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Winter Macaron Tower Wedding Cake!

Pretty winter macaron tower wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

This is the very last wedding cake we created for 2015 and what a cake! Everything about this macaron tower wedding cake is just so perfect for a winter wedding. Ever since Meghan and Chris visited us for their consultation we’ve been getting more and more excited about this design. It encompasses a whole lot of things we absolutely LOVE! Glistening sequins (check). Bespoke florals (check). Macarons (check). Gorgeous colour palette (check). Christmas (check). Cake (check, of course).

Winter macaron tower wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

Macaron tower wedding cake!

A lot of macaron towers are created by adding a polystyrene cone on top of a decorated cake. The cone is then covered with sandwiched macarons. This cake, however, is a full on two tier design. The underneath of the macaron tower is an indulgent strawberries and Taittinger champagne cake. Each layer is in ascending size order before being levelled, filled with Madagascan vanilla buttercream and home made strawberry and reduced Taittinger champagne preserve, stacked, carved and then crumb coated with a vanilla buttercream and white chocolate ganache hybrid.

Winter themed macaron tower wedding cake made by Juniper Cakery

Macaron tower wedding cake with a winter themed by Juniper Cakery

The pretty florals for Meghan and Chris’ dreamy Christmas wedding were in soft, almost frosty shades of pale greens, silvers and greys, creams and dusky pinks. We created their main flower – the Amnesia rose – in an ombre effect with dusky pink and lightly sepia toned fondant. They also had ranunculus blooms that are definitely one of our favourites as they’re so quirky looking. We love the tightly cupped petals that layer up and create a soft ball flower shape. To make these we thinned, cupped and lightly ruffled up to 40 petals per ranunculus flower. Other berries and blooms include Silver Leaf, Brunia Berries (we may be a little enamoured with these now), pale sage rose leaves, Avalanche rose and some shimmering white and cream Snowberries added as ‘filler’ berries.

Beautiful winter macaron tower by Juniper Cakery

Lovely macaron tower wedding cake by Juniper Cakery

We’ve made a lot of sequin covered cakes in our time, but this was actually our very first silver order. Looking at the frosty looking Silver Leaf and the Brunia Berries along with the other florals we felt pretty confident that it’d look like one luxurious macaron tower wedding cake. It’s pretty much common knowledge these days how the sequin look is achieved… edible glue, mixed confetti or ‘quin’ sprinkles, and some damn good edible gold or silver paint. Sprinkles are applied with edible glue and then hand painted.

Macaron wedding tower by Juniper Cakery

Macarons are one of our favourite things to make. We’re strange and we love all the fiddly, time consuming things that most (normal) people hate. You can often find us eagerly peering into a convection oven watching those little ‘feet’ form along the base of each macaron. For this macaron tower the couple wanted shimmering greens that represented a Christmas tree. They also wanted to be surprised with the flavours so on the day we got to finally tell them! The lighter green macarons were After Dinner Mint with Belgian chocolate buttercream infused with peppermint oil. The slightly darker macarons were fragrant Pistachio and Cherry with pistachio oil buttercream and Morello cherry preserve.

Pretty pistachio and cherry macarons by Juniper Cakery

We delivered this macaron tower wedding cake to the majestic Royal York Hotel just 20 days before Christmas which of course left us both feeling super festive! So we’ve now finished (almost – just some smaller Christmas orders left) our workload for 2015 and it sure was lovely to end with such a magical cake.

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