you even begin to decorate it!

Royal icing and candy gingerbread house by Juniper Cakery

Our quick step-by-step tutorial via’s blog features some advice on what candies to use, how to assemble and ‘glue’ the walls together and even a few ideas on some treats and goodies may be good for a more glamorous gingerbread house design.

Candy decorated simple gingerbread house by Juniper Cakery


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4th December 2014 // 0 Comments

How to Decorate Christmas Wreath Cookies!

Creating cookies as gorgeous and delicious Christmas gifts is a wonderfully fun and sweet (pun fully intended) thing to do. Every year we love the fresh aroma of heart-warming gingerbread cookies or our spiced sugar cookies filling every room. As an extra tutorial, because we’re oh so generous, we’re showing you how to decorate festive Christmas wreath cookies using royal icing (click here for our recipe) and some simple circle shaped cookies!

How to decorate festive Christmas wreath cookies!

How to decorate traditional Christmas Wreath cookies by Juniper Cakery

How to decorate Christmas wreath cookies by Juniper Cakery

Materials and tools needed…

Step-by-step how to ice a Christmas wreath cookies by Juniper Cakery

Step 1:

Outline and flood ice your cookie with white royal icing. You can skip this step if you’re a little anxious about flood icing, but if you’d like to give this technique a try have a look at our rustic Christmas tree tutorial (and simply flood with icing the consistency of honey and skip the texturing step… you’ll need the cocktail sticks and teaspoon for this). Leave to set for 12-24 hours. You can get away with adding extra royal icing decorations after a few hours of flooding your cookie so long as you’re careful.

Create Christmas wreath cookies

Use a small leaf piping tip to decorate Christmas wreath cookies by Juniper Cakery

Step 2:

Take some green royal icing and using a piping bag fitted with a small leaf tip add some textured leaves in the ring around your cookie on top of your flooded icing. Pipe so that the leaves hang over the edge of your flooded icing.

Piping Christmas wreath cookies by Juniper Cakery

Step 3:

Keep adding lots of lovely green royal icing leaves to make the wreath fuller. Leave to set.

Make Christmas wreath cookies for the holidays with this tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Step 4:

To add a frosty looks pipe out lots of small dots of white royal icing onto your wreath’s foliage. Leave to set!

Holiday Christmas wreath cookie tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Step 5:

With a piping bag filled with red royal icing and fitted with a ribbon piping tip pipe out your bow’s loops. You can either pipe out a horizontal figure of eight at the top centre part of your wreath or two horizontal ovals that meet.

How to pipe a royal icing bow by Juniper Cakery

Step 6:

Add the tails to your festive red bow by piping out two wavy lines of ribbon from the base of your loops. 

The great thing about whipping these festive wreath cookies is that they’re perfect for a traditional themed Christmas dessert table and they look oh so heart-warming packaged in glimmering treat boxes or bags trimmed with holiday ribbon!

Christmas wreath iced cookies by Juniper Cakery

Festive wreath sugar cookies with royal icing detail by Juniper Cakery

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