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‘Tutorial Tuesday’: How to make a sugarpaste cupcake!


What you will need:

Minature cupcake case
Sugarpaste in five different colours
A two inch scalloped cookie cutter
Small sprinkles
Edible glue
Taper cone tool

Step one: Mould a cupcake shaped base to fit into the minature cupcake case. Now place the sugarpaste inside the minature cupcake case pressing the sides in to create texture.


Step two: Mould a dome shape to create the top of your cupcake. Using the edible glue attach the top of the cupcake to the base.


Step three: Using the scalloped cookie cutter cut out your ‘icing’ from some contrasting sugarpaste. Paint the dome with edible glue then carefully place your ‘icing’ atop and mould.


Step four: Now it is time to make your cherry! Form a ball from a red or dark pink paste then press the taper tool into the top. This creates a small star shaped hole for the stem of your cherry.


Step five: Using a toothpick indent your cupcake where you would like to place your sprinkles and then push them in. You can use a tiny amount of edible glue to really hold the sprinkles in place. Paint a small blob of edible glue on top and attach your cherry.


Step six: Take a small piece of green sugarpaste and roll into a stem. Put some edible glue in atop your cherry and carefully attach the stem. Now you have a sugarpaste cupcake to adorn your baked goods with!


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