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15th November 2020 // 0 Comments

Our Christmas Cake Decorating Tutorials via Instagram Reels

Christmas cake decorating tutorials by Juniper Cakery

Yes. It’s that time again! Every time we hit three #reels in a season or collection we feature them on our blog. Not everyone is on Instagram (crazy, but true). So we try to keep things updated on here too. It’s November and we are in the festive spirit! Here’s our recent Christmas cake decorating tutorials via Reels! You can pipe pretty snowflakes or add cute edible trees to your holiday treats in no time.

Christmas cake decorating ideas by Juniper Cakery

Easy Christmas Tree Cupcake!

We used a rich deep green buttercream to pipe our tree onto a cupcake. You can pipe larger versions onto cakes or add lots of them to make a forest! This tutorial works really well with a stiffer consistency royal icing too. This way you can pre-make rows of them to use on your next homemade sweet. OR why not use this tutorial with your own go-to meringue recipe?

To pipe we used a Wilton 8B piping tip! Sprinkles? We used both pink sanding sugar and edible pearls by Wilton!

Cake decorating tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Festive Wreath!

We went doughnut crazy for this fun Christmas cake decorating tutorial! You can, however, use this quick tutorial to pipe onto cookies, cupcakes and more! It’s actually pretty easy too. Also, make this match your own decorations or table settings by swapping the colours. Try adding sprinkle mixes or candy to decorate.

For this we used a closed star piping tip and a petal tip to create the cute bow. The sizes depend on the treat you’re working with. So if you want to pipe small royal icing transfers then you’ll need much smaller sized piping nozzles.

Christmas tutorials by Juniper Cakery

Royal Icing Snowflakes

Speaking of royal icing transfers (we briefly mentioned them above… how fun are these? These royal icing snowflakes make the sweetest festive touch to seasonal bakes. You can add to cupcakes, cookies, marshmallows, brownies etc. Also, they’re easy to customise with different sprinkles or colours. We have a handy blog post that can take you step by step too.

Some of the tools needed include… a 03 piping tip by Wilton. Go for a 04 if you want your snowflakes a little thicker. Washi tape to stick your sheet down is also a good idea.

6th November 2020 // 0 Comments

Cake Icing Tools and How to Use Them!

List of cake icing tools and how to use them

With the second lockdown under way here in the U.K. we’re pretty sure everyone is looking for a project to busy themselves. With that in mind we thought we’d put together a handy post about all the different cake icing tools there are. There’s so much choice, but you only really need a few good staples. Obviously, it depends what you are comfortable with. We have drawers upon drawers of different smothers, spatulas, palette knives! Ultimately, we have our go-to pieces. Read on to find out more about cake icing tools and how to use them!


Cake icing tools and how to use them!



Perfect for mixing batter, buttercream, whipped cream and macarons! If you like novelty items or a bit of colour you can easily brighten up a baking day with some cute spatula designs. They’re usually a bendable silicone or rubber and come in a few different shapes. For baking and decorating you should be looking for the second spatula shape in the above graphic. Not only is it great for mixing ingredients, but it can easily scrape icing out of your mixing bowl. You can even use it to roughly cover your cake with buttercream or whipped cream. Amazing if you don’t want too many tools to clean up afterwards!

The spatula we’ve included in the link comes as a set, BUT they’re all rainbow sprinkle patterned. Perfect for a little bit of fun. Plus you’ll get to test each style and see which you really like.


Palette Knives

We’ve spotted palette knives labeled or called spatulas at times. We’re not entirely sure why. Maybe it depends on location or what’s available? However, palette knifes are different to the spatulas above and tend to come in three main styles.

Standard, which doesn’t bend out at the handle and usually ends as a rounded rectangular shape. These are great for scooping and dolloping fillings or buttercreams onto your cake.

Cranked, offset or angled, which bend out at the handle. These are perfect for smoothing buttercream, royal icing or ganache. Why? Well, the offset shape makes them easier to handle when spreading coverings onto a cake.

You can also get tapered palette knives that look a lot like some of the tools you can get for oil painting. These are perfect for then adding texture to softer icing finishes (buttercream, whipped cream, etc). You can add pretty lines or a messy look to your cake. You can also ‘oil paint’ with buttercream or royal icing using these too.


Icing Smoothers

Cake coverings like fondant or sugar paste tend to get called icing too, just like their softer counterparts (buttercream, royal icing etc). This is where icing smoothers come in. They kind of look like flat pieces of plastic with a small handle-like grip. Once you’ve iced your cake with your paste you use icing smoothers to refine the look… literally smoothing it. Icing smoothers are also perfect for rolling out even ‘ropes’ of fondant or sugar paste to decorate cakes with.


Flexi Smoothers

These are thin and incredibly bendable yet sturdy pieces of plastic. They’re so handy for super sharp edges on cakes. You can also use them just like icing smoothers if you prefer too. They really help you get close to the cake and really see your edges. Back in the day these weren’t all that available so everyone ended up using food safe acetate sheets to achieve sharp edges. Those were insanely thin, flimsy and see-through, which made them a bit of a pain. Thankfully, flexi smoothers came along!



Though this tool isn’t a cake icing tool that comes in direct contact with cake coverings it is still an essential! A good turntable can make or break a cake especially when it comes to smoothing it with buttercream or ganache. This one is the exact model we use by Ateco and it is beautiful. It’s sooo sturdy too. You need to look for one that spins smooth on its own AND with a cake on it so that you can get the most even and smooth icing.


Icing Scrapers

Handy icing scrapers are there to help you get the smoothest possible finish to any buttercream, semi-naked or ganached tiers. This is ideal when it comes to covering your cake with fondant. Why? Well that fondant or sugar paste covering is going to take on whatever the surface is underneath. Rough and bumpy ganache? Then you’ll end up with a rough and bumpy fondant iced cake!

18th October 2020 // 0 Comments

Cute Halloween Cupcake Decorating Tutorials!

Halloween cupcake decorating tutorials by Juniper Cakery

Last month we posted up our Instagram #reel tutorials for Autumn to help everyone find a fun way to decorate treats for the season. Now it’s time for some cute yet spooky treats! Here are three super cute (and quick) Halloween cupcake decorating tutorials for the spooky season. Bonus? They’re all under 15 seconds long. Also, each one is available via our Instagram reels channel. We’ve tried to make each as easy and pain free as possible. Perfect for novices OR for anyone pressed for time.

Halloween cupcake decorating tutorials by Juniper Cakery

Here is our super cute and chic ghost cupcake tutorial! What’s cool about this how-to is that you can easily adapt it for cakes. Simply stick your lollipop(s) into the top of your cake and decorate. You can also draw on different facial expressions, use sprinkles to add details or create small bows, or hats for a different look.

For this cupcake you are going to need…


Bat cupcake tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Halloween cupcake decorating tutorials!

Now it’s time for our adorable bat cupcake tutorial which is swirled with buttercream and dipped in crushed Oreo pieces. This is a great alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to use black food colouring in their treats. This cupcake is also insanely easy to decorate!

You’ll need…


Monster cupcake tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Finally, here’s our sweet monster cupcake tutorial. It’s super quick to make. It is also perfect for putting your own spin on it. You can change the piping tip. Use different coloured buttercream (even rainbow). Why not even add some cool sprinkles on top with the eyes?

You’ll need…


We hope you enjoy them!