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Our Teddy Bear Cake Tutorial Available via Craftsy!

Adorable teddy bear cake tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Yay! We are so SO excited about this cute little cake and the fact that we can finally announce something super cool we’ve been working on with our friends over at Craftsy. Say hello to our utterly adorable teddy bear cake tutorial! We create tutorials regularly, but these are WAY more in depth and it comes with the main tools you need to get started (including the cake pan, a bucket if Satin Ice fondant, food colouring and more). We cover every single step from start to finish including tips, helpful hints and even inside secrets too! To get a hold of our Easy Teddy Bear Cake Tutorial just head on over to Craftsy and follow this link!

Cute teddy bear cake tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Adorable teddy bear cake tutorial!

This is such a fabulous project for beginners. When we began designing the tutorials (yes, there’s more to come) we made sure to include ideas for the novices, intermediate skilled and even more advanced. It was so much fun to work on and some of the cutest ideas can immerse from something so simple. Domed or hemisphere cakes are probably one of the easiest cake shapes to fondant / sugar paste ice so this is a great beginner kit. Plus, adding a few cute facial features onto anything can be a great way to introduce anyone to cake decorating.

Fun teddy bear cake tutorial by Juniper Cakery

If your skill level is more intermediate or even advanced this is still going to be one fun cake to make. It’s great for a quick party centre piece and you can personalise / customise it pretty easily. We loved the thought of turning this little teddy bear cake into a ‘bon voyage’ themed design with a teeny tiny fondant beret, navy and white striped board and a mini Eiffel Tower!

Remember to follow this link over to Craftsy and get a hold of the tutorial today! Also, make sure you keep a look out for more… we’ll be announcing another insanely fun cake tutorial soon!

Teddy bear cake tutorial by Juniper Cakery

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