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Frequently Asked Questions





I need a cake / treat(s) for next week. Is this possible?
It is still worth enquiring in the rare chance we may be able to take this on. However, we get booked up very quickly and generally need a 2 week to 2 month notice. 

If you don’t receive a reply within 72 hours please assume that we are unable to take your order on. We’d love to reply to all queries, however there is just the two of us with a very hectic work schedule.


Can you create a cake for me? I’m in London etc.
Unless you are willing to collect your order from Kingston upon Hull in Yorkshire then we’re afraid not. We receive a lot of enquiries from people further afield. We’re so grateful that you love our work, but please do make sure that you check our location before contacting.

Cakes and cupcakes are so delicate they would also never survive post or courier. Small items such as macarons, cookies, chocolates are perfect for shipping throughout the U.K., however.


What is your minimum order amounts for treats?
Our minimum order for cupcakes is 6. For all other smaller treats the amount is 12.


I have a budget. Can you work within it?
It does depend on what your initial budget is. You can see our starting prices here for reference. 

We will do our best to keep your design within your budget, however there are a lot of elements that people don’t realise need custom making by a third party / outside source (e.g. acrylic toppers, edible wafer paper butterflies, wooden or plastic cake charms etc) that will push the price up.


What is the process when ordering?
You can read all about what to expect here.

In a nutshell… 

After you’ve enquired and sent through ideas, size, portions needed, flavours etc we will send through a quote with your deposit amount. 

If this is OK for you will will then send through our payment details. 

Once a deposit has been received we do need to wait for our accounting app to be updated by our bank so your payment is matched. We can then manually create your invoice and send this through. 

Your final balance will be due 2 weeks before for a wedding order or 1 week before for other orders. At this point we will be in touch if we have discussed a sketch of your design. 

Then we will contact you re: pick-up or delivery days and times!


Can you deliver my order?
It is worth asking in case we can fit this in. In most cases, however, it isn’t possible. We are a very small team of two who have to process / book, design, bake and create each order. Delivery slots are reserved for larger wedding orders as we do these ourselves also.


Can you cater for dietary requirements?
In most cases yes! We can create gluten free cupcakes and cakes, vegan friendly cupcakes, and dairy free cupcakes.

In terms of allergens please note that we are a bakery who do work with nuts, soya, gluten and dairy on a regular basis so our ability to take your order does depend on how severe an allergy is.


Can I buy your treats etc to decorate my own cake?
No. Our macarons, cookies, figures etc are for our own cakes only.


Can I copy a design you created?
Many of our designs are bespoke creations based on lots of back and forth between us and our clients who want their order to be unique. It may be their dream wedding cake or even their child’s first birthday cake. Therefore, whilst we support taking inspiration from designs we would kindly ask you not to copy our work exact.


Can you copy a design for me?
No. Similarly to the above we wouldn’t copy another cake designer’s work exact. We can take inspiration and work with you to create a one of a kind design.


I have a nut allergy. Can I order from you?
Maybe. We have been able to cater for customers with a nut allergy but we will need to discuss your specific requirements in detail before you book. We will also need you to be aware that whilst we would do our upmost to ensure your safety by minimising cross-contamination we would not be able to offer any guarantees. Please see here for more allergy information.


Do you have gluten-free options?
Yes, we offer a range of gluten free cakes and cupcakes.


Do you make vegan treats?
Yes, we have a selection of vegan cupcakes on offer.


Do you you use free range eggs?
Yes, always!


Can you deliver birthday cakes, cupcakes etc?
We offer limited delivery on birthday cakes, cupcakes or smaller orders at the moment. The majority of our party orders are available via collection. Make sure to ask in advance to see if we are able to delivery.


Can I collect my order?
Yes, lots of our clients collect their orders directly from us.


How much notice do you need for an order?
This can depend on what you’d like to order. Wedding cakes and favours are usually booked in 12 months + in advance, celebration cakes and smaller orders are usually booked in 2 weeks – one month + in advance.


Can you decorate a cake I’ve baked myself?
No. We are a fully licensed and insured business working from a 5 star food hygiene rated kitchen. We also hold all relevant training / knowledge about allergies and special dietary needs. We refuse to work with any items not baked by ourselves for these reasons. Also, with more venues requiring proof of Public Liability Insurance from caterers it’s advisable that you always seek a professional.


Do you need  deposit to book my order?
A 25% deposit is required to secure your booking. On smaller orders the full amount may be requested.


When will my order be ready?
Your order will be made to your specifications for the date given at time of booking.


Do I get a discount if I order lots of items?
Discounts are available for large corporate orders of 400 items or above. We don’t offer discounts on bespoke wedding or party orders.




When will I receive my invoice?
The invoice process begins once you’ve paid your deposit. Invoices aren’t automatic and need to be manually created. Before this happens we also have to wait a few days for our accounting software to ‘speak’ to our bank and match with your deposit.


Where is my invoice?
Once your invoice has been sent it will be a downloadable attachment in an email with your invoice number as the subject title. Make sure to check your spam folder too incase it’s not in your main inbox!

Please make sure you do download and check your invoice to make sure all details are correct as this is the final information that we create your order from.


Did you receive my last email?
If you think your email hasn’t reached just just send it again or you can contact us via Facebook to check. Please be aware that we reply within our opening hours of 9am-5:30pm and not outside of those hours.

We are still effected by the impact of Coronavirus due to postponements etc and we are having to prioritise orders within 1 – 2 weeks. We will reply to you as soon as we are able to.


Can I have a cake tasting consultation?
Please note that taste testing is complimentary and only offered on wedding orders over £200.

To keep our customers and ourselves safe face to face consultations aren’t something we will be offering for the foreseeable future.

We will, however, be offering a sample delivery service so you can try our flavours at home!

Whilst we will do our best to provide any flavours you’d like to try ultimately we are so fully booked that the flavours provided will be at our discretion. If you have any specific dislikes or dietary requirements do let us know so we can accommodate you!


Do I get a sketch?
If your design ideas are a little more complex we may offer you a sketch of your cake to clarify design elements! Please note that all sketches are complimentary.

If any amendments are made post-sketch (addition of name etc) a second sketch will not be created. Additions may also add to the final cost of your order.


When will I receive my sketch?
If we have discussed a sketch then we aim to provide this before your final balance is due. 


I’m collecting my order. What is the address?
Our collection address will in on the top of your invoice.

When can I collect my order?

We will be in touch to discuss and arrange pick-up days and times approximately 1 week prior to when you’ve booked your treat(s).


When can I choose my flavours?
You can pick our your flavours at anytime before the week of us creating your order! Our menu is readily available to view via our website. Here’s a link…


Can I change my order / design?
You can change your design up to 1 month before the due date. We always try to be as accommodating as possible, so if you have smaller elements you’d like to adjust (adding an age or sprinkles etc) then you can let us know 1-2 weeks before pick-up.

Please note that changing your design can mean that the price may change also.


When can I collect my order?
Collections are by appointment only. We will arrange a convenient time and date for you to come and collect your order.


What is the collection address?
Our address is given by appointment only. Once you’ve secured your booking with your deposit you’ll receive an invoice which includes the full collection address.


What if I’m late?
If you think you’re going to be held up please do let us know. We’re still practising social distancing so we do try to alert the next customer to make them aware. We also completely stop work on orders in order to safely do collections and would really appreciate being notified if you might not be on time.


What if I’m early?
We always work to the agreed date and time when it comes ti fully finishing, photographing and packaging your order so we may not be ready early. Sometimes we are so feel free to send us a quick message to check!


Can I add to my order?
Yes. If you’d like to add favours or additional items / tiers to your order let us know one month before date of delivery / collection.




Can I have a cake tasting consultation?
Please note that taste testing is complimentary and only offered on wedding orders over £200.

To keep our customers and ourselves safe face to face consultations aren’t something we will be offering for the foreseeable future.

We will, however, be offering a sample delivery service so you can try our flavours at home!

Whilst we will do our best to provide any flavours you’d like to try ultimately we are so fully booked that the flavours provided will be at our discretion. If you have any specific dislikes or dietary requirements do let us know so we can accommodate you!


Can I have a second cake tasting?
We currently only offer one sample box / consultation package per couple.


What can I expect in my wedding sample box?
This depends on the size of your booking. Smaller weddings can expect a single cake sample to two cake samples with some extra goodies! Larger weddings can expect 4 cake samples. These will be in our most popular flavours. If you do have any dietary requirements or particular flavour requests we will try our upmost to accommodate you!


When should I receive my sketches?
If we have discussed sketches with your design ideas we do try to have them ready and with you as soon as we are able to. However, we are an extremely busy small business and the physical work plus backlog from the effects of Covid can mean that this is may not possible. At the moment we do aim to have all sketches ready before your final balance is due.

Sketches for wedding cakes are only offered on certain bookings. This depends on if design elements are intricate or if sources for inspiration are varied. We also don’t generally provide sketches for buttercream, naked or semi-naked cakes as the decoration solely relies on natural elements and seasonal availability (florals, herbs and fruits) which at times cannot be controlled.


Do you delivery wedding cakes?
Yes! We deliver wedding cakes within the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire area. Please be aware that delivery does depend on our availability and workload though.


Is there any charge on wedding delivery and set-up?
We offer free delivery to venues within a 20 mile radius. A £1.50 fee per mile is applied thereafter. Set-up is included automatically, however if the venue, cake table / furniture hire or stylist isn’t ready we may need to leave your order with staff in a safe place.




Do you offer cake tasting for birthday or party cakes?
Currently we only offer consultations and samples on wedding orders over £200.


How long will my order last?
Cake, if stored away from moisture and heat, can last up to 10 days. Once sliced if you have any left overs we’d recommend keeping in an airtight container in a fridge. You can also wrap each slice separately in clip film and store in a freezer for 3 months! Remove and set aside to come to room temp for approx. 1 hour before enjoying!

Cupcakes can be enjoyed up to 5-7 days after collection or delivery. Again, you can place these in a refrigerator and remove to come to room temperature before eating.

Macarons should be devoured within 5 days of collection / delivery. The texture does change after 5 days, but if stored in a fridge they can still be eaten for s further 3 days!

Cookies last quite a while and can be eaten up to 3 weeks after collection / delivery. Gingerbread cookies last even longer; up to 5 weeks!


Do your macarons contain nuts?
Yes. Ground almond flour is the main ingredient in macarons.




Do you ship U.K. wide?
Yes! We frequently ship our cookies, macarons and some of our other smaller confections around the UK. You can visit our online shop for currently available treats or check our social media for limited edition and seasonally launched options. For bespoke wedding and party favours, or corporate cookies and macarons get in touch.


Do you delivery to my country?
At the moment we’re only able to cater for UK based customers.


What are you shipping options?
We ship via Royal Mail 1st Class which means your order should be with you within 1-3 days after shipment. For corporate, larger or fast tracked orders get in touch for next day delivery options.


When will you ship my order?
We ship all non-bespoke orders placed via our online shop once a week, every Wednesday. Ultimately, when you place your order will determine how many days it will take to be shipped, all orders will be shipped within 7 days. If you place an order on Tuesday afternoon or a Wednesday your order will ship on the next consecutive Wednesday. Please keep this in mind if you’d like your items to arrive for a specific date. Also allow 1-3 days for 1st Class shipping.

Bespoke orders placed via direct contact with us will be shipped and arrive on the pre-agreed date outlined on your invoice.


How do I order?
Our e-shop works the same as any other online shop! Simply find what you like, choose any personalised options (if these are available), add to basket, fill in your details and pay. You should then receive a confirmation / processing email. Please check your spam folder if you’ve not received anything within 48 hours.


Why do you have two sections on your store?
One section is for local collection / delivery. The other is for U.K. shipping. This is so that our local customers can book cakes & cupcakes that cannot be shipped nationwide as well as purchase smaller items. Our other section is specifically for postage friendly treats for customers outside of our area.


Can I order something bespoke through your e-store?
At the moment all bespoke enquiries will need to sent through via email or contact form. Our e-shop is specifically for set design collections and treats; some with limited personalisation.




How do I store my order?
If your cake is buttercream, naked or semi-naked with natural elements such as fresh florals, herbs and fruits you can store this in a refrigerator, but not a freezer. For fondant covered cakes with crafted sugar flowers or characters we would highly recommend keeping it out or a refrigerator or freezer and instead in a cool and dark room. This is because the fondant, modelling paste and flower paste used soak in the high levels of moisture in a fridge and can weaken, ‘sweat’, or wilt. Also, please keep your cake on a level surface.


How can I transport my order?
When it comes to collecting and transporting your cake make sure that it is set on a level surface in a car (boot, footwell of the passenger side or a passenger’s lap. Please don’t place your cake on the seats as these slope to accommodate for a seated person and therefore can make the cake lean. All our tiered cake and even our taller single tiers have a dowel structure inside to provide support, however, cake is still delicate and needs extra care when transporting.

For extra peace of mine you can bring along blankets or coats to pad your boot with if this is where you’ll be placing your cake.

When to comes to driving our advice is to take corners, speed bumps, potholes, bumpy roads and roundabouts with extra pre-caution. If you can travelling on a motorway we would recommend not driving over 50-55 mph.






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