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We’re so excited you chose us to create something special for your occasion! We believe ordering a cake or confections should be a fun, laid back process but as unforeseen circumstances can sometimes happen we’ve compiled a few T&Cs for you below. We’re always available to answer your questions so if you have any concerns or would like any further details just let us know!



Covid-19 Update

Hello everyone! Whilst our aim is to keep everything running as normal as possible we’ve put some measures in place to help all of our customers adhere to the government guidelines on social distancing and staying home.

What we’re doing – As an established food based business it is second nature for us to maintain a very high level of personal hygiene. Washing our hands regularly with antibacterial soap, wearing food safe gloves, wearing a kitchen / studio only uniform and performing deep cleans before and after the production of orders are just a few ways we ensure a safe, hygienic environment at all times. We’re also encouraging anyone with an outstanding balance to settle their invoices via bank transfer instead of cash to minimise risks at this time.

Smaller orders – We’ve paused all collections for the time being. If you have a small order or party cake booked in and haven’t postponed we’ll be in touch to arrange a contactless collection with you.

Wedding orders – We’re working closely with all couples who have had to postpone their special day. We won’t let you down and will remain flexible when re-booking in new dates. If you haven’t already please get in touch if you need any help or advice. We’ve put together an additional T&Cs for postponements which we can send you. Alternatively, you can view them below in our ‘Wedding Cake Cancellation’ section.

E-shop – Orders placed via our e-shop will be shipped as usual. We’re regularly checking Royal Mail incase of any changes but as long as things are able to be shipped normally we’ll still be processing orders as outlined on each individual product page. Please check with your local post office to see if there’s any localised disruptions.


Deposits & Payments

Local & Bespoke

Your deposit will secure your booking and requested date of collection or delivery. As all of our cakes and confections are made to order, and each order varies in complexity, our availability is often limited. This is why all deposits are non-refundable. You are still welcome to cancel your order at any time, please read our cancellation section for further information.

Online Shop

When you checkout you will be able to pay for your item(s) in full via PayPal. Once your payment has been received your booking will be placed on to our calendar and you will receive an invoice. Please read our cancellations and delivery sections for information on these topics.


Late Payments

If you’ve secured your booking with a deposit the due date of your remaining payment will depend on your order, please refer to your invoice and our previous correspondence if you are not sure when this is. As a rule all wedding cake balances need to be settled two weeks before your wedding day. Party cakes and smaller orders can differ depending on when they were ordered. It is always your own responsibility to use the information given to ensure any outstanding balance is paid on time. If you are unable to pay on time for any reason please get in touch with us ASAP. Though we will endeavour to be as flexible as we possibly can work on your cake will not continue until your bill has been settled, unless otherwise agreed. If failure to settle your bill results in there not being enough time to produce your cake we hold the right to cancel your order and the remaining balance will still be owed to us. Failure to pay may result in legal proceedings.



Once you have secured your order with a deposit / full payment an invoice will be sent to an email address provided by you. Your invoice will include all the details of your cake and/or confections including costs, what has been paid, what is owed, flavours, design, colour palettes, dietary and allergy specifications you’ve provided, delivery and collection dates etc. Please be sure to check every aspect of your invoice and to let us know of any revisions you would like to make. Failure to do so could result in a mistake being made on your order which we would not be liable for. If you do not receive your invoice from us within a week of paying your deposit, unless otherwise stated, please get in touch as it may have been sent but not reached you.


Sketches & Design

If you’ve received a sketch from us this, along with your invoice, will be what we refer to when working on your order. As we’ve likely discussed many design possibilities either during your consultation and/or via email it’s very likely some of those ideas will have been vetoed. If it doesn’t feature on your sketch and/or invoice it will not be included on your cake, cupcakes, macarons or any other item you’ve purchased from us.

We hold the right to make changes to any agreed upon design where we see fit without discussion. Seasonal availability or specific tools/ingredients becoming unavailable will result in us seeking a suitable alternative but we will endeavour to make as few visible changes to your design as possible. On rare occasions some design elements that have been requested / featured in your sketch may not translate as well as expected onto your physical cake/confection. We’ll make amendments where we see fit to allow us to deliver the professional finish you’d expect from us.


Wedding Cake Cancellations

You are welcome to cancel your order at any time. To cancel please get in touch as soon as you possibly can to ensure you do not incur any additional charges. There is a lot of planning and preparation needed before creating a show stopping wedding cake. This can include making sugar florals and decorative pieces months in advance, ordering specialised tools to create a requested look or even sourcing hard to find ingredients for a bespoke flavour. Whatever our couple requires for their wedding cake we do our upmost to deliver. With this in mind what you have to pay should you need to cancel will depend how much notice you give us and how much work / preparation we have already put into creating your cake. Please see below:

6 months before your wedding day – 0% left to pay
4 months before your wedding day – 50% of your remaining balance will be due
2 months before your wedding day – 100% of your remaining balance will be due

Failure to pay under our T&Cs may result in legal proceedings.

Covid-19 Postponement

Our usual cancellation policy is still in place which you can see above. We know this is a completely unprecedented situation so in addition to the above policy we are allowing our couples to postpone. There will be no additional costs or fees to do this, we will be as flexible as our schedule allows us to be and work with you to book in a new date. We also promise to honour the current cost of your cake despite any future economic upheaval. For those who are rescheduling your outstanding balance must still be paid by the original due date outlined on your invoice. Failure to do so will mean that we cannot guarantee any alternative dates. If you are experiencing any difficulties please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please note: if you do need to cancel your cake due to Covid-19 the notice you have given us will be based on your original wedding date.


Party Cake & Smaller Order Cancellations

We create each of our cakes with the same level of care and attention to detail regardless of size and price. Whether you have ordered a cute character themed cake or a naked cake with pretty fresh roses we will begin planning, ordering and creating elements of your cake weeks before you collect it. With this in mind let us know as soon as you possibly can if you need to cancel your order to avoid any additional charges. Please see below:

3 weeks before the date due – 0% left to pay
1 weeks before the date due – 50% left to pay
Days before the date due – 100% left to pay

Failure to pay under our T&Cs may result in legal proceedings.

Covid-19 Postponement

Our usual cancellation policy is still in place which you can see above, but we are encouraging everyone to postpone their special occasion instead. We know this is a completely unprecedented situation so in addition to the above policy we are allowing our clients to postpone. There will be no additional costs or fees to do this, we will be as flexible as our schedule allows us to be and work with you to book in a new date. We also promise to honour the current cost of your cake despite any future economic upheaval. Alternatively, we will allow you to defer your current deposit paid over to a future order. This does not include any item on our e-shop and will be subject to our availability.


Online Shop Cancellations

If you’ve placed an order by mistake, or no longer wish to proceed with your order please get in touch with us within 24 hours and we’ll cancel it for you no questions asked. Why only 24 hours? As soon as we receive your order your booking will be placed on our calendar and preparations will begin to create your sweet treats. If you fail to get in touch within 24 hours your order will be processed, treats will be made and shipped.


Cancelling a Consultation

Whether you’ve already booked your wedding cake with us and are entitled to a free consultation, or you’ve just paid your £25 consultation fee if you can no longer make your consultation date and time please let us know within 48 hours. We’ll reschedule at our earliest convenience for you, free of charge.

If you fail to turn up for your consultation, or cancel with less than 48 hours notice a £25 fee will be applied to your outstanding invoice to cover the cost of your made to order samples and our time. If you’ve only paid a consultation fee and you don’t turn up / cancel at short notice your fee is non-refundable and you will need to pay your fee again if you want to rebook.


Our Right to Cancel

UK-Wide Bespoke & Local

We withhold the right to cancel your order at anytime without notice. If we’re unable to fulfil your order due to unforeseen circumstances such as, but not limited to, illness we will inform you as soon as possible and endeavour to make satisfactory alternative arrangements with you. If we’re unable to do so a partial, or full refund will be offered. Other unforeseen circumstances may result in us cancelling your order. In this instance it will be dealt with on an individual basis and the outcome will be at our discretion.

Online Shop

We withhold the right to cancel your order at any time without notice. If we’re unable to fulfil your order due to unforeseen circumstances such as, but not limited to, us being unable to create your items due to packaging becoming unavailable we will contact you as soon as possible to make satisfactory alternative arrangements. If we’re unable to do so a full refund will be offered. Other unforeseen circumstances may result in us cancelling your order. In this instance it will be dealt with on an individual basis and the outcome will be at our discretion.

Consultations & Collections

On rare occasions we may need to cancel your consultation or collection. If this happens we’ll inform you as soon as possible and work with you to reschedule at our earliest convenience.


Wedding Cake Delivery

Delivery is available to couples getting married in Yorkshire, and some surrounding regions. During busier times delivery may be subject to availability and thus offered on a first come first served basis. We will arrange a convenient time with your venue to deliver your cake on your wedding day. Once we have confirmation from your venue about access we will confirm with you what time we will be delivering your wedding cake. If you require your cake to be delivered at a specific time/date we will endeavour to do so at the discretion of your venue. We are not liable for delay or failure to deliver your cake in inadvisable, impracticable, illegal or impossible circumstances. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, vehicle complications such as breakdown, fault or accident, any illness that would render a person unfit to drive, inaccessibility such as road works, building works or local events, failure to give precise directions or a correct address, non-cooperation from your venue, any acts of Force Majeure such as, but not limited to, extreme weather, labour strikes or other unforeseen disruptions out of our control.

We spend weeks, or even months, preparing and ultimately completing an individual wedding cake. Needless to say that this alone is enough to ensure that when delivering a wedding cake we take every care to ensure a safe arrival and set up. Not to mention client satisfaction is paramount to us. We always use specially designed boxes to store the cake in when being transported and carried. We spend a considerable amount of time planning a safe and accessible route to your venue and drive as slowly as it is safe to do so. We are not liable for any damaged caused by an act of Force Majeure such as, but not limited to, accidents caused by weather or damage to roads/carelessness of other drivers. Nor are we liable for damage caused due to inaccessible roads at the venue including damaged tarmac, steep hills and speed bumps/ramps, uneven, untreated roadways. As you will have visited your chosen venue please inform us of any inaccessibility. Whilst delivering wedding cakes to all kinds of venues is something we have done successfully hundreds of times cakes are ultimately delicate objects. In the event of a damaged cake we will endeavour to use our expertise to reverse any damage we possibly can and deliver your cake on time. However, the conditions at your venue may not be suitable to begin any repairs on your cake. If it is not feasible we will contact you, an appointed person in charge or a member of staff at the venue. We are not liable for any additional damage caused if we do try to amend any accidental damage.

Delivery to any venue within a 20 mile radius of our current business address is free. A £1.50 per mile charge will be added to your invoice thereafter.


UK Deliveries

If you have placed a bespoke order with us for cookies, macarons, cake pops, chocolates or any other items via email your parcel will be collected and delivered to you by the arranged date on your invoice. Though it’s very unlikely to occur we are not liable for any delays caused by a third party e.g. Royal Mail, Parcelforce or any other courier service used. If your parcel is not collected from us on the arranged day we’ll inform you as soon as possible and contact the courier to rectify this or rearrange. As all items are custom made to order no refund will be available under these circumstances. Each parcel is packaged with care and attention to the individual packaging needs of each item. Fragile stickers will be placed on the outside of every box and ‘This Way Up’ instructions will be included too. We’re pleased to say that out of the many parcels we ship around the UK on a very regular basis we’re yet to encounter one that’s arrived damaged. Due to the care we take packaging each item we’re not liable for any damage incurred by the mishandling by a third party whilst in transit. While all parcels are insured food items are unfortunately not included in the insurance coverage with some couriers at this time. We reserve the right to source an alternative company to ship your items where we see fit. In these circumstances we will endeavour to ship your items using a similar service to the one sold to you e.g. Parcelforce 24 may be replaced by Royal Mail Special Next Day Delivery or vice versa.If your parcel doesn’t arrive and is presumed lost please get in touch with us as soon as you’re aware. We will follow the appropriate channels with the courier company and keep you up to date on the outcome.

If you’ve placed an order via our online shop the same T&Cs apply as above. We ship all non-bespoke orders placed via our online shop once a week, every Wednesday. Ultimately, when you place your order will determine how many days it will take to be shipped, all orders will be shipped within 7 days. If you place an order after 12noon on a Tuesday, or after,  your order will ship on the next consecutive Wednesday. Please keep this in mind if you’d like your items to arrive for a specific date. Also allow an additional 1-3 days for 1st Class shipping. Please bear in mind that whilst we are regularly checking Royal Mail for any service disruptions there may still be some unrecorded, localised issues due to Covid-19, staff shortages and other unforeseeable circumstances.



Collections are available for everyone placing an order from us. As we are currently based at a residential address these are by appointment only and will be arranged, with you, at your convenience when we take your order. We like to meet our clients one to one so they can settle their bills and see their cakes without any interruption. With this in mind If you arrive to collect your order at a time that has not been prearranged we will have to ask you to come back at a later time/date. Not only may we be with another client, depending on the nature of your order it may not be complete. If you can no longer make it to your arranged collection time let us know as soon as possible and we will be as flexible as we can. Sometimes this may mean we have to reschedule for another day.



If you are collecting and transporting your wedding cake, party cake or smaller items yourself we are not liable for any damage incurred once you have left our premises. If an accident occurs while you are still on our premises we may ask you to wait in your car while we attempt to reverse the damage caused. Sometimes this may not be possible as the structure of your cake and each decorative piece takes hours and sometimes days to perfect. We are therefore not liable for any damage that cannot be corrected or any additional damage caused while trying.


Stand Hire

If you have hired a stand from us you will have paid a fee and a refundable deposit reflecting the overall cost of the stand. The specific T&Cs of your stand hire will be included in your invoice for your reference. We hire out a high number of stands every week for weddings and events all throughout Yorkshire and beyond. Unfortunately, we cannot collect these stands ourselves otherwise we would never have time to complete orders. It is therefore your responsibility to return the stand to us within the agreed timeframe otherwise you’ll lose your deposit. If you’re hiring a stand for your wedding cake we understand that you’ll have other things on your mind or you may even be going straight on your honeymoon from your venue. If you can’t return the stand yourself we always recommend arranging a friend or family member who will take the stand home with them and return it to us for you. Supply us with their details and we will get in touch with them to arrange a convenient time. This way you will not lose your deposit! If you leave the stand at the venue, don not return it when arranged or the stand is damaged in any way you will lose your full deposit.

Returns are by appointment only. We will arrange a convenient time for you to return it to us. Please don’t return your stand without making arrangements with us first.


Non-Edible Items

Non-edible items may be present on / in your cake, fondant characters and floral decorations depending on their specific requirements. These may include – floral tape, floral wire, polystyrene, cocktail sticks and stamens in sugar flowers. Plastic or wooden dowel rods within the tiers of your cake for structure. Ribbon on the cake itself or in a floral arrangement. Small wooden dowels or cocktail sticks in fondant figures and characters for support. Your cake may be displayed on a cake drum iced with fondant and trimmed with an inedible ribbon which is held in place with double sided tape and a dressmaker’s pin – there is no reason the pin would come into contact with the cake as it is securely inserted into the back of the board. It is your own, or the venue/person who will be serving your cake, responsibility to remove inedible items before serving.


Allergies & Dietary Requirements

If you have an allergy or specific dietary requirement please inform us immediately. The safety of our customers is paramount to us, as is being able to respect your dietary decisions. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to provide us with all relevant information about your needs in writing. You can do this via email, our contact form message or via DM on Facebook. If you’re entitled to a consultation you will also be asked if you, or any of your guests, have allergies. Failure to answer any of our questions, or to provide specific details may result in us cancelling your order. If you’ve already paid a deposit / the full amount for your item(s) it will be non-refundable. If we proceed with your order we are not liable for any allergic reactions / offence caused.

We use only the finest ingredients in all of our cakes, cupcake and confections. From natural extracts and essences to Madagascan vanilla and Belgian chocolate we pride ourselves on taste as well as design.

We are proud to be able to offer gluten free, dairy free and vegan options to our clients. If requested we take every care to ensure no cross contamination happens during the production of your cake or confections but we cannot guarantee this 100%. While no ingredients will be added intentionally all of our products are made in our 5 star food hygiene rated kitchen where we take every care to minimise the chance of cross contamination. However, we do still store and work with allergens including NUTS, GLUTEN / WHEAT, SOYA, DAIRY & EGGS so there is always a chance your treats may come into contact with these. ALCOHOL is also used in some of our flavours.

If you have an allergy or dietary restriction please get in touch before placing an order so we can offer any knowledge or guidance needed.


Best Before Dates

All of our cakes, macarons, cookies and other sweet treats are baked fresh to order. We only use the finest, freshest ingredients in all of our products. Use the below as a guide only, the way you display and store your cake or confections will determine how long they last and how fresh they remain. All of our products are BBE apart from our patisserie range which are Use By as they contain fresh cream. This means that all excluding patisserie can still be enjoyed after the BBE if you’ve stored them correctly.

Our cakes are best enjoyed within 48 hours of delivery / collection but have a shelf life of up to 5/7 days depending on storage.

For best results enjoy your macarons within 3 days of collection / delivery.

Cookies have a shelf life of approx. 3 weeks.

Marshmallows have a shelf life of approx. 1 month.

Patisseries have a shelf life of approx. 3 days.

Chocolates have a shelf life of approx. 3 weeks.

Cake pops and popsicles are best enjoyed within 48 hours.

We are not liable for the spoilage of our cakes and/or fillings, macarons, cookies or any other of the products we offer once they have left our premises as we are not in control of the environment they are stored in. If you’d like any advice please get in touch.


Complaints & Concerns

If you have an issue please get in touch via and we will do our upmost to assist and resolve it for you. We advise that you get in touch asap, as our products are edible the longer period of time you wait to inform us of an issue the less we’ll be able to help.



Refunds are offered at our discretion.


Online Shop Returns

All of our products available in our shop are made to order in our 5 star Food Hygiene Rated kitchen. They’re then packaged in a controlled environment and shipped out to you. We therefore do not accept returns.