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Tutorial: Candy For Brains Pumpkin Cake for Tala!

Get your knives (err… palette knifes that is) at the ready because we’ve teamed up with the fang-tastic folks at Tala to bring you this spookily fun cake tutorial for Halloween! This ‘Candy For Brains’ Jack O’Lantern cake is bound to impress everyone at your party and it’s pretty east to make. The genius part is that by substituting half of the decorating for actual candy you’ll have more time for perfecting those gruesome Halloween costumes!

Pumpkin Candy Cake Tutorial by Juniper Cakery

Tala is a company we love and we use quite an array of their tools in our bakery (their modelling tools for sugar and icing work are pretty much essentials for us). To make this cake you can head on over to the tutorial featured on their blog which also lists all the handy materials and equipment you’ll need.

Candy For Brains Jack O'Lantern Cake Tutorial for Tala by Juniper Cakery

Visit the Tala blog for this fun tutorial here. You can easily make your Jack O’Lantern super scary or garishly goofy by changing facial features, using different candy or by even adding in edible blood or slime! We love the idea of a sugar blood dripping pumpkin with black liquorice or jelly spiders and an artfully crafted sugar knife plunged into its side.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious create a larger pumpkin for a bottom tier and stack (much like a tiered wedding cake) a smaller pumpkin on top featuring candy oozing out from between them. Why not even give the bottom pumpkin a disgruntled look with a cheeky look for the top tier!

Candy For Brains Pumpkin Cake by Juniper Cakery

To decorate our ‘Candy For Brains; cake we used coloured chocolate beans, jelly beans, cola bottles, gummy bears, marshmallow twists and fabulously retro swirled lollipops. You can use any sweets you like from creepy jelly worms and snakes to candy spiders or chocolate toads! Obviously, lots of companies and stores start creating some insanely fun themed goodies for Halloween like coffin shaped chocolate bars or pumpkin marshmallows so it’s easy to get creative!


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