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25th February 2017 // 0 Comments

Our Top 10 Mother’s Day Baking Essentials!

10 Mother's Day baking essentials

Mother’s Day is approaching (March 26th in the UK) so it’s time to get prepared with those presents! Whether you’re hoping to whip up some treats at home or create a baking themed hamper we’ve got a cheery top 10 Mother’s Day baking essentials list! Seriously, sequin-inspired flower sprinkles, a glistening pearlescent mixer, flower garden cookie cutters… who wouldn’t love them?

Top 10 Mother’s Day baking essentials!

01: Sweet cookie cutters!

Cookie cutters are always one of those tools on our wishlist. For our top 10 Mother’s Day baking essentials these garden / floral cutters by Meri Meri are sweet, easy to use and fun to decorate. If you’re scared of icing them to add detail why not simply add some bright sprinkles into your cookie dough before cutting and baking!

Flower cookie cutters by Meri Meri

02: Cool rolling pin!

Rolling pins are usually kind of boring for the at home baker with a choice of white or the traditional wooden variety. Now there’s some pretty cool styles and colours on the market. We love this blush pink ceramic version with wooden handles. It’s great for cookies, rolling out fondant / sugar paste or even giving biscuits a good smack (or several) for cheesecake bases.

Pink rolling pin

03: Stand-up mixer!

This is one gorgeous stand-up mixer. Classic and simple with a slight metallic / pearlescent glimmer. What’s not to love? OK, it looks gorgeous, but it’s also more than handy at whipping up anything from cake batter to fluffy meringues!

Pearlescent mixer by KitchenAid

04: Novelty cupcake cases!

Whipping up super cute cupcakes doesn’t have to be a chore. You can keep them simple and sweet with fun cases or liners. Seriously, sometimes extravagant decorations aren’t needed. Bake your cupcakes in these tulip-inspired yellow cases, swirl with buttercream and top with edible yellow flower petals for something easy yet impressive!

Yellow petal / flower cupcake cases by Wilton

05: Silicone cake pop mould!

Cake pops sure are fun to make, but they’re made so much easier with a mould. Get super smooth and perfect pops with a silicone mould and make sure that each is exactly the same size! Coat with chocolate, drizzle with coloured candy melts and finish with bright sprinkles for a sweet treat!

Pink silicone cake pop mould by KitchenCraft

06: Fun sprinkles!

OK, you can never really go too wrong with sprinkles. They’re fun, come in different colours and can be all sorts of shapes and themes. These sprinkles we’ve picked out are cool because they’re a little bit different to the usual sprinkle, instead they’re more like edible sequin shapes. Sprinkle these on top of your creations or add these to a cute baking hamper and get ready for the compliments!

Golden yellow blossom sprinkles by Edible by Design

07: Extra kitchen accessories!

Next on our top 10 Mother’s Day baking essentials is this KitchenAid attachment which is perfect for anyone who loves to whip up baked treats. We absolutely love love love it. The extended rubber ‘blade’ on the paddle means that all the batter, buttercream, meringue (etc etc) that clings to the side of the bowl is constantly scraped off and incorporated into the mix. Amazing.

Flexi-edge Beater Attachment by KitchenAid

08: Cupcake flags!

Cute little paper flags make insanely quick and sweet cupcakes decorations. All you need to do is swirl your cupcakes with buttercream and add a flag! You can personalise them and write  messages, ages or names on each one (always a great idea if your cupcakes are going to feature as place settings) too.

Pink cupcake flags by Paper Eskimo

09: Candy melts!

Something like candy melts are always simple but handy. They’re great for piping out cool shapes or messages to then add on top of cupcakes, you can dip cookies and cake pops in them and you can even attach pesky edible decorations onto cakes using a tiny dab.

Candy melts by Wilton

10: Cake pan / tin!

Tell your mum just how much you love her with a heart-shaped cake! Bake, smother with pink strawberry buttercream, decorate with edible glitter, sprinkles and rose petals and you should have one impressive little treat! We love the idea of whipping up red velvet heart shaped cakes too!

Heart cake pan / tin by KitchenCraft

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6th February 2016 //

Perfect Valentine Gifts For the Baker in Your Life!

Sweet Valentine Gifts for Bakers

If your sweetheart is a whizz in the kitchen and just LOVES to whip up all kinds of treats then they’re bound to fall head over heels with our list of perfect Valentine gifts for bakers! For novice bakers and even more advanced cake artists getting a fun gift they’re sure to use on their next project or even just to bake up a weekend sweet with is perfect. Our jobs entail everything to do with cake and we’d love everything on this list! So for some Valentine gift ideas for bakers read on…

10 Valentine Gifts for Bakers

Valentine gifts for bakers!

01: Novelty sprinkles!

Seriously, it doesn’t matter if you or your loved one is a novice baker or pretty advanced sprinkles will always be a quick and cute way to add instant colour and design to home bakes. These utterly adorable mini sprinkles are teeny tiny hearts that look a little quirkier than the normal full sized ones. They’re perfect to top dainty macarons with, add to generously swirled cupcakes or even use as details on iced cookies (the pink ones would make great button noses on animal figures).

Mini Valentine Sprinkles by Wilton

02: Heart shaped silicone mixing spoon!

Sometimes a fun novelty themed mixing spoon or spatula can help bring a smile to someone’s face. We’re pretty sure this one may do just that. Plus, it’s available in a gorgeous powder blue and even more lovely pistachio green shade as well as soft pink. It’s perfect for mixing colour or flavouring into cake batter or even silky buttercream, adding chocolate chips or fudge pieces to cookie dough and spooning cupcake mix into cases.

Heart Shaped Silicone Spoon

03: Vintage style cake stand!

Who can resist this gorgeous vintage style glass cake stand? Not only does it feature a glass base that reminds us of antique perfume bottles, but it comes with a matching dome to help protect those homemade cakes in the most stylish of ways! You could assemble tempting cupcakes, easy macarons and freshly baked cookies underneath the glass dome too for a rustic yet glam bakery look.

Glass Cake Stand with Dome

04: Ceramic heart shaped measuring spoons!

Measuring spoons are pretty essential when it comes to baking and even cooking. Dolling out the right amounts of cinnamon, vanilla or allspice can obviously be even more fun and chic with this subtle novelty set of ceramic spoons. Nestle these in a gold gift box with heart shaped sprinkles, a handy cookie recipe book and some Valentine’s themed Hershey’s Kisses for a truly sweet gift!

Ceramic Heart Measuring Spoon Set

05: Retro red kitchen scales!

We have these scales (in cream) and they’re used pretty regularly. Design-wise they’re just the right amount of vintage chic and practical prowess. We’ve also had these scales for some time and they look and work just like the day we bought them! The fun retro red is sure to brighten up any kitchen too.

Premier Housewares 5 Kg Kitchen Scale Retro Style, Red

06: Heart cookie cutter set!

Good heart shaped cookie cutters not only make cute Valentine themed gifts, but they’re an essential for any baker! You’re sweetheart can whip up heart shaped cookies, lovely fondant cupcake decorations or use to indent designs into sugar paste work. For a really sweet idea tie up the cutters with a big bow and pop into a Valentine gift bag filled with the perfect ingredients for cookie baking (especially these Valentine themed M&Ms!).

Wilton Nesting Cutters, Set of Six – Heart

07: Valentine cupcake cases

Cupcakes are always a classic sweet to whip up in the kitchen and for years now they just seem to get more and more popular. Why not treat your Valentine to these gorgeous love themed cupcake cases? Featuring heart prints and vibrant pinks and reads they’d help make the most stunning cupcakes.

Meri Meri Hearts and Arrows Assorted Valentines Day Mini Baking Cases, Pack of 100

08: Macarons, Madelines & More Class!

This class is fabulous. We signed up for this video lesson on Craftsy some time ago. Even though we’ve been making macarons for years now we even picked up a few extra helpful tips and explanations on how to mix them perfectly and even niggly reasons why they can sometimes fail. It’s a great class for both beginners and advanced bakers plus your Valentine can chat to the instructor whilst watching, pause it when it’s time to shoot off to work or even check out how other students are doing!

Macarons, Madelines & More Craftsy Class

09: Fun cupcake mug!

Of course every baker needs a break or two during a hard day’s work! This amazing cupcake shaped mug is perfect for your Valentine to enjoy a hot cup of tea mid-baking session or even get their morning coffee fix before work! We love this design because of the cute red heart on top, but there’s several different colours and styles for you to choose from too.

Cute Cupcake Ceramic Mug with Lid

10: Heart Shaped Truffle Mould!

Last but not least here’s a fun heart shaped truffle mould for you or your Valentine to whip up deliciously tempting chocolates! Simply melt tempered chocolate, fill the moulds and leave to set. If you’re feeling ambitious you can fill each with salted caramel or fruity raspberry centres!

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